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Communication: A Basic Human Right

The Universal Declaration of Communication Rights appears below. Please read it and become a signatory. Signing the Declaration is an easy but important way of helping to bring attention to persons with communication disorders and the professional care that can help them.

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The Opportunity to Communicate is a Basic Human Right


9,678 signatures

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9,678Cristina DumitruCanadaThis matters to me because a loved one was diagnosed with APRAXIA - a disorder that is difficult to understand and we need to increase our level of awareness and increase funding for research.
9,677Orlagh GregoryIrelandMy daughter ❤️
9,676Jeanninne HoltCanadaAs an SLP, I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to communicate, in one form or another
9,675Samantha WaltersCanadaFuture speech-language pathologist. I chose this profession because of my brother who struggled to communicate for years. Communicate impacts us all.
9,674Christine PerreaultCanadaG4T 5J9
9,673Charlotte DucoteUSAIt matters to me for all the reasons you stated in the pledge I just signed. Also, I have seen people who have needed and not received help for communication disorders whose lives were not as full as they would have been if they had been able to reach their communication potential. I have seen that in my own country and also in places overseas where I have volunteered(e.g.,Vietnam,China,India,etc)
9,672chad O'Neill-FeyrerUnited StatesCommunication is the most vital variable in a relationship of any kind, and without it there is only confusion, frustration, irritation, and disorder.
9,671Samantha MorrisonQatarI work with students with profound disabilities and strive to give them access to their world through communication.
9,670Madeleine HodgsonAustraliaAs a student speech pathologist I have been exposed to the devastating effects not being able to communicate can have on one's identity, participation in life and overall wellbeing.
9,669Annette RotherhamNew ZealandI want to see Communiaiton disability more widely acknowledged and the needs met for all those living with communication disability
9,668Elise ElbournAustraliaSpeech Pathologist
9,667Erin BurnsUnited States
9,666François GosselinCanadaJe suis dysphasique (trouble primaire du langage).
9,665Prince Onyeka Eze TVGhanagood
9,664Helen WhitehouseUnited Kingdomdaughter is no longer able to speak in certain situations, or even write down her needs, wants, wishes. So very sad for us as a family
9,663Nicola CayerCanadaI am a speech language pathologist working with AAC users
9,662Elizabeth ColstonUSA As a Speech Language Pathologist I have seen that a person who is disabled in the ability to communicate is debilitating to every area of a person's life.
9,661Aimee DietzUSAI am a SLP who serves people with acquired communication disorders.
9,660Andrew SmithUnited StatesCommunication is all about connection with other people. Without that connection, we are not a society, we are barely more than animals.
9,659Taiye NiwoNigeriaTo be come science student
9,658Gelena BakerUSA
9,657Jessica RossatoReino UnidoI am a Speech Therapist and I work with people with Communication Disabilities.
9,656TRACY PINSENTUnited KingdomI am a student currently working on my dissertation, on which I am investigating what the current issues are within my region on accesseing support and services to support those with severe communication impairments. not be understood or valued is to be forgotton about. OF COURSE COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE A BASIC HUMAN, how else would we stand up for what we believe.
9,655Amiris BrownUSABecause I too have a language disability, and I have a Human Right to accommodations.
9,654Tillie BuckleyEnglandBecause I work with people who have Aphasia, allowing me to see firsthand the impact a communication difficulty can have on a person. It is vital that individuals can communicate with both their friends and family and the community in which they live,
9,653Tillie BuckleyEnglandBecause I work with people who have Aphasia, allowing me to see firsthand the impact a communication difficulty can have on a person. It is vital that individuals can communicate with both their friends and family and the community in which they live,
9,652Fateme Sadat Mirmohamadi
9,651Samantha TsangCanadaI am a person who has grown up being a person who stutters and fully understand how communication disorders are under recognized.
9,650Nadine CrookUK I am a Speech and Language Therapist
9,649Ruzica MagusicCroatiaI work with people who have a comlex communication needs and because of it don't get the chance to fulfill their potentionals
9,648Rose MooreEnglandStudent Speech and Language Therapist
9,647Kate EdwardsUnited KingdomI work with people with communication difficulties as I am an SLT
9,646Vikesh AnandAustraliaI have grown up with a stutter and awareness is a key component to gain acceptance.
9,645Farla KlaimanCanadaCommunication enables connection to others and to the world as a whole.
9,644Karen ClayUSAMy son is trached and vent dependent - without assistive technology he would NOT be able to communicate is EVERY NEED to his family, friends, doctors; the WORLD. People should not have to fight for access to the technologies that enable them to live!
9,643Nitha UngsuprasertAustraliaThere is little resource and acknowledgement for people with communication, speech and language difficulties in Thailand.
9,642Jessica JuozapaitisUnited StatesIt should matter to everyone!
9,641Megan Hoorn
9,640Steve Roberts
9,639Leah BaumgartUnited StatesAs a future Speech Language Pathologist, it is so important to me that everyone has access to communication in the way that works for them.
9,638Sarah VanselousUnited StatesWithout communication, the world is small, a closed set. With communication, the world is limitless.
9,637Jaakko SalonenFinlandI work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Many of them have complex communication needs.
9,636Alix LewerUnited KingdomThere is no equality without communication. Communication is fundamental to what makes us human and is a basic human right. Those who are able to have a responsibility to build a bridge across the communication gap and include people with communication difficulties.
9,635Kendall PeelerUnited States
9,634Alison Talent-DoranCayman IslandsIt's a moral issue. All students have the right to a voice and the tools to share their knowledge and ideas.
9,633Birgitte BrandtDenmarkPresident of ISAAC Denmark, occupational therapist working with children with complex communication needs
9,632Lien Cam NgoAustraliaAs a speech pathologist my personal goal is to help people be able to communicate again
9,631Matilda SalkeldAustraliaI am an SLP working with people with aphasia after stroke. They are the most vibrant, inspiring, friendly bunch of people that struggle every day to communicate. I want them to be heard, accepted, engaged like anybody else on the planet. I am an aunt to a gorgeous boy who is deaf. I have been introduced to the daily battle my sister takes on to make sure Dusty has the best education available.
9,630Jill SennerUSA
9,629Aedin GrayAustraliaIm a student speech pathologist and through my studies I have become very passionate about this issue, all humans deserve the right to communicate successfully.
9,628Maripat McNultyUSAI have worked with and advocated for people with complex communication disorders for over 30 years.
9,627Patricia PolitanoUnited StatesEveryone has the right to communicate, the right to be heard and the right to have otheres acknowldege their communication atttempts.
9,626Chris McduffieUnited Statesbecause miscommunication is destroying lives
9,625Janell PetersonUSAHearing loss within my family
9,624Louise BrewsterUnited Kingdom
9,623Honor BennettUSACommunication is a right that all human beings deserve access to
9,622jane christie
9,621Nicole Vondra
9,620Eshan PuaUnited StatesI have witnessed how the inability to communicate creates a great barrier between an individual and the world.
9,619Maureen PaydliCanadaCommunication is how we share with others who we are. It should matter to everyone!
9,618Tobias NeumannGermanyI'm a speech and language therapist
9,617alice whyte
9,616Vanessa WinnIrelandStudying to become a Speech and Language Therapist
9,615Patty BanasUnited StatesBecause communication is what connects us. It is how we express who we are and learn what others are about. I have been a practicing speech language pathologist for 30 years. Helping people to communicate, to connect again, is my passion. We all have a voice that needs to have expression in some way.
9,614Sabine SchneebergerGermany
9,613Deena FosterUnited StatesI am a speech language pathologist and I am passionate about my work.
9,612Christina DanboltSwedenAs SLP I know how problems with communication impacts peoples lifes.
9,611Anna LindskogSwedenBecause I have worked with this people and know their needs.
9,610Sylvia HemmingUnited Kingdomit is important that every individual has the opportunity to communicate and it should be all inclusive.
9,609Anne MevertGermany
9,608Lucy BransgroveVictoriaI'm a speech pathologist and I see the effects of communication difficulties
9,607Solveig JohanssonSweden
9,606Inger Åstrand RydbergSweden
9,605Carmela MiniscalcoSweden
9,604Jane FarrallAustraliaBecause we all should have the right to communicate.
9,603Ingrid TagessonSweden
9,602Kerstin HellerströmSwedenI work in school.
9,601Birgitta RosénSwedenI am a SLP
9,600Jessica MillerUnited StatesI am a speech pathologist
9,599Pia Svanberg
9,598Emily NaumannUSAStudying to become a Speech-Language Pathologist
9,597Jordan LeaneyUnited KingdomAs a Speech Pathologist I believe communication is a fundamental human right.
9,596kirsty bishopuk
9,595Ken CurtisUnited StatesPersonal hearing loss, friends with moderate to profound hearing loss
9,594Michelle BourqueCanadaLong wait lists & cutbacks to SLPs in adult rehab
9,593Paul WinklerUnited KingdomShe has a very lively mind and needs to communicate to her care nurses and others, but reliable, quality equipment is not available in Canada except to wealthy families and at enormous cost.
9,592Fiona Given Australia
9,591Diana CaritasPortugalFirst of all make sense for me because I am SLT and second is because I love and I am passionate about communication theme!
9,590National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities NJCUnited StatesThe NJC has created and promoted a Communication Bill of Rights since 1992 found at
9,589Bouhoun OuladdaddaAlgeriaI'm speech patholothgy specialist
9,588AELFA - Spanish Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics- Board of AELFASpainThe main purpose of AELFA is to contribute to the development of a better communication and a better understanding among people.
9,587Kaylynn LufeNew ZealandThis matter's to me because my son whom is 5 year's old is suffering from speech delay
9,586Caroline LoboAustraliaCommunication is key to being human
9,585Tammy SalzmanUnited States
9,584Sara GodinhoPortugalAccessible and inclusive communication is one of the basic principles of every civilized community, country and society that aims to be developed
9,583Suzannah HarrisNew ZealandI'm an SLT and I am passionate about promoting communication needs as I feel that it can help to avoid so many terrible situations that people find themselves in during their lives. If we can communicate, we can become a worldwide community and support each other as such.
9,582Kim HugginsUnited StatesMy 30 year old daughter has aphasia!
9,581Ruth FitzsimonsIrelandI work as a speech and language therapist in the public health service in Ireland. I see on a daily basis the struggles faces by children and there parents, in relation to communication disorders. I also see the progress in children and families with the right support, and the potential of every child to communicate well.
9,580Dorotea TorchianoUnited StatesI am licensed SLP facilitating communication skills to those who require that assistance.
9,579Deborah Insalaco
9,578Hema KhodaiCanadaI am a mother and an educator.
9,577ali arabiIran
9,576Miranda LakeAustraliaeveryone has the right to communicate their thoughts, wants, needs and opinions in whatever way they can and it's never too late to give someone the gift of communication and a voice to allow everyone to fulfil their lives and participate in their community.
9,575Shona BellringerNew ZealandCommunication is part of what makes us human. Every person has the right to be heard, understood, and to be communicated to in a way that they can understand.
9,574Cathy EnglishAustraliaThere are not enough speech pathology positions to support the communication needs of people requiring intervention.
9,573Anna-Kathrina AbrahamPhilippinesCommunication defines us as a sentient and capable being. It helps us realize our purpose and role in life. As a Speech-Language Pathologist I see this journey and struggle every day.
9,572Isabelle Stine
9,571Keisha PallathilAustraliaStudying to be a speech-language pathologist and am passionate about advocating for individuals with communication difficulties
9,570Charlotte GowerUnited KingdomI believe in the fundamentals of human rights, one main one being communication. I currently work as a SLT assistant and believe that communication is vital especially for special needs children.
9,569Mariette BorgMaltaI am a Communication Therapy student. Through my course, I can see the effect of communication disorders on the lives of many. It has highlighted the importance of communication which we often take for granted.
9,568Michelle SwiftAustraliaI'm an allied health assistant in speech pathologt
9,567caroline fewtrellAustraliaim a student speech pathologist
9,566Emily SheaEnglandI am a student SLT
9,565Ellie RiceEnglandSpeech Therapy Student
9,564Laura Kelly Northern Ireland
9,563Leanne AllsoppUnited KingdomCommunication is an integral part of human life. A person without the communication skills we all take for granted may be unable to communicate their basic needs, they may struggle to build and maintain relationships and become isolated and excluded from society. It doesn't have to be like this.
9,562Ashley ByfordUnited KingdomWithout the right or ability to communicate as without communication Al other rights are obsolete.
9,561Carrie ClementsEnglandSLT student
9,560Sophie BaxterEnglandCommunication is fundamental to receiving the 'human rights' already in place. As a student SLT, I strongly believe communication to be the single most important thing for a human being to have.
9,559Ella GreggUK
9,558Laura jones englandAs as training speech therapist, I recognise the important of communication as a basic human right. People who struggle to communicate often also struggle with day to day life which overall affects their quality of life.
9,557Karen WatsonEnglandCommunication is essential for everyone. Without communication, there would be no way for the people to be heard.
9,556Olivia middletonenglandim a speech and language therapist
9,555Annarella PrimeUKIn my work I see children who struggle with basic communication and are held back by it emotionally, socially and academically.
9,554Laura StuartUnited KingdomSLT Student
9,553Ali RehnAustralia
9,552Alanna O'ConnorUnited KingdomWithout being able to communicate your needs, how can any of the other rights be met fully. You cannot participate fully with life if you are not allowed to and facilitated to communicate to the best of your abilities.
9,551Denise CharnockUnited KingdomI am a Speech and Language Therapist
9,550Colleen MacdonellCanadaI am a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
9,549Rani RanaEnglandDementia clients
9,548harpreet basiEngland I am a nurse and effective communication is everything.
9,547Karen RobertsEngland
9,546Hannah WaddoupsUnited KingdomI am a Speech and Language Therapist and believe that everyone has something worthwhile to say and should be supported in any which means possible to get their message heard, understood and responded to.
9,545Kerry PaddaUnited KingdomI am a student speech and language therapist and understand what a huge difference communication can make to quality of life.
9,544Amber BettencourtUnited StatesI am a graduate SLP student, and I feel like the public does not understand the significance of communication to a person's quality of life. We need to educate the world about this because communication is what heps people build connections and get their wants and needs addressed.
9,543Milos CernakSwitzerland
9,542kristiana arentzIndiayes
9,541Lindsey LorteauCanada
9,540Caitlin SmithI am an upcoming SLP
9,539Nicole KinaschukCanadaI am an SLP who works with nonverbal persons.
9,538Amy ElliottCanada
9,537Kelly BaxterUnited States
9,536Erin LevesqueAustralia
9,535Jenny KirwanIreland
9,534Nina MccutcheonCanadaBecause it effects everyone
9,533Y LoCommunication is one of the most fundamental of human functioning. We rely on communication everyday to make meaning out of life.
9,532Lorna BarrettIreland
9,531Catherine Wiseman-HakesCanadaIt is the basis of my career and all of my relationships
9,530Sarah Rinai SiranAustraliacommunication is an essence of life
9,529Sally Clark USA Without the basic human right to communicate, one is denied fullness of life. It is our duty to listen, to observe, and to collaborate with the individual and his/her support network to establish effective communication.
9,528Nina SkaggsUnited StatesMy Daughter was found at an early age to have a progressive hearing loss. At the age of sixteen instead of receiving a car, she received double cochlear implants.
9,527Lyena GarzaUSA
9,526Mary MeansUSAI am a Speech Language Pathologist and I work with students who have communication disorders.
9,525Jennifer ThorUnited StatesMy son has unilateral hearing.
9,524Nhuy TranUnited States
9,523Emmanuelle VincentCanada
9,522Isabelle MarcouxCanadaJe suis orthophoniste, mais tout le monde devrait se sentir concerné par cet enjeu. Personne n'est à l'abri des troubles de communication.
9,521Holly MeadowsUnited KingdomWe are becoming a world that is run on communication, whether it be social media or verbal or sign. Everyone has the same rights.
9,520I WrightUnited KingdomBecause no one should be silenced.
9,519Aisha SanosiUKi am a speech and language therapy student.
9,518Gemma WallingtonUK
9,517Rebecca Muggeridge UK Student SLT
9,516Melissa HoadUnited Kingdomfriends and family significance
9,515Christine Woodunited Kingdomi work with people with communication difficulties
9,514Jasmin HernonUnited KingdomI am a student Speech and Language Therapist.
9,513Emilie Coiteux-RoyCanada
9,512Kirrie BallardAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist. I work everyday with people who have lost their ability to communicate and face daily barriers and prejudices. So much work is needed to raise public awareness but more importantly understanding of what a communication impairment is and is not.
9,511Marisa EwingUnited StatesI'm studying to become an SLP and believe everyone deserves the right to communicate clearly and effortlessly.
9,510Melissa fletcher
9,509Kim HopkinsUnited Kingdom
9,508Holly MiddleditchEngland Having a speech therapist in the family opens your eyes to the unseen issues of others who can not express the way they feel/what they need. Therefore I agree that this is a basic human right
9,507Sarah White
9,506Alice HopkinsUnited KingdomWorking in speech therapy has made me see that communication is a right, not a privilege. Everyone deserves to communicate.
9,505Justine FarleyCanada
9,504ina Strathausen England I work with individuals who have communication difficulties
9,503Sarah HoldenUnited Kingdom
9,502Luke Friend England No one deserves to be deprived of a life they want due to a circumstance that they cannot change.
9,501Rochelle Pass
9,500Gemma SargentUKSLT student
9,499Josée Laplanteprovince Québec
9,498sophie middleditchengland everyone deserves the right to communicate their basic needs. Without communication there is so much isolation. we need to change this
9,497Danielle Blakeuk
9,496Helen JoslinUnited KingdomFor someone to be unable to communicate to the best of their ability, by whatever means, it results in social isolation and they are being deprived the chance to interact with other people as social beings.
9,495Krista mcgheeusait is essential when advocating for your child
9,494Tiffany Maciel-HenryUSAMy son is autistic, often his behavior acts as his mode of communication, it is misunderstood as defiance, it has created extreme difficulties for him in school. Communication disorders come in many forms ever child has the right to feel safe and understood
9,493Jacinthe LessardCanadaI am a speech and language pathologist! Being able to communicate is essential!
9,492manon gervaisCanada
9,491melanie gotliebCanada
9,490Valerie PomerleauCanadaI am an SLP
9,489Sonya GarbinCANADA I have two children with speech difficulties.
9,488Eddy CampardoCanadaMy grandson has autism
9,487Pierina CampardoCanadaMy grandson has autism
9,486Judy CampardoCanadaI have a son with autism where communication is difficult
9,485Sarah Boegner-PagéH1w2Y8
9,484Lois HansenUSAAs a Speech Language Pathologist, I have spent my working life assisting others to communicate. It is how we share our lives with each other.
9,483Marie-Christine MichaudCanadaÉtant orthophoniste, je suis à même de constater l'impact d'un trouble de la communication sur toutes les sphères de la vie d'un individu.
9,482Anna-Maria MaconeCanada
9,481lara carneirocanadaThe opportunity to communicate is a basic human right. I am a human.
9,480Stephanie PaquinCanadaI am a speech-language pathologist and work with children with language impairments.
9,479Madeleine HodgsonAustraliaIt's a basic human right!
9,478Madeleine GwynneAustraliaI am studying Masters of Speech Pathology
9,477dawn smithsuffolk
9,476anthony smithu k
9,475lesley morganUnited Kingdomhuman rights are a human necessity
9,474Isobel MooreUnited KingdomIt is the base to all joy! What are we without our social interactions? We need communication to live!
