The Opportunity to Communicate is a Basic Human Right.

Communication is the most fundamental of human capacities.
People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential. Everybody has the potential to communicate.

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Stories About Communication

Making a Difference in Botswana

“[Working in Botswana] I saw the significant difference that we can make in the lives of children as speech language therapists—simply by educating parents, caregivers, and educators, as well as providing them with strategies to connect and communicate.”
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Fighting For Something That Matters

For Kate Kgwefane, being discouraged by obstacles to better hearing health is not an option.
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LeapFrog ability: Supporting the International Communication Project

Colleagues at Leap Frog Ability—a not-for-profit that works with individuals with intellectual disabilities—support the International Communication Project.
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Typing to Communicate—Overcoming Stigma

“My happiest moments are when I am communicating and no one in this world has the right to deny anyone that opportunity to further their language.”
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