9,473Gail MoorcroftCanada
9,472Georgia SmithUKMy sisters a SLT student
9,471Phillip SmithUnited KingdomBecause where possible everyone should be supported in communications.
9,470Jessica SmithUnited KingdomI am a Speech and Language Therapy student and am working to help people achieve their right to communicate! Communication is central to all that we do and is a basic right for any human being!!
9,469Shelly WhitfordCanada
9,468Rhona Thauvette
9,467janet campeauCanada
9,466Marcel BastienCanadaBecause communication is the key to evolution.
9,465Mark ThauvetteCanadaEverybody should be given the means to communicate.
9,464Melissa BreretonCanadaCommunication is an art. It saddens me to see people who find communication stressful because they are afraid of correction. Everyone deserves to communicate!
9,463Claudia HoganCanada
9,462Maude LemieuxCanadaI am a speech-language pathologist. Helping people to communicate better is my calling. Communication is one of the most important tools in life.
9,461Roberta KonenCanadaBeing able to communicate is a tool to discover the world around us: to learn, to create relationships, to express our needs and thoughts, to be advocates for that in which we believe. As a Speech Language Pathologist working with people with communication disorders, I appreciate this initiative very much. Communication should most definitely be recognized as a basic human right.
9,460susan shawuk
9,459Emily DorringtonUnited Kingdomnobody likes it when they can't speak/communicate for themselves.
9,458Annabel Davis
9,457Kate BlundellUnited KingdomSLT student
9,456Emma Hodgson
9,455Jasmin KirkEnglandSLT student so passionate about communication
9,454Shouq AlhudhainahKuwaitI'm a Speech-Language Pathology student
9,453Abdulla ali almahdiBahrainI am SLP
9,452Abigail Boughton-ThomasUK
9,451Melody PlatfordEnglandBecause as a student speech and language therapist I can see the huge difference commmunication makes to someone's quality of life. Everyone should be able to communicate, whatever that looks like!
9,450Rebecca GrayEngland
9,449Nicola HowkinsUnited KingdomSpeech and Languge Therapy student
9,448malcolm austinaustraliaI love to share my understanding
9,447sharlene robertsaustraliaI work with hearing impaired and deaf students, socially excluded people
9,446Chris DavisUnited Kingdom
9,445Julie NettletonUKSpeech and language therapist
9,444Demi JohnsonShropshireI study SLT
9,443Cathryn JamesUKI am a speech and language student
9,442Genevieve Niedziolkoengland
9,441George MartinEnglandI am a Speech and Language Therapy student
9,440imogen stone
9,439Lucy HumphreysUnited Kingdom
9,438Charlotte MartindaleEnglandI am a student speech and language therapist and I am so passionate about this!
9,437Eleanor PickfordEnglandI'm a student speech and language therapist and have seen how the lack if communication can affect someone
9,436Amy CosbyEnglandspeech and language therapy student
9,435ben stollarUnited Kingdom
9,434Emily mortimer
9,433Ainsley McArthu
9,432Meira BurtonUkI
9,431Ella HughesNorth WalesShould be a basic human right!
9,430Eva BolčinaSloveniaI study speech and language therapy.
9,429Millie BurtonUnited KingdomI am a student speech and language therapist, due to graduate in May. I have experienced first hand how communication difficulties can have such profound effects upon a person's life and endeavour to spend my career in helping people to overcome their communication difficulties.
9,428Charlotte DaveyEnglandI am a speech and language therapy student and have seen first hand how important communication is in everyday life and how detrimental it is to not be able to communicate
9,427jennie StollarUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapy student and it is vital people have the ability to communicate.
9,426Janelle BickfordNew ZealandI am a speech therapist and every day teach children and families to find their voices.
9,425Tamsin TurnbullUnited Kingdom
9,424Katie NorburnUK
9,423Amy GilbertUnited Kingdom
9,422Olivia GrahamUnited KingdomAs a speech therapy student I see the frustration and distress that having a communication disorder causes people on a daily basis. On a personal level I have seen how it affects the family and friends of people who have difficulties to communicate and the isolation and strains it can put on relationships.
9,421alaa al shairالمملكة العربية السعوديةI AM A SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST
9,420Ana Paula Mac-KayChileBecause I am a SLP and I believe that we all have equal rights.
9,419Gordon LlandUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic requirement. With it individuals have the opportunity to be independent and develop their talents, relationships and capabilities. Without it an individuals personal development becomes that much more difficult.
9,418Karen KeiHong KongI am a SLT student
9,417Julia ArvanitisCanadaMy son suffers from Speech apraxia and cannot communicate or express himself.
9,416Grace FyshUnited Kingdom
9,415Hilary PetersonUnited KingdomI'm a Speech Therapy Student
9,414Clare CrockfordAustraliaCommunication provides the foundation for equality.If we truly believe in equality we need to look beyond the traditional lines of race and gender and ask if someone has the skills to communicate their needs and understand others in what is often a complex sea of information that surrounds us today.
9,413irene calvoItalyrelated to my job
9,412Justyna Walecka-BoweryUnited Kingdom
9,411Bethan GormleyUnited KingdomBarriers in communication can be broken down, and there is no reason to deny this opportunity to any individual.
9,410Emily CarterUnited KingdomEveryone deserves to communicate!!
9,409kirsty PerryUnited Kingdomit is a human rights issue
9,408Sophie CardUnited KingdomAs a speech and language therapy student I know the importance of communication and how limiting it can be if you are unable to communicate effectively.
9,407Emily Lomasengland
9,406Harriet JarvisUnited KingdomMany of us communicate without giving it a second thought, but for lots of people communicating even their basic needs and wants is a challenge. As a student speech and language therapist, I realise how important it is that these people get the support that they deserve.
9,405Kirsty Carswell
9,404Minty McGowan UKLack of communication leads to loneliness.
9,403Stacey MartinEnglandThe opportunity to communicate should be established as a basic human right to ensure people with communication difficulties have access to the support they need to communicate effectively.
9,402Matthew SteenUnited Kingdom
9,401Mia FoxUKEveryone has a right to be heard... through whatever medium.
9,400Brian ThorogoodUnited KingdomAs a young boy I had a friend who had difficulty communicating. Sometimes I made fun of him. I will eternally regret that
9,399Rebecca LlandEnglandAs a training speech and language therapist I realise the importance of communication as a basic human right
9,398Kayleigh McArdleUnited KingdomAs a speech and language therapy student I have seen first-hand the effects of speech, language and communication impairments on individuals. The people I work with have just as much right as anyone to get their message across, in whatever way they can, and it is other people who need to learn and adapt in order to understand that message.
9,397yasmin stephensonUK Student SLT who believes strongly in giving people a voice
9,396Helen PalmerUnited KingdomI am a speech therapy student and I see firsthand the effect of communication impairment on people's lives!
9,395Rosanne StaveleyIreland
9,394karen sageUKI work iwht people who find it hard to communicate
9,393Edna ChengCanada
9,392Harriet DoyleEngland As a current SLT student who will be entering the workplace in the near future I believe that communication is one of the most fundamental things in this world and believe that everyone is entitled to have the opportunity to communicate with others. It is something able communicators take so much for granted. It's importance needs to be recognised by everyone in our society.
9,391sabina owusuaustraliaTo give my full support to people having communication problems or disorders...
9,390Sheena BarretoAustraliaBeing a speech pathologist, I truly believe we need to give our clients and the community the ideas or resources we know of which can help them in communication
9,389Samuel Saleem FisherUnited KingdomI am training to be a speech and language therapist. Communication is at the heart of my chosen career path. I believe communication is one of the most important things we have as human beings; where possible, communication should never be impeded.
9,388Kathryn MooreUnited Kingdom
9,387Ruth PottsI support people who have speech, language and communication needs.
9,386Amy ScraggUnited Kingdom
9,385Lesley ParsonsUnited KingdomHuman Rights, every child's right
9,384Jennifer JohnstonUSAI work in the deaf and hard of hearing program at Boston Children's Hospital.
9,383Corinne Thomas-KerstingUSA...because it is the essence of life
9,382Kaitlyn SmithNew Zealand
9,381Jamie IngleUnited Kingdom
9,380Meredith KochEvery human has the right to communication. Words are a beautiful, almost limitless way to express ourselves and no human should be denied this basic right to communicate and express themself.
9,379Evelyn KhooSingapore
9,378semele wongcanada
9,377Mary SiggsScotlandI am a Speech and language therapist working every day with people with CSN but I also had a brother with severe CSN so have lived with the this.
9,376Vaneysa HansenCanadaI work with patients that cannot communicate and they need to have a voice.
9,375Bridget ThompsonNew Zealand
9,374Fiona SimpsonUnited KingdomI believe we all have the right to choose how we live our life and we do this through our communication.
9,373Stephani TanAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right that allows individuals to advocate their needs and provide access to their education and well-being. While I am privileged to have the opportunity to communicate, there are many people in the world who do not have this right.
9,372yohandris rodriguez britoColombiasoy profesional de la comunicacion humana y debemos decirle al mundo entero que comunicarse es un derecho
9,371Lidia MunteanUk
9,370Giridhar GhodkarIndiaPlugging of communication difficulties enhances the inter personal relationships
9,369Pauline HarrisonAustralia
9,368Rogen TeasdaleAustralia
9,367Kay J CurtainAustralia
9,366G C CollettAustralia
9,365E McNeilAustralia
9,364C JacksonAustralia
9,363Mick RoweAustralia
9,362Tom CunninghamAustralia
9,361Julie PurtillAustralia
9,360Lyn DehneAustralia
9,359Kate CunninghamAustralia
9,358Ruth GlanvilleAustralia
9,357Stephen McCoombAustralia
9,356Betty McCoombAustralia
9,355Denise McInnesAustralia
9,354Trish PlowmanAustralia
9,353Jevina PhilanAustralia
9,352Britt AllmanAustralia
9,351Emmalee BehnckeAustralia
9,350Pete GlanvilleAustralia
9,349Teagan LearAustralia
9,348Sally SchroaderAustralia
9,347Melissa SproalAustralia
9,346Hendrika KirchhoferAustralia
9,345Karen WylieGhanaevery day in my work i see families for whom communication is a major challenge. communition is about participation, equity and engagement. we should all thave the right to communicate to the best of our ability. here in Ghana rehabiliation and support for people with commmunication difficulties is limited. We need equity and awareness of this issue.
9,344Enza ScaffidiAustraliaI work as a social worker with stroke patients who have communication impairments.
9,343Sheridan ClugstonAustraliaI work in a hospital with aged patients and stroke patients
9,342Ruth KendallAustralia
9,341Pansy LeeAustralia
9,340Heather WhitneyAustralia
9,339Jenny ChapmanAustraliaI am a social worker in a hospital
9,338Rhonda BourneAustraliaI work in a hospital
9,337Julie SmithAustraliaI coordinate a stroke rehabilitation program
9,336Jenna HallsAustraliaI work in a hospital with people with communication impairments, as an OT
9,335Brendan LeeAustralia
9,334Adebola AwoleyeNigeriaTo give my full support to people having communication problems or disorders...
9,333Helen PowellIrelandCommunication is a basic right.
9,332Marie FoleyIrelandFrom my work, to communicate better with patients, with difficulties
9,331Ciara BrienIrelandBecause everyone has a basic need to be heard.
9,330Graene GlanvilleAustralia
9,329Kylie FloydAustralia
9,328Kim PearceAustralia
9,327Mark PearceAustralia
9,326Francis LeeAustralia
9,325Justin WebbAustralia
9,324Dawn GlanvilleAustralia
9,323Skye PerryAustralia
9,322Barb GrayAustralia
9,321Rachael BinnieAustralia
9,320Dianne SmithAustralia
9,319Max GlanvilleAustralia
9,318Rachel SmithAustralia
9,317Lindy LeyonjemAustralia
9,316Anna KruegerCanadaI'm a speech-language pathologist who has seen people thrive when barriers to communication are removed through speech-language therapy.
9,315Savanna van der ZwanCanadaI am a speech-language pathologist.
9,314Andrea GatesCanada
9,313Suzanne MacdonaldCanadaI believe that communication is a fundamental part of being human, and therefore a right for all.
9,312Lia BarrosPortugalI'm a speech therapist. I help people to communicate and that's my superpower! It's a right of everyone be able to communicate their needs, their wishes, their feellings, their dreams!
9,311Eleanor ColmanUnited KingdomCommunication difficulties impact on every aspect of an individuals life. They can cause isolation, frustration, embarrassment and mental health issues. Individuals should have the right to be supported with communication difficulties so that they can achieve their maximum potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives.
9,310Thomas DickinsonUnited KingdomBecause it is the underlying goal and principle of speech and language therapists
9,309Patrícia PiresPortugal
9,308Aoife BanksIrelandAs a Speech and Language Therapist, the promotion of communication is a fundamental part of my job.
9,307Ana BarraPortugal
9,306Nelson PereiraPortugal
9,305Mariana CostaPortugal
9,304Joana AlvesPortugalI'm a Speech Therapist.
9,303Andrew TweedieAustraliaAs a speech pathologist working primarily with the acute stroke population, I know the value of communication and how important it is to facilitate it as soon as possible.
9,302Juliana Félix Portugal
9,301Jamie GrimesUnited StatesI will be working with people with communication disorders and it is important for everyone to have a voice.
9,300Carol StowUKI'm an SLT and well understand the frustrations experienced by people with communication difficulties.
9,299Josh Fenton-GlynnUKAs a Labour parliamentary candidate I think a health service that looks after the whole person is vital. Growing up dyslexic I know what it is to struggle to communicate and learning to overcome that has been key to my ability to succeed in life.
9,298Rachel SingerUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist who understands the importance of communication to promote inclusion and well being in people of all ages.
9,297Jan OagScotlandCommunication is taken for granted by those who find it easy but we could do so much more to enable so many more to express themselves and their needs
9,296Jacky Bouletmanitobamy son has autism spectrum disorder. I also work with children with asd. I see their frustration when I cannot understand what they want to communicate. I also see how quickly they are misjudged due to their communication difficulties. It is sad that too often their intellectual abilities are judged based on their verbal communication abilities.
9,295Sorcha RabbitteIrelandI can read, write, understand and express my thoughts intelligibly. That doesn't sound like much to boast about does it? Communication disabilities are invisible to all but those affected by them. I am an SLT, I love my job but wish I could do more for everyone I see. I wish there were more SLTs employed in Ireland. We export our talent :(
9,294Jenny HughesFranceBrain injury survivor, I can't ever say exactly what I want/need to and find all information, systems & instructions too complicated and difficult = excluded.
9,293Hannah Burton EnglandI am a student SLT and can see communication is so important. It's a need to be able to communicate!
9,292Cheryl CusickEngland
9,291sam greenwaygueensey
9,290Nicola Warner United Kingdom
9,289Jennifer WingertCanadaCommunication is connecting.
9,288Gayle MacLeanCanadaI partner with and learn from aboriginal preschoolers and their families who have been identified with or are at risk for communication difficulties.
9,287Cara Porterengland
9,286Charlotte BantonChannel IslandsAs an SLT student I believe that every human has the right to communicate!
9,285Sherri ZelaznyCandaIn addition to the importance of daily communication in my life, I am a speech pathologist helping people with communication disorders improve their communication quality of life everyday.
9,284Natalie HamiltonUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapy student working to support people with communication difficulties.
9,283Abi ChapmanUnited Kingdom
9,282Fiona sugden-BestUKI am a speech & language therapist
9,281Rachel Luther dorset
9,280Amanda RuffEnglandI have been a SLT for 20 years and fully recognise the impact of communication difficulties on individuals and their families, and the value of appropriate support.
9,279Stephanie Owens
9,278Sonja TaylorUnited KingdomMy child had some communications issues and the help of speech and language professionals was very useful.
9,277Sharon PritchettEnglandI work with disabled children, many of whom need help to communicate.
9,276Margret OrmeCanadaI am an Audiologist working with many hearing impaired clients daily. My family members also suffer hearing loss and the effects of that loss every day.
9,275Charlotte bellchambersukchild has speech & language disorder
9,274nicola Tomkinson United Kingdommy daughter had a communication disability
9,273Angela CicciaOH To be able to communicate is at the center of the human experience. All should have an equal opportunity.
9,272Katt Ground
9,271Jessica MillwardEnglandI am a studying SLT student and i believe that communication is vital for everything and should be available to everyone in one form or another.
9,270Lucy Bowes
9,269Sophie Rolland
9,268Victoria LarkEnglandI am an SLT student
9,267Kyleigh GardenAustralia
9,266Sara EltringhamUnited KingdomI am a Speech and Language therapist who believes that communication is a basic right, not a luxury and that people with communication difficulties should receive appropriate support, intervention and understanding.
9,265Amanda LiseCanadaBeing able to communicate with each other is what makes us human. For those of us without communication difficulties, it's something so basic that we take it for granted each and everyday. This issue matters to me because we need to raise awareness and acceptance of people who have communication barriers. Everyone deserves the right to receive speech, language and communication services.
9,264Signhild SkogdalNorwayI am about to finish up my PhD on AAC
9,263Camille TraverseCanadaAs a speech language pathologist who works with both children and adults with communication challenges, I witness first hand on a daily basis the power of communication...and the basic freedoms that are limited without it. Communication is integral to being human, and it is essential to humanity. The opportunity to communicate is a basic human right.
9,262Larissa SchraderCanadaI am a speech-language pathologist and a human being!
9,261Kerryn RobsonAustralia
9,260Paige WittigAustraliaEven those without verbal communication have tremendous potential, we need to harness that.
9,259Danielle SmithAustraliaSpeech Pathologist working in a secondary school - all students deserve this.
9,258Victoria CruzadoUnited States
9,257Amanda HannaAistralia
9,256Calendula Staples-HillAustraliaI am a speech pathologist and want people to understand the impact of communication impairments on activities of daily living.
9,255MELANIE GIBSONAustraliaEVERYONE has a right to communicate
9,254Peter Flipsen JrUSA
9,253PENELOPE FLACKSouth Africa
9,252Melanie von BertouchAUSTRALIAAs a speech pathologist I see everyday the limitations communication issues can have on a person's life and the change that intervention can bring.
9,251Sarah Doylen4 2juI am training as a Speech and Language Therapist and this communication is indeed the key. Without it we, as a human race, have no chance of survival, progression or hope.
9,250Ros HermanUk
9,249We SpeechiesWorldwideWe strive to connect, engage, empower and inform SLPs/SLTs internationally in ensuring that the opportunity to communicate is recognised in all the 'right' places as a basic human right.
9,248Sally HewatAustraliaCommunication brings people and communities together
9,247Luke PageCanada
9,246Mirjam BlimenthalThe NetherlandsI do research in Multilingual children with Language impairment
9,245Michelle wongUK
9,244Desmond LawlessAustraliaMy daughter is studying speech pathology and has raised my awareness of issues associated with communication disorders.
9,243Danielle McNultyUnited KingdomI'm a Speech and Language Therapist and therefore I am very passionate about communication being a basic human right.
9,242Esther TanNew ZealandCommunication is how we connect to one another, and it can be done in so many ways besides speech. Everyone deserves to have a voice!
9,241Nicole ReidNew ZealandI am a Speech Language Therapist and work with children who can't communicate in a typical way, but this doesn't mean that they cannot communicate at all! I strive to enable them all to be confident communicators.
9,240Sarah WallaceAustralia
9,239Alexandra Richardson
9,238Kerry Becker
9,237Jenny HageEngland I am training to be a Speech and Language Therapist.
9,236Shona BeckerUnited KingdomAs a soon-to-be Speech and Language Therapist, I find it disheartening to see how few people are aware of those who have speech, language and communication needs. If everyone just stopped for one moment to consider what their life would be like if they could not communicate, they would start to realise the absolute necessity of the cause we fight for. Communication is a fundamental human right.
9,235Mary ClarkeUnited Kingdom
9,234Hilary Pannett
9,233Anna HitchcockEnglandI am training to become an SLT and see the impact that communication difficulties have on individuals and their families
9,232Emily PannettUKAs an SLT student I feel that having the ability/opportunity to communicate is vital
9,231David Taituk
9,230Alice CordellI work with autistic children
9,229Mary Hyacinth TondoUnited KingdomI'm a Speech and Language Therapist is my work is around helping individuals with communication difficulties. It is a basic human right and everyone should be given a voice to express their choices, celebrate their culture and individuality and able to participate actively in community, family, educational and social life.
9,228Caitlin GallagherUnited Kindom
9,227Gracie HoltEnglandI am a speech and language therapist and understand the importance having a right to communicate, and being provided a health care system that supports this right.
9,226Kate milburnengland
9,225Lucy WilliamsonukI am soon to qualify as a speech and language therapist
9,224Agnes AllenEnglandMy sons are not able to speak with their mouths but use AAC but because of their disabilities they have not always been seen by society as having anything to say
9,223Emma HodgeEnglandAs an SLT this is a hugely important issue to me.
9,222Janine ChancellorAustralia
9,221Monica McEvoyAustralia
9,220Melanie HallAustralia
9,219Karen DarlingAustralia
9,218Anna KowalAustralia
9,217Kaye WinsletAustralia
9,216Catherine QuinAustralia
9,215Asif Raza MirAustralia
9,214Franca FotiAustralia
9,213Kathy RobinsonAustralia
9,212Jackie McCormackAustralia
9,211Luana PassalacquaAustralia
9,210Christina ChallisAustralia
9,209Kelly ThorouAustralia
9,208Chris SmithAustralia
9,207Zoe HarrisonAustralia
9,206Lyn JonesAustralia
9,205Carolyn TealeUSAFor all the reasons stated below. It is a human right to communicate!
9,204Stacy Persinger USAMy daughter doesn't talk yet and she receives therapy from people who are trained to help her communicate. communication is everything whether you speak, sign or write it is all about communicating!
9,203Jennifer FaithUnited StatesI am a Speech-Language Pathologist and fight for this on behalf of my patients every day.
9,202Delainey EddyUSASome of the children in my family struggle with this.
9,201Stephanie SanchezUSA I work with people who have difficulty communicating. I am a Speech-language Pathologist.
9,200Natalie PerreAustralia
9,199Sofia PereiraPortugalI'm a future SLP with the desire of making children with communication disorders happy. Happy on their own shoes, happy communicating, happy living.
9,198Frieya CapesCounty Durham
9,197Lyn TurkstraUSI work with people with communication disorders and see effects on every aspect of their lives
9,196Kay LawrenceUK
9,195Anne WrightUKEffective communication is vital for everyone in all walks of life
9,194Amanda OdellUKBecause to communicate is to be human.
9,193Kathryn CannCo DurhamBecause communication is the key to so much of live
9,192Jennifer MoloneyIreland
9,191Maria PaviourUnited KingdomCommunication is the foundation of love - isolation is psychologically damaging
9,190Andoni SanchezUK
9,189Aileen TienCanada
9,188Pascale FiorettiEngland
9,187Nick BriceEnglangAs a communications consultancy we believe that good communication is key to positive collaborative relationships and it's critical this basic right is available to everyone
9,186Suzanne HarwoodCanadacommunication is a means of empowerment. It allows choice, control, collaboration, and accomplishment.
9,185Shu Hui TeoSingaporeCommunication is key. When communication is not done right, it can lead to many implications.
9,184Valerie ForbesUkI have been a speech and language therapist for thirty years and have witnessed the traumatic experience not being able to communicate has on all age
9,183Elaine DoyleIreland
9,182Doris Li
9,181Louise AngusNew ZealandTo maintain relationships, express and receive thoughts, emotions, love and needs/wants.
9,180Laura DonnellyNewCommunication is essential to forming relationships and sharing experiences/knowledge
9,179Suzanne ByrneIrelandEveryone has the right to be heard.
9,178Praveen KumarIndiawork at office
9,177Zainab Al Abdulathim
9,176Jessica GoochAustraliaAs a student speech pathologist, I want to recognise the importance of communication.
9,175Kat WyethNew ZealandI work in a special needs school with many students with communication difficulties/disabilities.
9,174Michelle isaacnew Zealand son is nonverbal
9,173Sara MeacheamNew ZealandBecuase I work with people who can't communicate and see the negative impact this has on their behaviour and wellbeing.
9,172Eleanor portercanada
9,171Damian Espinoza
9,170Amarie CarnettNew Zealand
9,169Jeff SigafoosNew ZealandFrom 30 to 50% of people with autism and related developmental disabilities have little or no speech and language, but there are alternative methods that they can use to communicate. These alternative methods must be made available.
9,168Heather TaylorNew ZealandEvery student has potential and there is always a way to improve quality of communication. It has to be a team effort underpinned by a common agreement that ALL our students are entitled to access all the services available and that we WILL do our best to make it happen.
9,167Jean KennedyScotlandeveryone deserves their 'voice' to be heard
9,166Julie HodgkissAustraliaJust believe it a a human right
9,165Anny Dube
9,164Amy PooleAustraliaBeing able to think in images and words and express these ideas and feelings with others is one of the most important things we do each day. Most people are lucky enough to do this without much conscious effort. Everyone who has communication difficulties, irrespective of where they live in the world should be given the opportunity to connect and communicate with others in the best way they can.
9,163Kath LinesAUSTRALIA
9,162Inge KetelNew ZealandI am a SLT working with children with special needs and believe that effective communication is essential to a meaningful life.
9,161Laura WhittleWalesI work with children who have the right to be given the tools to communicate their unique message
9,160Alasdair MacleodUnited Kingdom
9,159hazel ongSingaporecommunication is the basic of all relationships!
9,158Jacqueline AtkinsAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist working with children with communication impairments. It is important that people do not take for granted the ability to communicate!
9,157Nikki DellowNew Zealand
9,156Eimear GreeneIrelandI work as a Speech & Language Therapist so I meet many people with communication difficulties and see how these difficulties affect everyone in a different way.
9,155Rachel WyperUk I am a speech therapist working with children and adults with communication impairments.
9,154Alyssa DixonCanadaAs a Canadian SLP this action is topic close to my heart. Communication is a right that all individuals, young and old, should have in their life. Having the right to communication also includes the right to live in a community and country that provides opportunities for an individual's mode or access to communication is accepted and valued.
9,153Bethany ParkerUnited KingdomI am a training SLT
9,152Emma GoodmanUK
9,151Gary GoodmanUKMost of us take communication for granted but imagine having the right taken away.
9,150Wylan kutrinidadits important to all relationships
9,149evan DugganCanada
9,148Amy PrenticeCanadaI believe communication is vital to living a full life
9,147Ed JanesUKVitally important - needs much more attention if people are going to get the help their require and deserve.
9,146Daisy WoodsUnited KingdomI am training to be a speech and language therapist, communication is our most important tool
9,145Deirdre GilchriestIrelandI am a speech and language therapist
9,144Christine WallaceUnited KingdomEverybody deserves self-expression.
9,143Kelsey Heard
9,142Faye LittlewoodBerkshireIt is a basic human right
9,141Felicity CoxUnited KingdomI am a student Speech and Language Therapist. Everybody has the right to tell their family they love them.
9,140Krysta Leong PoiTrinidad and Tobago
9,139Mandy GoodmanUkBecause it can be so isolating not being able to communicate.
9,138Azadeh ShafieUnited KingdomBecause I believe communication is a basic human right
9,137Naomi GoodmanEnglandI am a student Speech and Language Therapist.
9,136Amelia NorthwoodUnited Kingdom
9,135Nicola HartIreland
9,134Nurul AdilahSingaporeWe need to know how to express our thoughts through communication
9,133Zakkiyya Abdul KhalilSingaporeIt is important to be able to express one's self freely
9,132Karen LawlorCanadaI am a person who stutters and work with people with Aphasia and other acquired communicative disorders.
9,131Lynn CarsonCanadaI work with people with communication delays and disorders
9,130Rachel PatrickNew ZealandI'm a SLT and I agree fully with this!!
9,129Julia CobbUnited States
9,128Kelly ReavisUnited StatesHearing loss decreases quality of life. Hearing loss is at epidemic proportions. Many forms of hearing loss are preventable and treatable. We need to act to stymie future impairments.
9,127Lynne LeeSingaporeHaving someone to talk to is a basic need. But quite a lot of us do not have the environment to do so.
9,126SHIANG HUI LIEWSingaporeI have read the pledge and support it.
9,125Elisa O'DonovanIrelandI work with people with aphasia and other communication difficulties, and I believe everyone has something important to say and should be heared!
9,124Sherine TanSingaporeI believe everyone who has communication problems should receive help in order to lead more fulfilling lives.
9,123Natalie BloomfieldAustralia
9,122Anya BenoitAustralia
9,121Elysha NheenAustralia
9,120Mina BerlandierAustralia
9,119Lisa SwarrisAustralia
9,118Maryann AminitehranAustralia
9,117Sarah CaussenAustralia
9,116Nichola TerringtonAustralia
9,115Susan YoungAustralia
9,114sally angsingapore
9,113Kerrie MorewoodAustralia
9,112Tania BeasleyAustralia
9,111Hilary HineAustralia
9,110Zoe SokecAustralia
9,109Vanessa SaundersAustralia
9,108Debbie OwensAustralia
9,107Sheryle SlompAustralia
9,106Jenni AllenAustralia
9,105Sandra MohrAustralia
9,104Amber BatesAustralia
9,103Julie CoxAustralia
9,102Dianne McLeanAustralia
9,101Sarah QuayleAustralia
9,100Maria BennettAustralia
9,099Jenny gIDDYAustralia
9,098Janene HallAustralia
9,097Esperanza MorenoAustralia
9,096Katherine BeilbyAustralia
9,095Charles LeeAustralia
9,094Dave HarbenAustralia
9,093Ellenore StewartAustralia
9,092Natasha PennyAustralia
9,091Clare ReidAustralia
9,090Shirley SouthAustralia
9,089Ingrid BruceAustralia
9,088Bronwen HydeAustralia
9,087Melissa ModicaAustralia
9,086Deanne BrownAustralia
9,085Scott BrianAustralia
9,084Paola NgSingaporeCommunication is the bridge to linking people
9,083Desiree ChooSingapore
9,082Dulangeni RajamanthriUnited KingdomI am an Audiologist and I believe that the power of communication is a basic human right for all.
9,081Sophia Su
9,080Kathryn twistaustraliaeveryone deserves a chance to be their best self regardless of society's prejudices
9,078Biswajeet samalIndiamarket communicate
9,077Charlotte StokesUnited KingdomSpeech and language therapy student passionate about ensuring everybody can communicate to their full potential!
9,076Lucy WhiteheadUnited Kingdomspeech therapy student - see the wode range of people this matter affects
9,075Jack Gray
9,074Emily WhittleUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapy student, and understand the large and important role of communication and how this can affect your quality of life.
9,073Carolyn JefferyEngland
9,072Miles ThomasUnited Statesour daughter's stroke and 2mo. coma
9,071lucy yaxleyUnited Kingdom
9,070Amy RaymondUnited KingdomI am training to be a speech therapist and I have learnt just how significant and influential opportunities to communicate are to communicate development and overall quality of life.
9,069Tracy SassallAustralia
9,068Tamika ZelevicAustralia
9,067Rachel ChinAustralia
9,066Lisle GrimwoodAustralia
9,065Jessica KirAustralia
9,064M ChanAustralia
9,063J GriffithsAustralia
9,062Debbie DaleAustralia
9,061Peter GuerraAustralia
9,060Leah GrayAustralia
9,059Casey KissAustralia
9,058Laura DawsonAustralia
9,057Bettina TrevettAustralia
9,056Jessica HibberdAustralia
9,055Andrea StuteAustralia
9,054Catherine GreenAustralia
9,053Mary McGregorAustralia
9,052Maryam AminiteharniAustralia
9,051Mark AvyAustralia
9,050Terrie JeffsAustralia
9,049Hannah MitchellAustralia
9,048Stephanie TamAustralia
9,047Lorraine PughAustralia
9,046Cam Tu DoAustralia
9,045Lauren ArthurAustralia
9,044Preithy NagarajanAustralia
9,043Katie BonfieldAustralia
9,042Jennifer KeoghAustralia
9,041Jill BakerAustralia
9,040Olive EastonAustralia
9,039Lesle CollinsAustralia
9,038Rachel BrandsmaAustralia
9,037Charmaine HellworthAustralia
9,036Serena HowociAustralia
9,035Tegan HowociAustralia
9,034Kristy KilgowAustralia
9,033Nilupa ChunderseneAustralia
9,032Emma MastersAustralia
9,031Jodie SpottiswoodAustralia
9,030Joanne RichardsAustralia
9,029Brenda TindaleAustralia
9,028Jo PerryAustralia
9,027Helen CunniffeAustralia
9,026Jeane NadAustralia
9,025Lynn PriceAustralia
9,024Lily LuuAustraliaI am a speech pathology student and believe that communication is a right that is essential to a meaningful life.
9,023Christine SamleAustralia
9,022Sharma CudmoreAustralia
9,021Dianne BaleAustralia
9,020Steven ToddAustralia
9,019Michelle Swift
9,018Joanne WatsonAustraliaIt is so important to the many people I know and love who don't use speech to communicate
9,017Julie Robertlong waiting lists for early assessment/intervention in SLP
9,016Sam CourtNew Zealand
9,014beverly sadoleFijiDyslexic children need help in Fiji
9,013megan odellunited kingdomcommunication is a basic human right!
9,012Nika YarahmadiUKAs a speech & language therapist helping these people is my day job I feel very passionately about this cause!
9,011Camille TanSingapore
9,010Savannah ZwerusAustralia
9,009Rowena MartinAustraliaCommunication can empower individuals. Working in the disability field I have seen how effective communication can mean the difference to an individual just living life and living a life with meaning and fulfilment.
9,008Sara BrennanIrelandI am working as an adult Speech adn Language Therapist in a Dublin city hospital.
9,007Jane McKimmieAustraliaAs a student of heath science I understand the need for everyone t
9,006Alisha DuftyAustralia
9,005Cher RapanaroAustralia
9,004maureen godfreyAustralia
9,003dulcie woodfordAustralia
9,002beryl andriskeAustralia
9,001Elizabeth EleyAustralia
9,000Anne LiAustralia
8,999Rebecca EvansAustralia
8,998Christine LindsayAustralia
8,997Jacqueline LinSingaporeEveryone should be able to express themselves so that others can understand them.
8,996Jacinta McelligottIreland Support communication
8,995Ashleen ScottCanadaEveryone should feel connected to a community, and in essence, communication makes this possible.
8,994Patty GovenderNew Zealand We need to use our voices to help people with communication difficulties find theirs- in whatever way shape or firm that might be.
8,993Sandra NeudertGermanyI am speech-language therapist
8,992Nancy MartinoUnited StatesI am a speech-language pathologist and study cultural perceptions of individuals with communication disorders.
8,991Robert WellsAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist, communication is integral to the lives of my clients, and indeed all people.
8,990Jennifer HardingUnited KingdomI am training to be a Speech and Language Therapist and am very passionate about this cause. Communication should be something everyone is able to access in order to have a basic quality of life.
8,989Sinead Douglas MooreSingaporeSpeech and Language Therapist
8,988PR Mitchell
8,987Lyn ClareUnited Kingdom
8,986Jennifer HellerAustralia
8,985Jennifer HopeAustralia
8,984Mark KalwowskiAustralia
8,983Lawrence GrantAustralia
8,982Anya SmythIreland
8,981Aneesa AllyIrelandI am a Speech and Language Therapist.
8,980Sarah-Louise WellerUnited Kingdom
8,979Sam HardingUnited Kingdom
8,978Lydia MorganUK
8,977Lauren GrayUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic human right. By working as a Speech and Language Therapist I am privilaged to be able to help people who require help or guidance in order to successfully communicate to the best of their abilities. Without continuous research and hard work provided by multi-disciplinary teams our understanding of how to help people with communication difficulties would be greatly reduced
8,976Amy-Louise EvansUK
8,975Kirsty CarmellI volunteer at the life after stroke centre in bromsgrove and see first hand how much help and support people need and how they can flourish if they get that help
8,974Melissa BrowneNetherlands
8,973Ineta AronieteLatviaI am a speach therapist and I understnd the importance of this issue.
8,972Lindsay Tallott
8,971Jo WallingerUK
8,970Annie LauUnited KingdomIt is imporatant to be able to voice your thoughts and feelings and have good mental health
8,969Jen HomewoodAustraliaThere are some children in my life that I care very deeply for who have Fragile X Sydrome and autism. These disabilities greatly impact their ability to communicate their needs - they deserve the support and opportunities to develop their communication skills to reach their potential.
8,968Nyleta McRae AustraliaI am a Fragile X carrier with two full FX kids. Communication problems are a big part of our syndrome.
8,967Victoria MasonWaleswhy shouldn't we have the right to communication?
8,966Beryl JonesUnited KingdomI have personally seen how a communication empowered individual can thrive emotionally and relationally and the joy and connection it brings to families, communication groups and communities
8,965p wojnar
8,964Bethany SmithUnited KingdomAs a speech and language therapy student this means so much! Communication is needed in every area of life and must be a basic human right!!
8,963michael manleyUnited KingdomI work with people with Communication problems and understand that its really important that more people understand the impack
8,962Triona RooneyIrelandAs a communication professional I believe language enrichment in the early years is vital
8,961Rebecca DougallUnited Kingdom
8,960caroline randallUnited Kingdom
8,959Priya PillayUnited KingdomEveryone deserves the right to communicate. I am a Speech and Language therapist and have worked in many different sociioeconomic areas
8,958Yolane FentonIrelandAs an SLT, I work daily with people with acquired communication difficulties and their families and it gives me a sense of how important communication is to a persons identity, self esteem, relationships with others, ability to participate in life.
8,957Avril Thresh New Zealand I want my children to grow up and live in an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to make their 'voice' heard.
8,956Alistair GodsmarkUnited Kingdom
8,955Tiffany GreenUK
8,954Karen ElliottEnglandWorking with those with mental health problems makes you realise that communication is fundamental to recovery and future mental wellbeing
8,953Gerard SharplingUnited KingdomTo communicate, you have to have someone to listen. I believe everyone deserves to be listened to and to have their views taken seriously.
8,952Carys-Iona LantEnglandThis issue should resonate with everyone. Being unable to communicate effectively reduces quality of life in a way in which is unimaginable to most, we therefore have to support everyone's right to communicate.
8,951Nora KennyIrelandIt effects my family
8,950Lucy McCarthy
8,949Mercedes Garvey
8,948Farran De WetQatarTo communicate is to experience life's greatest joys - interacting with family and friends.
8,947patricia jonesEnglandits a basic human need.
8,946Joan RussellIrelandI have an Acquired Brain Injury - only realised how difficult it is do make other people take notice. I am devastated how in this age, the main body of people don't take notice.
8,945Simon AlveyIreland
8,944Miriam MooneyIreland
8,943Teresa MacKinnonUnited KingdomI'm a language educator and have a son with a communication disorder.
8,942Burnice KingNew ZealandNon verbal grandson . Communicating with FC, not many recognise
8,941Gus MallettHerts
8,940Kira Pattenden United Kingdom
8,939Chloe PattendenUnited Kingdom
8,938Lynda BrownUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,937Diane PotterUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,936Veronica WhatmoreUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,935Alison FaulknerUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,934Sarah NichollsUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,933Sharon McFeeUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. All children have voices and should be heard.
8,932Clare TomlinsUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone has the right to communicate.
8,931Amy BruntUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone has the right to communicate.
8,930Aleen EvansUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. All children should be heard.
8,929Julie WebsterUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I work with children who have communication difficulties and have a child with communication difficulties myself.
8,928Mandy SkeetUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Because every child matters!
8,927Deborah BrownUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,926Angela DugardUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,925Christine GallowayUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Give everyone a voice!
8,924Kathryn HoltUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
8,923Deborah LeadonUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Because this is knowledge everyone should have..
8,922Cheryl MerrellUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone has the right to be listened to.
8,921Dawn RatcliffeUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Children need to be heard.
8,920Hayley StoneUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone should have the same opportunity to communicate their needs and wishes.
8,919Teresa WrightUnited KingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. This support should always be available to children.
8,918hannah thomas
8,917Wendy RichardsonAustraliaI work as a Speech Language Pathologist and witness daily the impact of limited communication skills.
8,916Nadwah OnwiMalaysiaAs interventionist, a speech and language pathologist are among many professionals who wanted to reduce barriers to communication especially for people with complex communication needs individuals. This is not only a basic human rights but communication is one way to access everything in the world.
8,915Kristin MeyerUSA
8,914Rebecca PriceUnited KingdomIt enables me to give my dog the love and praise that she deserves. It also ensures that we socialise with others and their dogs whilst we are out walking..which makes us both happy.
8,913Anna Shea
8,912Katherine CampbellWalesImagine not being to be commumicate? Unimaginable....
8,911Sarah BakerUSAI'm a human, a parent, and a speech language pathologist. Communication is my passion.
8,910Marie LightSo much lack of knowledge about communication disorders in the general public and children need communication to develop and achieve success in every sense
8,909Stephanie BaileyUkAs a speech and language therapy student, one day hoping to help treat people with communication disorders/difficulties, I understand the huge importance of being able to communicate your needs, wishes and emotions.
8,908Laura Bence
8,907Rachel WilliamsWalesI cannot begin to imagine the difficutlies that people with communication difficulties face.
8,906Eugene RoeIrelandI work in rehabilitation.
8,905Gerald BurnsNew ZealandYa lose talking - it takes years to get some of it back..
8,904Hannah Riordan New Zealand
8,903Asifa MalikUnited Kingdombecause everyone has a right to be heard x
8,902Lisa collier
8,901Sian MaddockUnited Kingdom
8,900Madeline CruiceUnited KingdomCommunication ability and opportunity are essential to having a good quality of life!
8,899Kate DixonUnited KingdomI volunteer at a stroke group so I would like to raise awareness of aphasia.
8,898Johnathan HawleyUnited Kingdom
8,897Nina VidmarUnited Kingdom
8,896Sara WrightUnited KingdomStarting to train as a Speech and Language Therapist - this has shown me how important communication is to people. Many value communication over a limb, and we need to help those who are in need.
8,895Laura DwyerEngland because I am a speech and language therapy student and I know how much communication difficulties affect people's lives
8,894Georgia MauriceUnited KingdomI'm a speech and language therapy student
8,893Rachel HannahUnited Kingdom
8,892Gail O'SullivanIrelandBEcause I work with people with acquired disablities and know how communication is the key to everything
8,891Sophie WilsonUKcurrently studying Speech and Language Therapy, I have always had strong beliefs on how everyone should be able to communicate! There needs to be a sufficient amount of services in place to ensure everyone has the ability to communicate, or learn to do so.
8,890Juine LaiAustralia
8,889Yvonne ChiaAustralia
8,888Kim PearceAustralia
8,887Melinda MeadeAustralia
8,886Nicole HigginsAustralia
8,885Ruth SeowAustralia
8,884Kelly DangAustralia
8,883Paul CooperAustralia
8,882Holly PulbrookAustralia
8,881Liz MartinAustralia
8,880Julia CrosswellAustralia
8,879Cassie KenyonAustralia
8,878Alan HanhamAustraliaRochelle Jones is my sister, I miss her!
8,877Pàtricia HillUnited KingdomNo-one should be denied the right to communicate.
8,876Ghyslaine BrophyIrelandThe ability to communicate is at the heart of any human interaction
8,875Helen JacksonEnglandI'm a student Speech and Language Therapist
8,874Diana WatkeysEngland Everyone has the right to be able to communicate with others
8,873Sabrina de BeerAustraliaAs a speech pathologist I have observed the emotional distress and mental anguish resulting from person being unable to effectively to communicate their needs, experiences and preferences. I have seen family breakdown, institutionalisation and self harm resulting from inadequate communication.
8,872Pat ConroyIrelandI find it one of the more distressing deficits to to deal with in my career. To deal with myself and then attempt to assist a client, their family and collegues through
8,871Paul CarrollIrelandIt matters as it is of human importance and professionally I work with people with brain injuries
8,870Liz Croxon ireland working in a rehabilitation setting with patients with communication problems
8,869Sandra GoodwinNew ZealandThe opportunity to communicate is a basic right
8,868Fiona ConroyIreland
8,867Una Cusack
8,866Angela GoodwinNew ZealandLife is about family, friends and interacting in the world in a meaningful way, communication is at the essence of these things. Everyone deserves to be supported to participate fully in life.
8,865Jenna Golab
8,864Lois RandallWales
8,863Eimear SmithIrelandIt is fundamental to the delivery of care to patients by allowing participation in decision-making and ensuring those decisions are well-informed.
8,862Catherine CornallIrelandIt matters because i see on a daily basis the difference a supported environment and assistance from skilled speech and language therpaists can make to an individuals ability to cope with communication challenges
8,861Mary KeaveneyIrelandI can see throught the course of my work and life what a huge impact communication difficulties can have and that an awareness of and giving time to people can be helpful to both the person having the difficulty and the communication partner from a human connection and practical point of view
8,860sheena cheyneireland
8,859Florence CheesmanUKCommunication is a key aspect of life.
8,858Jacinta MorganIrelandAbility to communicate is a fundamental requirement to enable a decent quality of life
8,857Ronan LanganIrelandI work in Neurology
8,856Eleanor phillipsIrelandI am a physiotherpaist who works with people with communication difficulties and can see the frustration and heartache they suffer from not being able to communicate their needs.
8,855Cathrina LettIreland
8,854Sam DunwoodyIrelandWe all have a right to be heard what ever our way of communicating to others
8,853Bernadette LeeIrelandWork in a rehabilitation hospital and see how important effective communication is for our client group.
8,852Ciara O'NeillIreland
8,851Catherine LoganIrelandbecause I work with people who have communication defecits and am aware of the difficulties they experience in all areas of humam occupation and social interaction.
8,850Paul GriffinIreland
8,849Emma HarteIrelandEveryone has a right to accessible communication
8,848Carol DavisIreland
8,847Fiona RyanIrelandWorking over the years with people who have acquired communication disorders highlights the daily challenges they face and the limitations imposed on their personal life ambitions and goals.
8,846Katie CreightonIrelandTo highlight the impact of communication disabilities on a person's life
8,845Sheena Egan IrelandI work with clients on a daily basis who have communication difficulties and understand the importance of creating awareness and giving everyone the oppurtunity to communicate.
8,844Brenna CowdenCanadaI am a Speech-Language Pathology student
8,843Kathryn ArlidgeNew ZealandI am a speech-language therapist; daily I work with people who struggle to communicate.
8,842Jessica CourtadeUSAI am a future Speech-Language Pathologist
8,841Rita MataPortugal
8,840Rachel BaldockUnited KingdomStudent Speech and Lang Therapist
8,839Mary CoxUnited KingdomI am training to be a Speech & Language Therapist, and aim to help my clients improve their communication abilities.
8,838Amelia LouthUnited KingdomCommunication or lack of can severely impact on someone's daily life as I have seen with my Grandad who suffered a stroke earlier in the year.
8,837Евгений ТуренкоRussiaThis issue dose matter to me, because I want to communicate with many people and share with thame my knowledges, and get knowldges from them
8,836Fiona McCormickNew Zealand
8,835Kate SullivanWalesi suffer from a rare muscle condition called myasthenia gravis which can often impair my ability to communicate I would also like to pursue a career in speech and language therapy in the near future.
8,834lily basleyukCommunication is key in order to convey your personality which could change the world.
8,833Gemma WoolleyEnglandEveryone deserves the right to be able to communicate with the world around them
8,832Charlotte RichardsonEngland I want to be a Speech and Language Therapist and I thinking the opportunity to communicate is essential. It is vital that people can share their thoughts, feelings and interact with others.
8,831Debbie WhiteUKNAPLIC committee member- we believe communication is a basic human right
8,830Virginia MartinUKNAPLIC committee member: we believe communication is a basic human right
8,829Glinette WoodsUKNAPLIC Chair - we believe communication is a basic human right
8,828Kath PaintinUKNAPLIC committee member - we believe communication is a basic human right
8,827Derek BurgonUKNAPLIC Treasurer - we believe communication is a basic human right
8,826Katie BelkUnited KingdomCommunication is so important in everyday life and I one day hope to be a speech and language therapist so I am very passionate about this.
8,825Maureen BurkeAustraliaAs a lifelong educator I understand and value the importance of communciation as an inherent right of human beings so they can realise their full potential and lead satisfying lives.
8,824Shayna GavinAustraliaI work with babies and children who often need specific help to communicate.
8,823Sophie ShephardUKBecause communicating brings people together and keeps them together
8,822ezz karamsyriamy future
8,821Duong Le DaiVietnamBecause communication is simply a human right
8,820Do TienVietnamFor a better world
8,819Sarah DuffayI work with yound people with communication difficulties. i believe everyone has the right to communicate their wants and needs and that we must find a way to enable this.
8,818Joke ScheffersNetherlandsIt is sad to see people not being able to participate in activities they can do because of their communication issues. helping them is our duty, being helped is their right.
8,817liliane scheffersthe Netherlandsas a speech therapist i work with mostly children who are in need of communication
8,816Amanda KumarAustraliaBecause it is a basic human right.
8,815Krysten JonesAustraliaBecause I teach primary school aged children with. disabilities and many are learning to communicate
8,814Sophie KerrAustraliaI teach AAC to non-verbal clients
8,813Sam SAustraliaI have a son who is non-verbal.
8,812Yvette Davey
8,811Helen LiddallNew Zealand
8,810Jazmin RambeauUnited StatesWe asked students at WMU to share what/where/when/why/how, or with who they communicate to highlight the importance of valuing communication. I COMMUNICATE…“to hear and be heard,” “to help,” “all the time,” “to build relationships,” “con palabras,” “best with like minded people,” “so I can know more,” “with respect and friendliness,” "the value of communication.” KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING.
8,809Yaskara Komukai México
8,808Ethan DyerUnited KingdomEvery person should have the opportunity to communicate who they are, and what they can be. Without this, people go unnoticed, and lives go unchanged. Thats why communication should be a human right.
8,807Caroline DennishUnited KingdomI am currently studying to be a Speech and Language Therapist
8,806Mitchell O'SheaAustraliaI enjoy volunteering at places where I can help those who dont have the freedom to speak for themselves
8,805Lucy GriffinAustraliaI am a future speech pathologist
8,804Belinda HarrisAustraliaDisabled family member
8,803Kassandra BrownAustraliaCommunication is how we connect with the people and the world around us. Without it, we are isolated.
8,802Jeremy MurdochAustraliaAustralian doctors have used my disabled, five year old son's inability to verbally communicate as justification for withholding or withdrawing life sustaining treatment.
8,801Jes-Wah Thetadig
8,800Ashli O'HalloranAustraliaI am currently studying Speech Pathology and as it comes with the professional, communication and the ability to communication is very important and special. Everyone deserves to be able to communicate.
8,799Bridget GreatheadAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right. As a speech pathology student, communication is something that cannot be taken for granted, as I have come to understand. I have also seen first hand the difference therapy can make in a persons life, and how vital communication really is.
8,798Paulina Guerra Santa MaríaChilebecause i´m Founder "Inself | Comunicación y Pensamento" ( and because i´m Speech Terapist!
8,797Jo WaldronUSAI am the Disabled American for the Nation, appointed by President Ronald Reagan. I have been actively involved in human rights for people with disabilities. Founded the Able Kids Foundation, which total focus is addressing auditory challenges.
8,796Bob McCawNew ZealandMy wife has aphasia
8,795Blakpara BoweiUnited Kingdom
8,794Ashley PageUnited Kingdom
8,793David CaflinUnited Kingdom
8,792Amy LawlorUnited Kingdom
8,791Henry StephensUnited Kingdom
8,790Jess RobsonUnited Kingdom
8,789Richard JonesUnited Kingdom
8,788Claire CarrollIreland
8,787Lynn WoolleyUnited Kingdom
8,786Gurj DhillonUnited Kingdom
8,785Nicholas NiziolomskiUnited Kingdom
8,784Rachael WilkieUnited Kingdom
8,783Ross WoodsUnited Kingdom
8,782Kate TuckerUnited Kingdom
8,781Julia StewartUnited Kingdom
8,780Rosemary GravellUnited Kingdom
8,779Susie HaydenUnited Kingdom
8,778Amy WardUnited Kingdom
8,777Liz MetcalfeUnited Kingdom
8,776Emma BlackUnited Kingdom
8,775Yvonne WrenUnited Kingdom
8,774Sian OwenUnited Kingdom
8,773Amita RavalUnited Kingdom
8,772Alyson HoggUnited Kingdom
8,771Daniel HitchensUnited Kingdom
8,770Caraline WatsonUnited Kingdom
8,769Paul AttwoodUnited Kingdom
8,768Dilnaz GorwalaUnited Kingdom
8,767Lynne ClarkUnited Kingdom
8,766Ciaran DistonUnited Kingdom
8,765Esosa ErbonageUnited Kingdom
8,764Gemma JonesUnited Kingdom
8,763Sophie TaroniUnited Kingdom
8,762Megan CliffeUnited Kingdom
8,761Grace KellyUnited Kingdom
8,760Elsie LightbodyUnited Kingdom
8,759Ann-Marie CaunceUnited Kingdom
8,758Nicole CharlesUnited Kingdom
8,757Sarah SpencerUnited Kingdom
8,756Theo CookUnited Kingdom
8,755Tricia MitchellUnited Kingdom
8,754Ruth GladwellUnited Kingdom
8,753Mary HarringtonUnited Kingdom
8,752Jane McConnUnited Kingdom
8,751Victor QuigleyUnited Kingdom
8,750Kayleigh MareyUnited Kingdom
8,749David AmosUnited Kingdom
8,748Jas StansfieldUnited Kingdom
8,747Sue LyonsUnited Kingdom
8,746Anne BasebyUnited Kingdom
8,745Helen RustUnited Kingdom
8,744Sue McCormickUnited Kingdom
8,743Shannon DohertyUnited Kingdom
8,742Jessica RoseUnited Kingdom
8,741Sharon AdjeiUnited Kingdom
8,740Rita BarataPortugal
8,739Grace AdamsNew ZealandBecasue everyone, no matter how small, how important, how intelligent or otherwise, deserves the right to communicate and be involved in their lives.
8,738Catherine MouyAustralia
8,737Giselle ToumaAustralia
8,736Rebecca VolleAustralia
8,735Ros HartAustralia
8,734Erin WilliamsAustralia
8,733Claire ForsythAustralia
8,732Amy MahonyAustralia
8,731April TuAustralia
8,730Kate DunhillAustralia
8,729Rebecca LamontAustralia
8,728Shanelle BarbaAustralia
8,727Sue HullAustralia
8,726Robyn JohnsonAustralia
8,725Marinda BrooksAustralia
8,724Christine SiciliamoAustralia
8,723Caroline FarrugiaAustralia
8,722Lila TalaricoAustralia
8,721Eliza ClareAustralia
8,720Michelle StillmanAustralia
8,719Renee CattonAustralia
8,718Jo WilliamsAustralia
8,717Alicia BrooksAustralia
8,716Stephanie LawsonAustralia
8,715Emma PendleburyAustralia
8,714Sharon ChisholmAustralia
8,713Luke ChurchillAustralia
8,712Caroline HeselwoodAustralia
8,711Karen SuurenbroekAustralia
8,710Jenny MawdsleyAustralia
8,709Barb DilworthAustralia
8,708Bridie WhiteAustralia
8,707Lisa StimpsonAustralia
8,706Roslyn AndersonAustralia
8,705Julie ChesterAustralia
8,704Julie RichardsonAustralia
8,703Ebony HicksAustralia
8,702Helen Neilson-WiseAustralia
8,701Katie McCaffertyAustralia
8,700Debbie HancockAustralia
8,699Nic barkerAustralia
8,698Michelle MooreAustralia
8,697Nathan IrvingAustralia
8,696Fluer RickerbyAustralia
8,695Louise CueAustralia
8,694Mark & Leanne FrostAustralia
8,693Brooke BarnesAustralia
8,692Lesley FlowersNew ZealandA person needs to be able to communicate to survive, everyone has the right.
8,691Jasmin McDermidAustralia
8,690Sherri SandersAustralia
8,689Julie Gormby Australia
8,688Ruth LumukanaNew Zealand
8,687Elodie GrabeIrelandI work with people with communication difficulties and see how much these difficulties affect their everyday lives.
8,686Sarah DowningUnited KingdomI one day hope to be a speech therapist, and this is just everything I am passionate about!!!
8,685Paul IsaacsUnited Kingdom Communication and the right to it should be for all people.
8,684Luke BakerNew Zealand
8,683Sarah DalyNew Zealand
8,682Ailsa AdolphPeople should be free to communicate.
8,681Alvin KumarBecause not being able to communicate would be very frustrating
8,680Thomas ChiangNew ZealandUsed to stutter a lot. These people need assistance :)
8,679Dasha Joseph FernandezNew Zealand
8,678Diane BrownfieldNew ZealandBasic human rights are important to me and I would hope that they were important for everyone.
8,677Marta LjubesicCroatiaas a professional
8,676maryleine sigristFrancebecause every one has right to say his thougt and to be heard.
8,675Adam ClarkNew Zealand
8,674Lauren ClarkNew Zealand
8,673James YoungNew ZealandUnderstanding others & fairness & empathy
8,672Jan CowenNew Zealand
8,671Louise HarbertUk
8,670Sarah EisingNZ
8,669Christina Wood
8,668Kate Mead
8,667Ranko BerichUnited Kingdom
8,666Jenae Valk New ZealandI see kids everyday who struggle to communicate and the flow on effect that has for their learning and social skills. It's so easy to help.
8,665oliver henry
8,664brittany healey
8,663chelsea healey
8,662Bruce PaineNew Zealand
8,661rhiannon cooperNew Zealand
8,660Donna DenmeadNew ZealandIs a human need to be heard, understood, and to belong.
8,659Rachael Elder
8,658Sarah AsherNew Zealand
8,657Rebecca NesbitNew ZealandWith an Autistic son who struggles to communicate, I struggle to get the help he needs without a financial struggle for the rest of the family
8,656Phillip GrantNew ZealandIt is important
8,655Kayle StockUnited StatesHumanity Matters.
8,654Clive LewisEngland
8,653Emma DarbyNew ZealandI'm a Speech Language Therapist.
8,651Jacqueline CraigNew ZealandI believe that everyone has the right to communication to be able to engage and interact with daily life in meaningful ways.
8,650Sabrina MathurNew Zealand
8,649Ffion WalkerAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist I see the devastating impact of communication difficulties everyday, and the lack of understanding of its impact within the community
8,648Olivia ScottNew ZealandI am an SLT who sees first hand the need for greater awareness and support for those who have communication difficulties.
8,647Natasha Marra
8,646Anne ChiangNew Zealand
8,645Kerry-lee Vince
8,644Sophia WenzlickNew ZealandCommunication is vital to every human being in all ways that it may be used
8,643Marianna GromovaNew ZealandBecause I work with people with disabilities and see how difficult it can be to get by when your language is lacking.
8,642Jenny ReynoldsNew ZealandAs a speech therapist I know the challenges that are faced by people with a communication disorder and I wish to support them.
8,641Anna van PomerenNew ZealandAs an Audiologist, I hope to enable people to improve their communication every day
8,640Nina PechevaNew Zealand
8,639Jeanne BradleyUSAMy son and many of his friends communicate via supported typing and AAC which is his basic human right!
8,638MINU JOSENew Zealand
8,637Holly TurnerNew ZealandCommunication is a basic human right, as is the ability to communicate. There needs to be greater development and support for people who do not have the opportunity to communicate, or struggle with communication due to mental/physical disabilities.
8,636Deirdre LynchNew Zealand
8,635Dayle BurgessNewI dislike seeing people judged or unable to be their potential when they may not have the support and resources that are available in life at their personal disposal. Helping others helps ourselves and our community
8,634Camilla LukemanAustralia
8,633Judi JohnsonNew ZealandBeing able to communicate in any way is important so as to not feel isolated
8,632Barbara WoodfordAustralia
8,631Jeanette BriffaAustralia
8,630Marie McCarthyAustralia
8,629Enid WylieAustralia
8,628Dawn AuldAustralia
8,627Kath CooperAustralia
8,626Barry TolhurstAustralia
8,625Carmel LyonsAustralia
8,624Cynthia WalkerAustralia
8,623dara dimitrovNew ZealandSpeech therapy is so important
8,622Nick HoughtonNew ZealandSilly question
8,621Nathan SmithNew ZealandI believe that it is very important for everybody should have the chance to express themselves.
8,620Lucas DempseyNew Zealand
8,619Dave EvansNew ZealandWithout the ability to communicate the power to affect your circumstances is greatly diminshed.
8,618Mihitaina RiestererAustraliaBecause it is a profession that two of my friends are in and feel very strongly about and I wish to give them all the support I can.
8,617Katherine EsserAustralia
8,616Claire BenningtonAustralia
8,615Anne RyanAustralia
8,614Tricia CollinsAustralia
8,613Melissa DeenyAustralia
8,612Claire CrondonAustralia
8,611Margot PogosAustraliaCommunication is a fundamental human need regardless of circumstance.
8,610Sarah BreenAustralia
8,609Teresa FernandesAustralia
8,608Caitlin FrankenAustralia
8,607Doug BrownAustralia
8,606Megan WhiteAustralia
8,605Meg McNeillAustralia
8,604Jess PoynerAustralia
8,603Ricky Hansen
8,602Lauren Bakker
8,601Carol Lerk
8,600Christophe NAUDFrance
8,599Fred HirstNew ZealandAs a geriatrician maintenance or regaining of communication is vital for sharing ideas, values, beliefs,wants, needs and promotes mutual understanding and respect.
8,598Nancy McShaneNew ZealandThe ability to communicate with others is a fundamental human right that no one should be denied. I make this statement in particular support of those whose ability to communicate has been limited or denied as a result of illness, disability, slavery, incarceration, torture, poverty and discrimination.
8,597Margaret YoungNew Zealand
8,596Leah OatesAustraliaCommunication is a basic right for every single person. Everyone deserves the freedom to voice their thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the world around them. As a Speech Pathologist, I understand the importance of this right and I strive to support and assist those to reach their full potential.
8,595Sandra WrightNew ZealandBeacuse people have ideas and opinions that need to be heard
8,594Tanya CorriganNew ZealandIt matters because everyone has a right to communicate.
8,593Michaela HutchinsonNew ZealandAs an SLT in training I have been made aware of the vital role communication has in everyone's everyday life. And how we can take this for granted until its taken away from us or someone we love!
8,592Michelle RushNew zealandand functioanl lives therefore being able to communicate need is essential
8,591Barbara GuthrieNew Zealandcommunication is central to being able to connect with others
8,590Laury Megan HoughtonNew ZealandI am training to become a Speech and Language Therapist and support this statement 100%. Communication is so important in living a full and happy life.
8,589Myriam BejjaniNew ZealandBecause I work with children with communication difficulties and recognise the need for better support.
8,588Melanie Van der AaNew ZealandI'm a speech language therapist, and I believe everyone has the right to communicate in any way they can.
8,587Jayne ErskineNew ZealandTo be able to communicate with others in some way is vital to all
8,586Elisha PorterNew ZealandIts a basic human right that allows people to engage with society
8,585Janka ScottNew ZelandI think it is very important.
8,584Kerry PurcellNew ZealandI have a grandson who has speaking disabiities.
8,583Thursha Vadivelu
8,582Catherine SutcliffeUK
8,581Margaret DeverellyUK
8,580Aaron SouthgateUK
8,579Ellen KavanaghUK
8,578Heather RohanUK
8,577Alicia WaiteUK
8,576Vijaya VenkatUK
8,575Tehmmirena MasudUK
8,574Karim NourUK
8,573Susan WambugnUK
8,572Rohan SamuelUK
8,571Clara SteeleUK
8,570Nisha DholakiaUK
8,569Dilip LakhaniUK
8,568Mark OsborneUK
8,567Hazel Munroe-BrowneUK
8,566Dale TreharneUK
8,565Haja CarewUK
8,564Anna KrielenNew ZealandCommunication is important
8,563Vikush RamyoolamUK
8,562Caroline HarmanUK
8,561Colin NewlandUK
8,560Jamie BycroftNew ZealandEveryone deserves to be heard.
8,559Natasha WatlingUK
8,558Sallee RobertsCommunication in one form or another is the only way you can tell others how you feel (opinions etc), if you are hurt, if you need something. Everyone deserves the right to be heard
8,557Allicia JoinerAustralia
8,556Annie Borland
8,555Toni-Anne WhittakerNew Zealand
8,554Derick GaleaNew ZealandThe ability to communicate is the most fundamental part of being human!
8,553Erin LockeNew Zealand
8,552Amber RoweNew
8,551Evelyn NelsonNew ZealandMy father suffered 3 strokes which rendered him unable to hear however hearing aids did not help as the issue was in his brain. Life became very hard for him after that and we lost a part of our father. I totally agree that communication is key.
8,550Ian ShieldsNew ZealandI have a personal interest. I was born deaf in my left ear and I have a stutter. Early intervention is absolutely vital. An small investment upfront with speech therapy has a significant benefit in the longer term. I got some help early on and I haven't looked back. I have a family, a degree, a good job and I am active in the community.
8,549wendy fultonnew zealand because it matters to the patients and families
8,548carol brosnannewzealandI work with hearing impaired children.. I see there struggle. good communication equals good education, good self esteem and a promising future
8,547Ted TalevskiUnited StatesTalking and listening are the two major ways to act in a society
8,546milanka maricusa
8,545angelina millerUnited StatesAs a person who has gone through so many hearing issues i know how frustrating it can be and how non communication can isolate you. it is very important to be connected.
8,544Leigh SvedaUnited States
8,543Jessica DeFagoUSAadvocacy for individuals with communication disorders
8,542Marianne FlynnUSAAs a future SLP communication impairments is the foundation of my profession. It is important communication disorders and impairments to be recognized.
8,541Molly WarmbeinUSAAs a future speech-language pathologist, I am dedicating my life to improving the functional communication of those who need it most.
8,540Taryn JacksonUSAThis issue is essential to how we interact as people. It is a vital part of life, for one to get the most out of life they must commuincate
8,539Deanna SumreinUnited StatesStudying communication disorders, and hopefully pursuing a career in the future I would like to see more awareness brought to this field of work and people who suffer from such disorders.
8,538Maya ChandaranaCanada
8,537roshnee patelNew Zealandspeech therapy can help people in the biggest way in which people who do not have difficulties take for granted everyday as if it was natural
8,536Sian van AsbeckNew ZealandBecause I am a communicator - it is in my personality and a fundamental part of my work and passion.
8,535Amelia ReynoldsNew Zealand
8,534Michele MannThe ability of everybody to communicate is central to a fulfilling life
8,533Daniel AdolphNew ZealandWe all deserve the dignity of being able to communicate with those in our community
8,532Kirstyann HunterNew ZealandI am a Registered Clinical Psychologist working in Corrections and understand the impacts of speech and language deficits in the Criminal Justice Sector.
8,531Suzanne WilliamsNew Zealand My 13yr old son has hearing and speech difficulties...
8,530Trish ChipmanUKAll issues affecting people with disabilities matter to me, anything that prevents them living fulfilled lives should be addressed.
8,529Nellie Van der AaNew ZealandBecause my great nephew has improved greatly with the help of speech language therapy after having a stroke before he was born.
8,528Felicity JohnstonNew ZealandBecause I am studying to become a Speech Language Therapist
8,527Jane FosterNew ZealandI believe that the ability to communicate is the key to all learning and life
8,526Pinio DiamantiNew Zealand
8,525mark mchughNew Zealand
8,524Tabatha McGowanNew ZealandI work with people with disabilities and communication difficulties.
8,523Anna UskinaRussia
8,522Vanya NikovaBulgaria
8,521Iris LeeSingaporeIt matters because without communication, I would not be who I am today. I see the importance of communication, a foundation in creating a safe environment for everyone to reach their fullest potential.
8,520Nicky MarzettiTasmaniaIt affects all areas of life and what life is like for so many.
8,519Arianne LemireUnited States
8,518Irene YapNew Zealand
8,517Bernalee Viljoen Australia I am an aspiring speech pathologist, and raising awareness about speech and language disorders are part of my dream.
8,516Jobeth TevesAustraliaCommunication is essential in our everyday life
8,515Jae-Hyun KimNew Zealand
8,514Sinead HanrattyIrelandI'm an SLT
8,513Sally ConneallyAustralia
8,512Helen BlockleyAustralia
8,511Kylie KemsleyAustralia
8,510Julia NoatesAustralia
8,509Kim WrightAustralia
8,508Renae PlumridgeAustralia
8,507Jane BarkerAustralia
8,506GINA MORRISSEYNew ZealandBecause everybody has the right to communicate with others!
8,505Teresa BarrieAustralia
8,504Amy CikarelaAustralia
8,503Rachael DowAustralia
8,502Katie BradyAustralia
8,501Christine AngAustralia
8,500Hazel HatfieldAustralia
8,499Lynette ParkerAustralia
8,498Lori KatheappaAustralia
8,497Emma CoustleyAustralia
8,496Mellanie StroudAustralia
8,495Jasmin MaddisonAustralia
8,494Shelley CollinsAustralia
8,493Nichola MiddlemissAustralia
8,492Michelle ColumbusAustralia
8,491Heidi JamesAustralia
8,490Hayley MartincicAustralia
8,489Elizabeth StokesNew Zealand
8,488Jess RudlandAustralia
8,487Nathan ImbodenNew Zealandbecause I am human.
8,486Kelly-ann de SilvaIndiaI am a SLP for the past 5 years. Nothing gives me more joy than to see someone communicate in a way they want to.
8,485Vinay NaranNew Zealand
8,484Sarah BlydeNew Zealand
8,483Beth SketcherNew Zealand
8,482Daniel McDougall
8,481Jessie ChanNew Zealand
8,480Imogen McLeodNew Zealand
8,479Chir FerNew ZealandMartin De Lisle made me do it. But I also think it's important.
8,478Chelsea CheahNew ZealandHuge amount of respect for the SLTs and what they do
8,477Beau G
8,476Annalise NeighbourNew Zealandbecause communicating is a basic need
8,475pippa griersonNew Zealandeveryone should be allowed to learn, create and share experiences
8,474Vanessa ShenNew ZealandCommunication is the most fundamental of human capacities. People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential.
8,473Lidu Chandrakumar
8,472Ivy Chan
8,471Holly TurnerNew Zealand
8,470Robin SkerraAustraliaI want to communicate with people that I work with and want more importance placed on the right for people to communicate.
8,469Elaine WhiteUK
8,468Mayglen GriffthUK
8,467Vairamottu NarendranUK
8,466S SyedUK
8,465Sean DenhamUK
8,464Hannah GlenUK
8,463Raju PatelUK
8,462Gagandeep SharmaUK
8,461Tanya WattNew Zealand
8,460Kristbjörg Fjóla HrólfsdóttirIceland
8,459Purdie Jenkins
8,458Ása Birna EinarsdóttirIceland
8,457siti sarah saidMalaysiabecause i am a speech language pathologist and i am dealing with people with communication disorder
8,456Nur Hanisah AzmiMalaysiaEveryone has the right to communicate..
8,455Eshe SaleUK
8,454Teresa SimonSpain
8,453Hiren SoniUK
8,452Catherine KivuriUK
8,451Alan RobertsUK
8,450Agnieszka JaworskaUK
8,449Pat EvansUK
8,448Rosie BeaumontUK
8,447Harriet FraserUK
8,446Alexi AdasUK
8,445Suzsnnr KelleherUK
8,444Sonia BouriUK
8,443Archie DayUK
8,442Baljeet PurwahaUK
8,441Harkiran KaurUK
8,440Peter SimonsNew Zealandknowledge is power
8,439Karina JamesUK
8,438Prativa PokharelUK
8,437Sharon BurgessNew ZealandMy daughter is a SLT.
8,436Natrah NordinMalaysiaI am a Speech Therapist. Communication matters!
8,435Keneva youngNew Zealandalways good to speak and interactIt gains friendship amongst people,without communication life would be lonely.
8,434Kristyn GentryNew ZealandI am a speech language therapy student so I feel passionately about all aspects of communication and what it can entail for a person's quality of life when they do not have the ability to communicate fully
8,433Selena DonaldsonNew Zealandfor countless reasons
8,432Caroline SmithAustralia
8,431Kerry MollettAustralia
8,430Sharon CudleyAustralia
8,429Barabara HirsigerAustralia
8,428Jenny BatesAustralia
8,427Sharon SpringAustralia
8,426Nahdia LewendonAustralia
8,425Premm GillAustralia
8,424Stacey WooldridgeAustralia
8,423Susan ManionAustralia
8,422Ruth HeadingAustralia
8,421Kevin FangAustralia
8,420Merrin LewisAustralia
8,419Chris WestonAustralia
8,418Sharon SantinanAustralia
8,417Jenny DempsterAustralia
8,416Peter NightingaleAustralia
8,415Sue YenckenAustralia
8,414Linda DraegerAustralia
8,413Sue TeofiloAustralia
8,412Mary DalyAustralia
8,411Kristel MillerAustralia
8,410Trish KingAustralia
8,409Peter BlowkeerusAustralia
8,408Thugyet Phan
8,407Pam Rogers
8,406Daniel JardineNew ZealandEasy to take for granted something like communication, that comes naturally to so many of us
8,405Ishtar HunterCommunication is important!!!!!
8,404Lynette PhuongAustraliaCommunication is recognised as an essential human need and, therefore, as a basic human right.
8,403mary youngNew ZealandCause reading the comments below are so true
8,402Martin de LisleNew ZealandI'm a SLT Student
8,401Samantha MorganAustraliaOne of the greatest things humanity offers us is the experience of genuine human interaction and on the basis of this is communication. Whether it's to express our emotions, needs, and opinions or to ask questions of each other, communication is a basic human right that everyone should have access to.
8,400Joan LeungNew Zealand
8,399Edelrose AgbayaniCanadaFrom learning languages, to skyping back to loved ones in Canada from New Zealand, to my endless talks with my sister, I realise how valuable it is to communicate those meaningful messages and the effects it has on my quality of life. Communication matters!
8,398Jessica HickeyAustraliaAs a speech pathology student I am beginning to further understand the significant impact of a communication disorder to many aspects of a person's life. Communication is an integral part of life and I believe all people should have the right to communicate by gaining access to support.
8,397Suzanne CooperAustraliaI want everyone to have the ability to express themselves. Without that, an essential part of our humanity is absent.
8,396Bryndis GudmundsdottirIcelandI have a deaf mother and know how much communication and understanding means to the person and families involved. I am an SLP in Iceland
8,395Susan KearnsAustraliaStudents' speech and language issues when young have an impact on their literacy and job prospects in the future.
8,394Rachelle SassoonAustralia
8,393Melissa SheepwayAustralia
8,392Melyssa GardyAustralia
8,391Rachel FoxellAustralia
8,390Polly MorganAustralia
8,389Peter RenfreyAustralia
8,388Jo HollingwayAustralia
8,387Leah BrownAustralia
8,386Sara ShalalaAustralia
8,385Rebecca LyonsAustralia
8,384Sam PowellAustralia
8,383Lauren BartlettAustralia
8,382Kristen Versteege-BrownAustralia
8,381Juliet CooteAustralia
8,380Karin McCormackAustralia
8,379Samantha WhiteAustralia
8,378Lesley ProutAustralia
8,377Maria SmithAustralia
8,376Rosie WestAustralia
8,375Cath WilmotAustralia
8,374Carmen HuynhAustralia
8,373Vicki KeenanAustralia
8,372Christine RowlandAustralia
8,371Maria CarrubbaAustralia
8,370Brooke CarrollAustralia
8,369Sarah LayAustralia
8,368Deb AngAustralia
8,367Jodie LukeAustralia
8,366Kate PhillipsAustralia
8,365Doreen GiorlandoAustralia
8,364Vicki SabernAustralia
8,363Simon FlynnAustralia
8,362Zulfikar Ratulaugi
8,361Tinna SigurðardóttirIcelandThis is vital for every humans quality of life.
8,360Franklin SmithCanadaISAAC, the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, holds consultative status with ECOSOC (UN) and is a 501c3 organization with the IRS and holds Registered Charitable Status with the CRA in Canada. Our organization is committed to promoting the needs of people who use AAC, those with complex communication needs, and their families.
8,359Jennifer Visker
8,358Kathryn WallensteinUSAAfter The RighT To Life & LiberTy, & SusTenance, there is NoThing as Necessary To HumanBeings Than The RighT To CommunicaTe, IncLuding WhaTeVer SuPPorTs Are Needed To AcTuaLiZe This RighT.This RighT
8,357BEN O'DONNELLAustraliaFriends affected
8,356Amanda BrosnanAustraliaFamily & friends affected
8,355Elise Pound
8,354Kaleena WeltzUSAI'm a speech language pathologist and see parents struggle with this concern for their children's abilities every day
8,353Kerry MillerAustraliaI am a speech pathologist who has worked with people with communication impairments for over 20 year.s
8,352Damiano FritzAustraliaI stutter
8,351Benita JosephNew ZealandCommunication is a right
8,350Eamon FlackAustraliaMy father has Motor Neurone Disease.
8,349sarah greeraustraliaI know people who struggle
8,348Juliette RadfordAustraliaMy littl sister and 2 cousins
8,347Sue HolmesAustraliaAs I have a gorgeous teenage friend who has this.
8,346Tess GroomAustraliaFamily
8,345Emma JohnsonUnited Kingdom
8,344Julie RadfordAustraliaMy daughter has a profound communication disorder and I have had many problems finding a school who is willing to educate her.
8,343Tara Green parent of a child with a communication disorder.
8,342Cassie RussellAustraliaBecause I have been there! I spent 14 years at Far West Home! I was born deaf and have a Cleft Pallette.
8,341Tracy BurtonAustraliaMy son was diagnosed with dyspraxia when he was little and he was bullied for it
8,340Karnie WalfordAustraliaCommunication what is life with out it?
8,339Leigha DarkAustraliaI contribute to the education of the next generation of Speech Pathologists who will help support and promote this message. Sharing the importance of this fundamental right is extremely rewarding.
8,338Lisa Nguyen-ManhAustralia Because I believe that Communication is a basic human right. It is such an important part of every aspect of our lives. We rely on it for our social life, job, learning, health, etc.
8,337Jane PfaffAustraliaWhilst travelling alone in a foreign country and unable to speak the locals language, I felt vulnerable, unsafe and disempowered. I learnt first hand how important it is for us to be able to communicte with each other.
8,336Jennifer ChenNew Zealand
8,335James RayNew ZealandI am a passionate SLT and believe in the work i do
8,334Margaret CreeveyIrelandBecause I realise that communication is a basic human right and everyone has the potential to communicate
8,333Shauna PooleAustralia
8,332Chelsea LarkmanAustraliaI work with people with communication impairments and have seen first hand the impact it has on their quality of life.
8,331Susan WyattAustralia
8,330Heather SperlingAustraliaIt is unfair, unjust and disrespectful to deny opportunities to communicate.
8,329Leilani HumphreysAustraliabecause everyone should have the right to make there opinion known/heard.
8,328David GillespieAustraliaFriends and family with communication disorders, plus I am human!
8,327Arielle BoydCanadaAs a teacher, communication and understanding communication challenges is essential in what I do.
8,326Tien ChapmanAustraliaEveryone has the right not communicate without fear or prejudice due to disability or language barriers
8,325Joseph FlackCanadaFamily member has MND
8,324caine gatesMy mates father is affected
8,323Bronte RanfordAustralia
8,322Vanessa BoonAustralia
8,321Martina HayesAustralia
8,320Marian RobertsonAustralia
8,319Ben TineAustralia
8,318M KlemmAustralia
8,317C ThompsonAustralia
8,316J AsenjoAustralia
8,315Jamie CareyAustralia
8,314Joshua MortiwesAustralia
8,313Michelle BosuaAustralia
8,312Chris StottAustralia
8,311Alicia SincicAustralia
8,310Briana TrottAustralia
8,309Erin AtkinsAustralia
8,308Jessie-Anne KenworthyAustralia
8,307Cameron FlackAustraliaFamily Member suffers from MND
8,306Kathryn FryAustralia
8,305Sarah BrewerAustralia
8,304Heather FraserAustralia
8,303Lesly KumeirAustralia
8,302Jessinta ChinniahAustralia
8,301Elaine PullenAustralia
8,300Rebecca EdmondsAustraliaFamily members suffers from MND
8,299Anna UysAustralia
8,298Beth McDonaldAustralia
8,297Jane CrogerAustralia
8,296Emma ColmanAustralia
8,295Louisa PageAustralia
8,294Renee GleesonAustralia
8,293Maureen DonovanAustralia
8,292Sophie O'SheaAustralia
8,291Jemma SandersAustralia
8,290Jess ShortAustralia
8,289Sharyn KlienhannsAustralia
8,288Edna ThorogoodAustralia
8,287Dana AnswerAustralia
8,286Cr Neil FisherAustralia
8,285Cr Rose SwadlingAustralia
8,284Ellen SmithAustralia
8,283Kate McCarthyAustralia
8,282Elizabeth HarrisAustralia
8,281Rose AquilizimAustralia
8,280Melinda BarsbyAustralia
8,279Lucy ChudleighAustralia
8,278Greg PeacockAustralia
8,277Christine BartholomewAustralia
8,276Caroline SmithAustralia
8,275Kerry MollettAustralia
8,274Sharon CudbyAustralia
8,273Jenny BatesAustralia
8,272Jenny BatesAustralia
8,271Sharon SpringAustralia
8,270Andrew JuddNew Zealand
8,269Nisha VeerdUnited KingdomI am a currently a psychology student and hope to pursue a career as a speech and language therapist. Most of us taking speaking for granted and I hope to be able to pass on the gift of communication in years to come!
8,268Kim UrwinAustralia
8,267Pamela CoulsonAustraliaI believe all people have the right to communicate their needs and those of us who can communicate well need to advocate for those who have difficulty in expressing their needs and desires..
8,266Nahdia LewendonAustralia
8,265Premm GillAustralia
8,264Catherine GillardAustraliaMy son has Dyspraxia/Apraxia and has been accessing speech services since he was 2 years old (now 5yo).
8,263Urith ShieldAustraliaI work in Early Childhood and it is fundamental to development, self identity and present and future well to be able to communicate and be heard and understood. We seriously need better intervention for our at risk children, to empower them to be the very best they can be. Our children are our future
8,262Anna GillmanIrelandCommunication is everybody's basic human right
8,261eric mcgrathIrelandit is important to everyone
8,260Helen ChiuAustraliaI study speech pathology, and I believe people who have communication disorders have a "silent" and "invisible" disorder that is often not noticed by the rest of society and disregarded as that person being weird or socially awkward. I hope more people become aware of these wonderful people who just need our support in the community!
8,259Christina HamiltonAustraliaIteach children with complex communication issues andam lucky to collobaorate with our dedicated Specch Pathologists to make a difference in a child's life.
8,258Kate HeadleyAustralia As a speech pathologist I see through my work that without communication people lose their sense of identity and the connections with others that are part of who they are.
8,257Therasa Dowsett
8,256Claire DowsettNew ZealandI have a preschooler with a speech soud disorder yet to be further diagnosed
8,255jillian MerringtonAustraliaI am a teacher and a parent I see what life changing work speech pathologists make. We need more of them and more access to them.
8,254Katherine DallastonAustralia
8,253Jessica McManusAustralia
8,252Claire Girling
8,251Michael ChristianAustraliaAs a speech pathology student, I have seen the impact that communication disorders have on people and their significant others. Everyone has something to say and everyone has the right to say it.
8,250Rebecca MostofiUSA
8,249Lauren McIntosh
8,248Callum FlackAustraliaMy Dad has MND.
8,247anne masi
8,246Julie O'ConnorAustraliaBecause of my connection to someone with Motor Neurone Disease
8,245LISA KRAUSEAUSTRALIAI communicate well with others and I couldn't imagine how different my world would be if I couldn't communicate. My Grandmother had a stroke and couldn't communicate very well and it was very frustrating for her.
8,244Michelle Hunt-O'BrienAustraliaEveryone should have the right to communicate one way or another.
8,243Mandy McOrmondAustraliapersonal experience, came close to being silenced by cancer.
8,242Jenny AllenAustraliaI have a dyslexic/dysgraphic son
8,241Danielle FisherAustraliaAs a nurse in rehab, I've seen the devastating effect that speech impediments can have on patients. Going from completely independent to fully dependent and unable to speak is a very sad reality for so many.
8,240Gisele RussiniAustraliaCommunication is important for connection. People benefit from connection.
8,239Karen FitzpatrickAustraliaSo people can communicate their needs to others and participate fully in life.
8,238Serese KyleAustraliaMy child has speech difficulties
8,237Raymond KirkAustraliaMy son
8,236Jaycie BohanAustraliaThrough my study of speech pathology I have had the privilege of gaining an understanding of the vital nature of communication. Everyone deserves and should have access to a means of expression, of understanding and of connection with friends and family.
8,235Jo MigliardiAustraliaEvery individual has the right to communicate
8,234Fiona BibbyAustraliaBecause we allhave the right to be heard properly
8,233Tasmin CurtinAustralia
8,232Sara Balmer
8,231Janice Perrett
8,230Caroline Micallef
8,229Gary Houlahan
8,228Michele Duffy
8,227Jessica Mullaney
8,226Elaine McGaughey
8,225Lauren Warburton
8,224Lauren Miller
8,223Linda Gaudry
8,222Stacey Chalmers
8,221Raylene New
8,220P. Bourke
8,219R Bayet
8,218Jessie Galez
8,217Maria Krawaw
8,216Mary Matthew
8,215Freda Cunningham
8,214Carin CleggAustralia
8,213Sharon HolmesAustraliaAs already stated, communication is a basic human right.
8,212sally chantAustralia
8,211michael keating
8,210Eugene OdendaalAustralia
8,209BERND PfefferkornAustraliaYou got to get your needs and wants. Access to other poeple
8,208Tracey LeonardAustraliaMe niece needs speech therapy
8,207Gertrude YgosseAustraliaWe all need to communicate
8,206Cameron HoaneAustralia
8,205Raymond KirkAustraliaMy son
8,204Barbara AnichAustraliaNephew needs assistance with speech
8,203Tegan WebbAustraliaBecause communication is crucial to human life
8,202Kere DonaldAustraliaSo we can form relationships and make our needs known
8,201Matt FawssettAustraliaWith no communication, we can't actualise our right to self determination
8,200Matthew KatzAustraliaIt's important
8,199Maryanne HesterAustralia
8,198Joanne JacksonAustraliaTo be able to culturally communicate correctly within Australia is a basic fundamental right for all Australians to gain better healthcare
8,197Emma MuellerAustraliaCommunication is a human right.
8,196Jennifer NeilsonAustraliaEveryone has the right to communication
8,195Judith RaeAustraliaBecause my husband had a stroke and required Speech Pathology
8,194Kaila LunnyAustraliaIt is important for everyone
8,193Ethel RyanAustraliaFreedom of Speech
8,192Steven Von RoehlAustraliaCommunication is essential
8,191Devani ClarkeAustraliaCommunication is really important to quality of life
8,190Sarah LongAustraliaImportant for patients' quality of life
8,189Alanna CharronAustraliaBecause it's very important for me as a physio to be able to communicate with my patient and for them to voice concerns/ feelings with me
8,188Trisha KerklaanAustralia
8,187Meg FollickAustralia
8,186Katie SalcoleAustraliaBasic everyday need to communicate
8,185Callan MaddenAustraliaEveryone deserves the opportunity to communicate
8,184Kerrie-Anne SaunderAustraliaCommunication is important for interaction with others
8,183Linda StablesAustraliaBecause it's something we do daily
8,182Daniel JamesThe opportunity to communicate is a basic human right
8,181Tennill MillerAustraliaBecause it happens to families
8,180Nerrely DunstanAustraliaBecause I work in health
8,179Uki InoueAustralia
8,178Marissa Di BellaAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right.
8,177Abe CassudAustraliaBecause of the need for effective patient communication
8,176Jim StewartAustraliaSafety, autonomy
8,175Karen BraddAustraliaIt's important from a social justice perspective.
8,174Federico Cavestany-RickerAustraliaI need to be able to communicate my needs
8,173Jodi SarimanAustraliaIt's a fundamental human right and a basic need to the psychosocial wellbeing of every person
8,172Danielle HintonAUSTRALIAI work in a hospital.
8,171Carrie SpanglerAs an individual with hearing loss, I value the opportunity to hear with technology and communicate!
8,170Erika PhillipsCommunication greatly impacts quality of life
8,169Kevin LindlandCanada Public awareness of communication disorders is a very important issue.
8,168Leslie CopeAudstraliaCommunication turned my sons life around and enabled him to access a regular school and follow mainstream programs..
8,167Amy LustigUSAI am a speech-language pathologist and dedicated to maximizing communicative capacity for my patients. Communication is central to our identity and all of our relationships, including those we create within ourselves. Without the ability to communicate, we would neither thrive nor survive.
8,166Tiffany LownAustraliaCommunication is all we have to express ourselves and this is the right of everyone on this planet.
8,165Hui Ching Seow
8,164dodie hanningUnited Statesmy grandson
8,163Tamara BarrNSWFuture Career Path/Speechie :)
8,162Linda MarkúsardóttirIcelandI am a speec therapist here in Iceland
8,161alana mckelveyAustraliaSon does not get any access to free speech and therefore his communication is poor. I have recently started private speech pathology at a cost that is difficult to afford.
8,160Elizabeth MurrayAustraliaCommunication is essential for people to be happy, healthy and meet their potential. I work with those who have difficulty communicating and watch them and their caregivers strive so hard for something most of us take for granted. Difficulties communicating has a profound effect on someone's sense of self, belonging, access to basic services and needs and overall wellbeing. It is a human right.
8,159Shanil SamarakoonAustraliaIt is a fundamental part of the human experience.
8,158Sharini SamarakoonAustralia
8,157Michael BrunacAustraliaI am a speech pathologist and am passionate about everyone having equal access to a voice and the right to communicate!
8,156Christina ThompsonAustraliaEveryone deserves the right to communicate.
8,155Katherine JohansenAustraliaI am an SLP supporting students with complex communication needs and believe everyone deserves opportunities to communicate
8,154Janice McPhailAustraliaAll children should be able to communicate effectively!
8,153Bryce TillyerAustraliaI work with non verbal clients in a group home. Enhancing their communication skills will enable them to participate more fully in their lives.
8,152Albert GiglAustraliaI am a public speaker and understand how important it is to communicate clearly and unambiguosly to a large audience.
8,151Bronwyn GregoryNew ZealandThe ability to communicate in whatever way is appropriate is simply a basic human right that should be recognised and acknowledged. It is also important for people to be respectful and patient with those who have communication issues.
8,150Owen ByrnesAustralia
8,149Carmen EnglishAustraliaI work with people who have various disabilities and communication is vital in enhancing their quality of life!
8,148sheila willoxAustraliaMy husband has very little speech due to two strokes, hard for people affect to have a say.
8,147Kathryn ParmenterAustraliaI have a cleft palate and know first hand the difficulties in communicating and have used the services of speech therapists in my teenage years which was so beneficial and improved my confidence greatly despite the ridicule I have been subjected to by people I have come into contact with.
8,146Leonie DuftonAustralia My life was improved because I learned to speak clearly and was able to communicate understandably, I want this for all people who are struggling to do the same.
8,145Sallyanne SmithAustralia Everybody should have the means to communicate - to remove those means is a denial of humanity
8,144Benjamin YikHong Konglove
8,143Clare BarkerUnited KingdomAs a Speech and Language Therapist I can see the difference it can make to people's lives when they have the support they need to communicate effectively. I am also conscious of huge inequities in the support available - international differences, and differences between groups here at home
8,142ALICE BLACK england As a speech and language therapist I see the opportunity to communicate is a basic human right. Everybody has the potential to communicate.
8,141Juli WakelinI'm a speech pathology student and want to promote communication disorders as a global issue
8,140Monique VizzarriAustralia
8,139Jacqueline WongCanadaI am a speech pathology student and I want to help people communicate.
8,138Rachael OorloffAustraliaAs an SLP, I support people with ccn
8,137Jessica BroomAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist
8,136Tamara MoritzAustralia
8,135Jaq SampsonAustraliaBecause all disabilties deserve respect & help to be improved & have education about them made public.
8,134Anne LewisonAustraliaCommunication is the most fundamental of human capacities. People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential.
8,133Majella EvaAustraliaI am a speech pathologist. I try and empower my clients to make their say count.
8,132Yvonne LiuAustralia
8,131susan kennedyAustraliaIt is important that everyone has equal rights in all things.
8,130Debbie EdwardsAustraliaIt is everybody's right to be able to communicate. It is one of the most devastating, frustrating and isolating disabilties that can occur to people
8,129Fiona WisemanAustraliaWork with clients after stroke which impacts on speech.
8,128Holly RentschAustraliaI am a practicing speech pathologist who works with people of all ages who have different communication difficulties.
8,127Liz WrightAustralia
8,126Lauren BannardAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist working with individuals with acquired brain injury who often have difficulties communicating. I also have a Grandmother whose communication has been affected by stroke. Many of the people I work with find that their communication difficulties impact their ability to create and maintain relationships and participate in meaningful activity.
8,125Jo HaddonNew ZealandWhen I see the devastation my husband suffers since his stroke 2 1/2 years ago
8,124Donna LawrenceAustraliaCommunication is taken for granted. I am privileged to have worked with many individuals and their families striving to come to terms with communication difficulties and will advocate for their support eternally. I have learnt much from these people and I love what I do.
8,123Andrew McLean
8,122Elysia BaldwinAustraliaNeed to promote individuals and procedures enabling all patients to be able to express their voive and wants to enable patient focused care in the acute hospitals
8,121Adam AmatoAustralia
8,120Chloé de buylAustraliaI have many friends involved in this field, I n clubs n way or another.
8,119Pauline McMurtrieEvery person is valuable and we need to hear and understand what they have to say - whether verbally or otherwise.
8,118Siobhann McCaffertyAustralia
8,117Nicole GilliesAustraliaequality
8,116Emily MyersAustralia Family
8,115Nadia WakefieldAustraliaMy daughter has a Speech Impairement
8,114Rohan TaylorAustralia
8,113Ashley CameronAustralia
8,112Gaye RennAustraliaLife is about communicating with each other in many ways.
8,111Vicki BebbingtonAustraliaeveryone has information of value to share with others without effective communication this information cannot be shared effectively.
8,110Michelina RosenkotterAustraliaCommunication is essential for human dignity /value and to ensure engagement of individual in our society
8,109Mary ButtifantAustraliaPeople communicate their needs. desires and emotions - this is basic to our being. Without effective communication in any form a person is deprived of their rights, their life is diminished and we as a community are less than we are capable of.
8,108Latisha FinanUnited StatesMy son has a real bad speech disorder he is 6 and we have been taking him to therapy for 3 years now. I am signing for Adam!
8,107Alessia GaliotoAustraliaThrough my sister studying speech it has become of amazing exposure and awareness
8,106Rosxalynd LiuSingapore
8,105Serene Cai"Communication is the most fundamental of human capacities" kinda says it all
8,104joshua smithAustraliaI am about to become a speech pathologist and have seen the impact of communication impairments across the lifespan
8,103chloe panayiotouAustralia
8,102sarah hengsingapore
8,101Jessica AndrianakisAustralia
8,100Brenda LowSingaporeCommunication is a basic human right and it is important to support those with communication disorders.
8,099Loki CarbisAustraliaBecause without communication, we are nothing but beasts.
8,098Mitchell CookAustraliaThere should be many ways to communicate as we are all very different people with unique circumstances in life
8,097Rose DenbyAustralia
8,096Chelsea Booth Australia Student SP
8,095Sara WestcottAustraliaMeaningful communication makes us whole human beings.
8,094Nikita GrantAustraliaI am currently studying a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and I have a younger brother with a severe speech impairment so I am well aware of the importance of communication. Communication is such a vital aspect of our world and it is a right that absolutely everyone is entitled to!
8,093Tyson McCarthy
8,092Michelle RossiterAustraliaPeople with out communication options may be increasingly isolated as they lose a method of interaction. Feelings of isolation are a contribuiting factor to high prevalence of depression in people with acquired communication disorders. Communication and interaction are increasingly moving online…but what if you cannot read? what if you can no longer write? Communication is a basic human right!
8,091Rachel AdkinsAustraliaI'm studying to become a Speech Pathologist and I believe everyone has the right to communicate so that they can express themselves and fully participate in different areas of their life.
8,090Campbell MarxAustraliaEveryone deserves to be heard.
8,089Edward JohnsonAustraliaEverybody should have the chance to communicate.
8,088Holly O'Toole
8,087Stacey GouldAustraliaI believe everyone has the right to communicate in their own ways. Everyone should be heard, and everyone should be listened to in order to participate in life and achieve a good state of health.
8,086melissa romeoAustraliai have a boy with speech delay
8,085Wendy StephensonAustraliaI am a teacher, I work with children most of my life, they need to be able to have the same chances as everyone
8,084Lisa FisherAustraliaBecuase people don't even think about how important communication is until it is gone. And then, it is too late to be heard.
8,083Pamela LeonardiAustraliaBecause everybody should be able to communicate
8,082Karyn Lim
8,081Luisa StadeAustraliaThe ability to communicate is a basic human right.
8,080Kali Visentin AustraliaI am studying a Bachelor Of Speech Pathology and communication is key in our daily lives. Communication gives us a way to connect and interact with those around us. Its a right that everyone should have.
8,079Maree LauAustraliaHaving an effective means of communication is integral to a person's well being.
8,078Carmen LeeSingaporeGives me social inclusion
8,077Min NgAustraliaAs stated below
8,076Ashleigh FouracreAustraliaI work with people who have barriers to communication, and I have seen this affect their quality of life.
8,075Donna GoodwinAustralia
8,074Claire JonesAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist, I am a huge advocate for the basic right to communicate! It is just that - a basic right that we should all have access to
8,073Jiiwon KennedyAustraliaMy daughter's speech is delayed and need help.
8,072Cath GlennyAustraliaI appreciate the impact that communication can have on the education of a child.
8,071Catherine KingAustralia
8,070Jane ScroggieAustraliaBecause it's everyone's right to communicate.
8,069Craig JackmanAustraliaIt affects the people I work with and who I provide assistance to
8,068Lucien Deane-JohnsAustraliaTo improve people's health and happiness
8,067Jessica CalleriAustralia
8,066Caitlin HodnettAustraliaCommunicating keeps me happy
8,065Reem ShuhaiberAustralia
8,064stacey warburtonmy child has aspergers! he is high functioning and will never qualify for an aid! he is a beautiful boy who tries hard to fit in but bu lt
8,063Cathy GreenwoodAustralia
8,062Thi BuiAustraliaCommunication is a right for all
8,061Adrianna GriffithIt's a basic human right.
8,060Hazel VennAustraliaI am studying to be a Speech Pathologist and I beleive communication is a key element in all life areas and across all cultures. Everybody should have the right to be able to communicate how they feel.
8,059Cathy BasterfieldAustraliaAccess to communication and written information in the way the person best understands is a basic human right.
8,058Cara LawsonAustraliaI work with people who need to communicate!
8,057Khakis Ajaj
8,056Jill FaganAustraliaSo you are not misunderstood
8,055Di FarmerAustraliaAs a parent and former speech pathologist, I know that communication is everything - but not enough is done to help people who are not able to communicate. It's so important to raise awareness of what a priority this should be for our community.
8,054Cathy TuckHelps people communicate their needs and wants
8,053wendy wolfaustraliaThe need to communicate is a human need as well as a human right. To deny a person the right and need to communicate is to regard them as less than human
8,052Clare ThomsonAustraliaI work with people with communication difficulties
8,051Elvan YusufCommunication is a fundamental right of every human being - says the student SP
8,050Michelle ToAustraliaI believe everyone has the potential to communicate despite their surface abilities. I'm also a student speech pathologist.
8,049Stuart HayAustraliaEvery person has the right and the necessity to communicate freely to foster understanding in the world.
8,048Natasha CollinsAustraliaMy son is Autistic & has communication problems
8,047Leigh CurrieAustraliaWorking within schools, there are not enough resources and funding to assist students with lanaguage barriers.
8,046Maria MazzantiAustraliaMy son struggled many years with communication problems - I have understanding of the struggles he went through learning how to communicate his needs.
8,045Sophie LaukartAustralia
8,044Tanya KellyAustraliaALL people should be able to communicate!!!!
8,043Louise TaylorAustraliaMy son has a severe language disorder. Finding the right help for him has been a battle and I'm still fighting to get him help!
8,042Lyn ShanahanAustraliaCommunication is a basic right and should be accessible for all.
8,041Toni SalmondAustraliaAbility to express and be understood and to understand others and the world means a better life.
8,040Janet GiglAustraliaCommunication is the most fundamental of human capacities. People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential.
8,039Thuan Phong DoAustralia
8,038Marietta Sedgwick AustraliaI work with students with communication diffiuclties and see the frustration they experience on a daily basis.
8,037Emma DobsonAustraliaI am a student speech pathologist, as a student and as a graduate it be my job to help people who have difficulties with their communication find and implement the the skills to have successful communication experiences with others
8,036Jenny NunnAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right.
8,034Natalie BownAustralia
8,033Vivian PohAustraliaBecause I have a child with communication system
8,032kimberley reidAustraliamy 5yr old son has complex communication needs due to cerebral palsy
8,031Cassie MacAlpineAustralia
8,030Deborah SmithAustralia
8,029Mirinka JenkinsAustralia
8,028Stephen HoAustraliaCommunication is a human right
8,027Samantha HendrenAustralia
8,026erin waterhouseAustralia
8,025Penelope GoodesAustralia
8,024Matthew McLeanAustraliaCommunication is the key to sharing ideas, and we need a world where everyone can share theirs
8,023Jennifer SpenceAustralia
8,022Melli Hart
8,021olutayo oniAustralia
8,020Evelyn Gibbons
8,019Emma WhiteAustraliaI'm a Speech Pathologist. I see, first hand, every day, the devastating impact communication impairment has on the lives of people with communication impairments and on their friends and families. Fortunately, I also get to see, first hand, every day, how access to services to optimise communication can drastically improve quality of life and a person's ability to fulfill their potential.
8,018Bianca JahnAustraliaCommunication amongst the aged and disabled are vital when health issues restrict people's ability to communicate, often losing the comunication ability increases the risks of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and supporting our clients to be independant is extremely difficult without good communication support mechanisms.
8,017Jean Starling
8,016Kylee MischefskiAustralia
8,015Cathy TrattAustraliaI work with people with communication issues and understand how important it is for every one to be able to express them selves
8,014Joseph VorosAustraliaNon-verbal son with autism
8,013Emma BallAustraliaCommunication Matters. Every individual deserves the opportunity to participate in all aspects of life to their full potential.
8,012Do Thai Son Thanh Tuyen NguyenAs a Speech Pathologist I really undertsand the impacts of communication disorders and hope that everyone has equal access to the support that they need
8,011Rebecca BellAustraliaKnowing that communication is a basic human right, that can often be taken for granted, was the driving force that prompted me to want to become a speech pathologist.
8,010Megan FeeneyAustralia
8,009Victoria CheeversAustraliaI am a speech pathologist
8,008Chloe GrimesAustraliaCommunication is something that we use every day in so many different ways. People should not be denied the right to communicate and I hope that by studying and working in this field I can help others to communicate sucessfully. Second Year Speech Pathology Student
8,007Marie PikeAustraliaFreedom to express ideas and feelings, without restriction
8,006Georgia SunjoAustraliaAs a speech pathology student, the importance of communication for EVERY aspect of life has really been highlighted to me. From making speeches to signing and understanding medical documents to gossiping about what happened on 'The Bachelor' last night, the ability to communicate plays a huge role in our daily functioning and quality of life.
8,005Sarah WilburAustraliaI work with people with disabilities. Many people take their ability to communicate for granted however I have seen how deficits in communication an affect people and how much of a difference it can make in someone's life.
8,004Alissa FrilayAustraliaI believe that every preson has the right to communciate and express themselves. As a Speech Pathologist I work everday to support and help people to access this basic human right.
8,003Leigh JarmanAustraliaCommunication is essential for making meaningful connections with everyone and everything in life. It's my passion as a speech pathology student to enable people with communication difficulties to connect with everyone in their surroundings!
8,002Leo WengerAustraliaEveryone should have a way to communicate with others
8,001Sally MathiesonAustraliaI work as a speech pathologist
8,000Aditi Badhe
7,999Adriana PezzuttoAustraliaMy Father has aphasia
7,998Paula HartwigAustraliaCommunication is the basis to academic success. All students have a right to communicate and have quality educational experiences. Supporting ICP2014 supports both communication and quality education!
7,996Georgia WaltersAustraliaI am a speech pathology student and a passionate communicator. I want everyone out there to appreciate the value of communication and to recognise the support available if they or their families find themselves in a situation where communication is compromised. We CAN make a difference.
7,995Karen BruggemannAustraliaCommunication is vital in our relationships with each other and in helping to understand and assist others. The ability and opportunity to communicate effectively allows people to access the support they need for physical and mental health and to achieve their potential in all aspects of their life.
7,994Andrea MooreAustraliaWork with people who have impaired communication
7,993Marie MatanasAustraliaClient have the right to communicate their needs and wants in regards to their health and wellbeing.
7,992Desley PearsonAustraliaI feel that everyone hs a right to communicate whether it be by the spoken word, sign, or by augmentive communication.
7,991Taryn ParslowAustraliaI work with young people who need support in communicating and feel that this should not be over looked.
7,990tiffany walshAustraliaI have two children with Autism and work with young people with Autism. Every person has the right to express their needs, wants and ideas. Living in this society with a communication disability is an immense challenge. Every effort needs to be made to give every person the opportunity to participate, share and feel valued within their community.
7,989Belinda ChaffeyAustraliaMy son has a stutter and may require professional intervention to overcome it.
7,988tasha Hibblemy brother has always suffered with a slight speech problem
7,987Karen McGheeAustraliaBecause it's a fundamental issue to all people on the planet. The capability for communication is basic to the human condition, taken for granted by those of who have it but potentially an extraordinarily debilitating handicap for those who don't.
7,986Neil JamesonAustraliaBecause every individual should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
7,985Corey HendersonAustraliaI have a 3 year old son that has a mild stutter. This does get him a little frustrated at times and is quite hard for us as parents as we have been told that we have to wait to see if it just goes away. It also makes me feel very sad for the people that have extreme communication issues.
7,984Katherine GoulterAustralia Communicating is a fundamental human right.
7,983Teresa WerthAustraliaI believe everyone deserve the right to have their own voice. If this is taken from a person then they are no longer empowered to be independant and it increases a persons vulnerability if they have to rely on someone else to communicate their needs wants etc
7,982Simon Walsh AustraliaEveryone has the right to be heard and listened to.
7,981Wendy CookAustraliaEveryone has the basic right to communication and should have be offered the opportunity to do so.
7,980Mark BransonAustralia
7,979Michael BurkeAustraliaI support socially just opportunities for all people and communication is key to realising possibilities.
7,978Brydie JamesonAustraliaI work in an industry where I see people each day exposed to significant disadvantage due to communication disorders.
7,977Jane SneddonAustraliaI am a teacher of students with disability
7,976Tania StevensAustraliaBecause everyone has the right to communicate their needs and wants. Communication in any form helps to sustain interest and engagement in living and feeling valued.
7,975Lauren GiglAustraliaI am a speech pathologist working with children with a moderate to severe disability - they all have communication and feeding difficulties!
7,974Eloise BowenAustraliaStudying speech pathology
7,973Jocelyn HydeAustraliaI work with school aged students who experience a range of speech, language and communication difficulties and I see the significant impact this has on their ability to learn in the school setting.
7,972Sharryn Lydall-SmithAustraliaMy father was cripled by stroke which left him unable to speak or swallow food
7,971Paige MarshallAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist, I work with students with disabilities and amazing staff that help them to realise their potential. Everyone deserves that right.
7,970Senali AlahakoneAustralia
7,969Kylie LawrieAustralia
7,968Annie BedfordAustraliabecause I work with people with communication impairments everyday and see the devasting effect it can have on their lives.
7,967MARIANA SUDBURYAustraliaA person's right to self-determination and expression is an integral part of our work with clients to help identify meaningful goals.
7,966casey pataneAustraliai am a speech pathologist
7,965Scott HanrahanAustraliaCommunication is the foundation of shared human experience.
7,964Nicolle McInnesAustralia
7,963diane mcauleyaustraliaindepentant
7,962Sabena Peterson
7,961Thizbe WengerAustraliaCommunication gives us a voice. Everyone deserves the right to voice their thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants. Speech pathologists can help give you that voice.
7,960Amanda FreundAustralia
7,959Kassandar GarnerAustralia
7,958Colleen FinlayAustraliaCommunication is a basic need for living a happy healthy life
7,957Susan DraskovicAustralia
7,956Georgia MullinsAustraliaAs a studying SP I can see the huge role having speech, and not having speech, can have on a persons life. Speech is life.
7,955Naomi FrancisAustraliaI am a speech pathology student
7,954Han Yin LeeUKMy daughter is deaf and I see and feel how much communication brings her out of a silent world.
7,953garda whiteAustraliaWithout communication, we do not have a voice
7,952Michele ScottAustraliaI work with young people with disabilities and try and help them improve in their ability to communicate on a daily basis
7,951Christine ThomasScotlnd I work with individual who struggle on a daily basis to communicate, there only real disability is the world around them
7,950April GiaconAustralia People deserve to be able to communicate and be understood no matter their way of doing so
7,949Fiona MooreAustraliaAs a human being I see that those who are the loudest always get their way, and as a speech pathologist I vow to work towards giving the quietest, those without verbal or strong language skills, a VOICE
7,948Tanelle SwansonAustraliaAspiring Speech Pathologist
7,947Linda PuglieseAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist, so I see how devastating it is when people can't communicate.
7,946Allen ChenAustraliacommunication is important!
7,945Megha MawandiaIndiamy daughter has hearing loss
7,944Briana Boron Canada Everyone needs to be able to communicate. SLP student
7,943Katelyn LeeCanadaI am devoted to the concept of quality of life for all people. I feel that communication is a basic need.
7,942Miranda Van SetersAustralia
7,941Nikita JongeriusAustraliaI am a final year speech pathology student passionate about this issue.
7,940Jacinta PennacchiaAustralia
7,939Marcela TietzAustraliaPersonal reasons and support for others
7,938Marcela TietzAustraliaPersonal reasons and support for others
7,937Dale MilesAustraliaI work with people with communication impairments
7,936Simone SünderhaufGermanyI`m a speech therapist.
7,935Amanda WhiteNew Zealand
7,934Michelle RyanAustraliaI believe that it is important that every individual learns to communicate with others, as every aspect of their lives hinges on having these basic skills. As Speech Pathologists we experience first-hand the challenges that many of our clients with communication difficulties face in many aspects of their lives- some for transitory periods and others for much longer periods or for their whole lives
7,933Ruth LewisAustraliaCommunication is crucial in all that we do, and everyone deserves to be able to communicate.
7,932Karen KostalAustraliaI am a speech pathologist. It is at the heart of what I do at work every day.
7,931Tania QuaglioAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist and working everyday with individuals who have communication impairments, promotion and awareness of our role and the importance of communication as basic human right is very important to me & close to my heart.
7,930Bronwyn TimkoAustralia
7,929Samantha KlattAustraliaI'm a speech pathologist, and everyday I can see the impact communication disabilities have on every life.
7,928Sarah CurryAustralia
7,927Sia TsolosAustraliaI work with people who have speech deficits and watching them struggle is confronting and sad. We should all have the opportunity to speak and communicate in some way, our needs, thoughts and feelings.
7,926Rachel JamiesonAustraliaIt is a basic human right
7,925Raelene PattenAustraliaThis matters to me as both my children had speech problems if it wasn't for a speech therapist they wouldn't be where they are today!!
7,924Vanessa BurgessAustralia My children have speach issues
7,923Sarah BurgessAustraliaAs a speech pathologist I see people on a daily basis that struggle to communicate. I have found that there is often little known about communication disorders and even less about how they can impact upon a person's life and how a speech pathologist can help. By signing this pledge I hope to be able to raise awareness and make a difference for those living with communication disorders.
7,922Samantha MannUnited Kingdom Communication is what makes us who we are, it is a basic human right for everyone. It is a skill that so many take for granted but it is not until you are without a voice you realise what communication means, socially, personally. Everyone should have the right to effective communication and to be able to express themselves.
7,921Taylor LaboneNew ZealandBecause I think everybody should have an equal amount of rights and everybody who has a communication problem should be helped in every way
7,920Ty BrownAustraliaEach day I work with Australian adults and adolescents who have missed out on early intervention for communication difficulties and experience a diminished quality of life because of this. I feel that there is a extreme lack of awareness about the importance of communication and I want to participate in changing this.
7,919Lesley NyeAustraliaBecause I see the impact of little or no communication skills and I want to support awareness.
7,918Diane ChenAustraliaSo many conflicts, misunderstandings and unhappiness can arise simply from the lack of communication.
7,917Ashlen HarropAustraliaBecause I see everyday how communication is taken for granted, and it's not until it is taken away or changed dramatically that we are aware of the beauty of our brain! Everyone has a right to communicate to the best of their ability with constant improvements!
7,916Rachel Feeney
7,915Peter WoodWorcestershireAll people deserve the right to communicate despite disability.
7,914Kerylea KenwayAustralia
7,913Theresa Anns
7,912Fiona GunnAustraliaBecause I believe everyone has the potential to communicate. I believe that greater understanding of communication disorders is needed in order to enable people experiencing communication disorders to fully participate in a society that welcomes them.
7,911Carly OwenAustraliaMy daughter is autistic and has difficulty using traditional channels of communication
7,910Nisha KirubairajahAustralia
7,909Lauren JonesAustraliaEverybody should know the basics of communication
7,908Minette FealyAustraliai cannot imagine my life without being able to communicate effectively
7,907nikki eastAustraliamy son has a severe speech and language delay
7,906Kylie McKennaAustraliaAs a speech pathologist I am committed to making a difference in the lives of people who have a communication impairment. Communication is a basic human right and everyone should be given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and ideas.
7,905Simon CooperUnited Kingdom
7,904Jacqueline PhangSingaporeCommunication is the freedom to express our thoughts, feelings and creativity
7,903Gemma RubarthAustraliaI am a children's speech pathologist and see the positive impact of developing skills and providing methods of communication to children every day.
7,902Kristin Dean Australia
7,901Helen GriffithsNew ZealandAs a speech language therapist, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of those with communication needs.
7,900Marie CoxIrelandI am a speech and language therapist working with people with communication impairments.
7,899Narelle ArthurAustralia
7,898Sonia Sheung Yan ChanHong KongThe ability to communicate and be understood is a joy that every human being deserves to experience
7,897Michelle RobsonAustraliaI'm a speechie!
7,896Carol MesengerUnited KingdomI am an Ofsted Registered Childminder in Worcestershire and I support this Pledge for all the children and young people in the world
7,895Jo HameisterAustraliamy mother is aphasic due to an aquired brain injury.
7,894Donna GrausAustralia
7,893Margaret Eurell-DixonUnited KingdomSupporting the Get Worcestershire Talking Campaign
7,892Juliet GoodbanUKI lead the paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy services in Worcestershire. Communication is a basic human right, supporting the Get Worcestershire Talking campaign.
7,891Helena WoodUKI lead the Health Visitor service in Worcestershire, communication is a basic human right. Supporting the Get Worcestershire Talking campaign.
7,890Patrick McCloskeyUKI work for the NHS in Worcestershire, communication is a basic human right
7,889Rachel Kirkwood UKI am Head of Organisational Change for Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
7,888Jane SleemanUKI lead NHS Children's Services in Worcestershire, communication is a basic human right.
7,887Philippa ColemanUKI am a Children's Services Manager in Worcestershire, communication is a basic human right
7,886Lindsey SadlerUKI am a Children's Services Manager in Worcestershire, communication is a basic human right.
7,885 Paula HughesEnglandAs a teacher in Worcestershire I feel we need to fight to keep every aspect of the services provided for Education in order to give every student the opportunity for help should they need it.
7,884Harry WoodcockUnited KingdomSupporting the Get Worcestershire Talking campaign. Communication is a basic human right.
7,883Emma McAteerUnited KingdomSpeech and Language Therapy student
7,882Katlarelo Kate KgwefaneBotswanaI'm an Audiologist working in Botswana where like many other developing countries our profession is scarce and the need of people with communication disability are barely met.
7,881Aoife O'ReillyIreland
7,880David LewisUnited KingdomI am a consultant paediatrician in Worcestershire, communication is a basic human right
7,879Isobel BarrettUnited KingdomI'm a recently qualified SLT with a grandfather suffering from dementia.
7,878Elizabeth DunkinWestern AustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist I see how important communication is all the time. Anyone with difficulty communicating should have access to services to assist them with their communication.
7,877Terri ButlerAustraliaI want to see everyone have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
7,876Joanne ColesAustraliaEvery person has a right to be heard.
7,875Sarah BradshawAustraliaI am a speech pathologist and daily see the need for people to be able to communicate
7,874Petrea CornwellAustraliaCommunication a fundamental right of all.
7,873Ellis EbellAustraliaFeel strongly that everyone should be able to communicate.
7,872Geoffrey CrossmanAustraliaBecause Geoffrey had a major stroke 3 years ago and has severe aphasia and dyspaxia and so still cannot speak more than a few words.
7,871Shane PritchardAustraliaEveryone should have the ability to express themselves and to understand others. To communicate is to be human.
7,870Flora MacKayCanada
7,869Katy LockwoodUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist working with limited resources to support children and young people with significant communication difficulties.
7,868Sophie O'ConnellAustraliaBecause I see so many children with communication problems affecting their learning and life everyday.
7,867Karli GleesonAustraliaI work everyday with clients who have communication difficulties and it's important they are supported and their abilities maximised.
7,866Emma MurtonAustraliaI work with people with communication disorders on a daily basis as a speech pathologist and know the importance of communication to these individuals in regards to living their lives and participating fully in their communities.
7,865Michelle MorrisonAustraliaMy son has a profound langauge disorder and he requires support.
7,864Julia HewittNew zealandIt is hard to get your thoughts,feelings, needs when you can't speak or communicate.
7,863Gabrielle O'RourkeAustraliaI work with people with communication challenges and believe communication is one of the most important factors for a person's well being.
7,862Kateřina VitáskováCzech RepublicI am a speech and language pathologist and academic teacher and researcher in the fieĺd of communication
7,861craig macraescotland
7,860K TrothEngland
7,859Heather GeeAustraliaBecause I'm a speech pathologist and this is an important issue I try to support daily
7,858Rachel ZahnerNew Zealand
7,857Arlene ClarkUnited KingdomSpeech and language therapy student
7,856Aynsley WardenCanada
7,855Catriona CollinsAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist working with children and adolescents with communication difficulties, I witness the challenges and barriers to communication professionally but also personally with my own son. To have people recognise every individuals amazing ability to communicate and our capacity to maximise that ability by firstly recognising it and then nurturing it would be an incredible step.
7,854Darryn LyonsAustraliaCouncil supports a fully inclusive community and affording all people the right and opportunity to be heard and realise their potential.
7,853Emily GreenAustraliaSpeech pathology student
7,852Rosalie SternAustralia
7,851Catherine LinhAustralia
7,850Aimee LivingstoneScotlandPersonal
7,849Mhairi MacDonaldUnited KingdomI am a Speech and Language Therapy student.
7,848Xinyi GanSingaporeI believe that communication is an essential part of our existence and everyone should have access to that.
7,847Andrew DuffyScotlandCommunication is a fundamental building block on which we can construct a better future.
7,846Emily CavinScotlandI am a Speech and Language Therapy student and I see how much communication disorders affect clients and their families and how much support is required.
7,845Claire McGinnessScotlandAs a student teacher, I see the importance of communication every day
7,844Claire McPeake
7,843Stephen WainribAustraliaInvestment in resources that help people to overcome communication problems is very important to me as a /spitʃ pəˈθɒlədʒi/ student. The more resources and awareness, the better the outcomes for our clients. Simple!
7,842Aimee McGoldrickScotlandI'm a student Speech & Language Therapist & I know the impact not being able to communicate can have on a person's life.
7,841Victoria TookeyUnited KingdomIt fits with my work as a Speech & Language Therapist aswell as being something I aim to support in all my communnication interactions.
7,840Melanie BroadbentAustralia
7,839Liane DeasyIrelandBecause without communication, the world would be a lonely and very difficult place to be
7,838Beth MadiganUnited KingdomIt matters because of the liklihood of exclusion from society if communication opportunities are not present is huge and significant.
7,837Donna BrothertonAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist, my goal is to support people in being able to communicate not only their needs, but also their thoughts, interests and personalities to the best of their ability!
7,836Kate BuenenAustralia
7,835Gemma WhiteAustralia
7,834Jessika CarrAustraliaI am a Speech Pathology Masters student - I have a passion for communication, and as it is a basic, imperative human need, it is a basic human right.
7,833Leah TaylorAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist I am focused on helping others communicate.
7,832Pamela OhAustralia
7,831Emily ChanAustraliaBecause I believe that every person has the right to be able to communication through whatever means possible. I am also training to become a speech pathologist.
7,830Elysia SaundryCanada
7,829Vanessa HaywardI think everyone should be able to have a voice
7,828Joel Diggins
7,827Pamela RamphulUSAIt's important to voice opinions and say as you feel
7,826Shelly AddisonAustralia
7,825Tara SnellingAustraliaI beleive everyone has the right to communication, it is so important in activities of daily living. I'm studying to be a speech pathologist and so I am passionate about helping people overcome communication difficulties.
7,824Elyse AndrewsNew Zealand
7,823megan chinneryNew ZealandI am a SLT!
7,822Maggie StansfieldFamily member affected
7,821Dr. Virginia TraylorUSAAs a speech-language pathologist, I want to see all individuals with communication disorders acheive their full potential.
7,820Ariane Virgonasupporting basic human right as i am a future speech pathologist
7,819Victoria Columbine
7,818Ulrike EinzenbergerAustriaCommunication is everything
7,817Phoebe Malmoux-SetzAustralia
7,816maria georgiouCyprus
7,815Anastasia GeorgiouUnited StatesI am a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
7,814Leesa GreenAustraliaCommunication is essential for participation, inclusion, belonging and quality of life
7,813Cheryl FordUnited KingdomI work with children with communication difficulties and see first hand the impact not being able to communicate has on these children and their families.
7,812Deborah SmithUnited KingdomI'm a Speech & Language Therapist working with adults with an acquired brain injury many of whom have some level of communication impairment. At times the communication aspect of their disability is overshadowed by their physical and behavioural difficulties.
7,811Grace Yee Hsin WongAustraliaGives everyone an equal opportunity to freely express themselves to the best of their ability without being judged or criticised.
7,810Bonnie KangAustralia
7,809Clare BarrN ireland
7,808Nancy Harris USAI'm a communication specialist.
7,807Kris English. PhDUSA
7,806Kay GillettAs a Speech and Language Therapist I work with children and young people everyday who experience communication difficulties which are significantly impacting on their lives.
7,805Julia GoochEnglandMy grandson has speech problems
7,804Katherine SoperUKAs a Speech and Language Therapist I work with young people with a wide range of communication difficulties. I know the impact of these difficulties on their lives and the lives of their families, and the importance of the right support to help them reach their potential.
7,803Christine KingAustraliaBecause loss of or impaired communication is very isolating and is a loss of 'the me' of a person
7,802Louise BRAZENORAustraliaI had a stroke at Christmas and it is very stressful not only for the patient but also the carer when struggling to understand each other.
7,801Ashlee JacksonAustralia
7,800Anthony TingNew zealandBeing able to socialise means the world to me, and I work with patients with speech and language difficulties and see the impact this has on their lives
7,799Cecilia CookAustraliaEveryone deserves the opportunity to communicate and get the support they need for quality of life
7,798Kelsie GrazierCanada
7,797Marilyn O DalilCanada
7,796Clais ChungCanada
7,795Sebastian KennedyCanadaBecause communication is a fundamental human need
7,794Heidi AdamsCanada
7,793Jack WilliamsCanada
7,792Keith ArgenlCanada
7,791Darrel J BrentonCanada
7,790CB CampbellCanada
7,789Claudine Godbout LavoieCanadabecause if you take aware communication…really what are we?
7,788C. Kimberley BrownCanadaI work in speech-language pathology and believe strongly in this initiative
7,787Susan AtkinsonCanadaI am a SLP so am aware of the imprortance of communication and the effects of disability
7,786Neesha Dookeran-GibsonCanada
7,785Colleen Braun-JanzenCanada
7,784Christina SantilliCanada
7,783Nancy JohustonCanada
7,782Cathy HealyCanada
7,781Robin McDanielCanada
7,780Ellisha BlacklownCanada
7,779Kim Reyno-BriscoeCanada
7,778Bernadette RobertsonCanadaCommunication makes us human
7,777Y Ghamas-SlaielCanadaCommunication is everything!
7,776Lasha GoreckCanada
7,775Elizabeth M.Canada
7,774Maxine PerrinCanada
7,773Alice Eriks-BrophyCanadaCommunication is key!
7,772Patrick BlockCanadaLe droit à la communication pour tous est très important
7,771Francis MwawsaCanadaDroit à l'égalité par tous
7,770Lou BrockCanada
7,769Chabannel BeatriceCanadadroit à l'égalité par tous
7,768Luce CousineruCanadaCommunication
7,767Dino StortiCanadaCommunication
7,766Michelle LanteigneCanadaCommunication is essential
7,765Dawn KellyCanadaThe inability to communicate is so isolating
7,764Nina AghdasiCanadaI am going to be a speech pathologist, and I have family with autism
7,763Brent ClaysonCanadaAs an audiologist I recognize the value of communication
7,762Elizabeth MarshCanadaAs an SLP, I recognize the importance of communication
7,761Karen RachCanadaI am a Speech-Language Pathologist
7,760Kathy CarrollCanada
7,759Bruce LeFewUnited States
7,758Joan NessenUnited States
7,757Harriett DaleUnited States
7,756Susan KlotzUnited States
7,755Maureen GillsUnited States
7,754Susan KoslinieraUnited States
7,753Bernice GorkaUnited States
7,752Tara GorkaUnited States
7,751Sheri SiemersUnited States
7,750Delores LarqueUnited States
7,749Tom McDevittUnited States
7,748Cindy McDevittUnited States
7,747Russell AshtonUnited States
7,746Denise FolloniUnited States
7,745Peter LawUnited States
7,744Laura MeierUnited States
7,743Adelaide WalshUnited States
7,742Charlotte MatthewsUnited States
7,741Susan de MeulesUnited States
7,740Donne SabodaUnited States
7,739Diann MichaelUnited States
7,738Harold “Buddy” SnyderUnited States
7,737Shirley HickmanUnited States
7,736Teresa ButlerUnited States
7,735Lois HillUnited States
7,734Bob EpplerUnited States
7,733Rosanne AndrewUnited States
7,732Barbara MacyUnited States
7,731Helen LewisUnited States
7,730Mary ScteboUnited States
7,729Suzanne StillingsUnited States
7,728John AielloUnited States
7,727Paul HarringtonUnited States
7,726Kathy NeilUnited States
7,725Valerie FreebeeUnited States
7,724Sue DelvauxUnited States
7,723Mary AtwellUnited States
7,722Ken BasoUnited States
7,721Carole RoginUnited States
7,720Candy JensenUnited States
7,719Pat HoldenUnited States
7,718Maria MolinaUnited States
7,717Tamara SachsUnited States
7,716Charlene MartinUnited States
7,715Janice GurleyUnited States
7,714saminda kuruppu
7,713Markku PatjasAustria
7,712maria bielsaSpain
7,711Mona HegaziEgypt
7,710Veronica BaylisUnited Kingdom
7,709Josef Schlömicher-Thier
7,708Faure marie-agnesFrance
7,707Fay WindsorUnited Kingdom
7,706Beatriz Arenaz BuaSweden
7,705Sylva Bartel-FriedrichGermany
7,704Helen LesterUnited Kingdom
7,703Sophie LeslieAustralia
7,702Cyndal Nelson`Australia
7,701Tahlia ChappellAustralia
7,700Courtney Ward-JacksonAustralia
7,699Stacey BunnAustralia
7,698John carlo OlinoAustralia
7,697Melanie BarrientosAustralia
7,696Melody ChongAustralia
7,695Violet SavonaAustralia
7,694Shamit ManiAustralia
7,693Ashley ZerafaAustralia
7,692Ian QuintosAustralia
7,691Ivan IlievskiAustralia
7,690Patricia GroganAustralia
7,689Stephanie BenierAustralia
7,688Simmi KhanguraAustralia
7,687Jacinta PickeringAustralia
7,686Amanda DinAustralia
7,685Issabella HusariAustralia
7,684Ursula BestAustralia
7,683lara edwardsUnited Kingdom
7,682Nessa LloydUnited Kingdom
7,681Katie MonnellyUnited Kingdom
7,680Olivia GalloAustralia
7,679Heidi LenzmannUnited States
7,678Giselle BillAustralia
7,677Hannah NortonAustralia
7,676Lea CifranickUnited States
7,675Melissa KatzUnited States
7,674Alanna MylneAustralia
7,673Cheryl BlissUnited States
7,672Stephanie HarveyCanada
7,671Irene LoewenCanada
7,670Cynthia MyrickUnited States
7,669Helen PalmerUnited Kingdom
7,668Ashley DekichUnited States
7,667Theresa WidmerUnited States
7,666Mary HageeUnited States
7,665Sheri StrasheimUnited States
7,664Megan HodgeCanada
7,663Joseph LeeUnited States
7,662Evelyn Snelgrove HuntUnited Kingdom
7,661Inez HendersonUnited States
7,660Brittany WingateUnited States
7,659April HawkinsUnited States
7,658Billy McHoneUnited States
7,657Carol ClearyUnited States
7,656Betty PresnellUnited States
7,655Kathryn MabeUnited States
7,654Sandra RobertsonUnited States
7,653Rutuja PathareUnited States
7,652Kristin MerchantUnited States
7,651Jennie DanielsUnited States
7,650Lauren HoffmanUnited States
7,649Michelle Millson KueflerCanada
7,648Danita EverhartUnited States
7,647Vicki TrombleyCanada
7,646Sarah GusmanoUnited States
7,645Joy KinneyUnited States
7,644Erica VannoyUnited States
7,643Kane CassonAustralia
7,642Virginia LonsdaleAustralia
7,641Heather LashUnited States
7,640Valerie HaywardUnited States
7,639Allison RuffUnited States
7,638Molly DavisUnited States
7,637Nathalie CampbellUnited Kingdom
7,636Rachel WicksonUnited Kingdom
7,635Christine ArulappenAustralia
7,634Hannah GreavesUnited Kingdom
7,633Sarah DevlinUnited Kingdom
7,632Jennifer McDonoughUnited Kingdom
7,631kelly brownUnited Kingdom
7,630Jackie KilgoreUnited States
7,629Béatrice IattoniCanada
7,628Laura HammondUnited States
7,627Kara KesterUnited States
7,626Jeanette OlszanskiAustralia
7,625Chantal VenneCanada
7,624Nancy BennettUnited States
7,623Sue RoperUnited Kingdom
7,622Sarah TungateUnited Kingdom
7,621Kay ChappellUnited Kingdom
7,620Lisa HuschkeUnited States
7,619Marie-Josée NeaultCanada
7,618Cassie EdgreenUnited States
7,617Jan BroomfieldUnited Kingdom
7,616Renee KilinskiUnited States
7,615Robert CoxUnited States
7,614Jessica MartinUnited States
7,613Audrey WilliamsUnited States
7,612Jacqueline TempleUnited States
7,611Kate FavettaAustralia
7,610Katherine StoreyUnited Kingdom
7,609Holly HittUnited States
7,608Amanda JacquesUnited States
7,607Carol BockCanada
7,606Jena DietzUnited States
7,605Monica BregmanUnited States
7,604Joanie FarmerCanada
7,603Heidi RiceCanada
7,602Michelle MooreUnited States
7,601Jessica BrooksUnited States
7,600Katrina StapletonUnited States
7,599David SullivanAustralia
7,598Geneviève NaudCanada
7,597Annie Byrne StevensUnited Kingdom
7,596Acushla ThompsonAustralia
7,595Emily OldrieveUnited Kingdom
7,594Communicate SLT CICUnited Kingdom
7,593Robert MaxwellUnited States
7,592Laurie BooneUnited States
7,591Lisa TuzonUnited States
7,590Cora Beth AkersUnited States
7,589Deborah JervisUnited States
7,588Mira GraceAustralia
7,587Carmel TebbuttAustralia
7,586Gail WalterUnited States
7,585Marie-Lyne RochonCanada
7,584Sandra LeblancCanada
7,583Marlèlne SavardCanada
7,582Meryl Jones
7,581Anna Maria KooCanada
7,580Chantal PelletierCanada
7,579Randi FisheCanada
7,578Kathleen DekkerCanada
7,577Cara CressmanCanada
7,576Ricky HunterUnited States
7,575Sarah LlewellynAustralia
7,574Clare GrevinUnited Kingdom
7,573Kate Grehan
7,572Briony HeapAustralia
7,571Tyese HunterUnited States
7,570Debra DunhamUnited States
7,569Sulare TelfordUnited States
7,568Michala JermyUnited Kingdom
7,567Amy GuestUnited Kingdom
7,566Kathryn McKinnonAustralia
7,565Mary AkashahUnited States
7,564Carrie TitlowUnited States
7,563Sharon CowenAustralia
7,562Lori ChambersUnited States
7,561Sue DeckerCanada
7,560Vicky StylesUnited Kingdom
7,559Catherine ProomUnited Kingdom
7,558Sarah GibbinUnited Kingdom
7,557Abby FosterAustralia
7,556Elizabeth MorrowAustralia
7,555Kate LalorAustralia
7,554Karla BeckUnited States
7,553Paulina MalecAustralia
7,552Shazz FlitAustralia
7,551Victoria LockUnited Kingdom
7,550Deborah MasonUnited Kingdom
7,549Lori FendelAustralia
7,548Maggie SlaymakerUnited States
7,547Linda GoynesUnited States
7,546Jan DeanUnited Kingdom
7,545Polly Wingate-SaulUnited Kingdom
7,544Renee PowellAustralia
7,543Rachel WhiteUnited States
7,542nighat rehmanPakistan
7,541Sue RoulstoneUnited Kingdom
7,540Michele GraykowskiUnited States
7,539Debbie MillsUnited States
7,538Simon ElliottUnited Kingdom
7,537Erin LeoneUnited States
7,536saeed malayeriIran, Islamic Republic of
7,535Cynthia CavanaghUnited States
7,534Maggie Garvey
7,532Sheridan ClugstonAustralia
7,531Sheree HunterAustralia
7,530Niall TaylorAustralia
7,529Jayla ArnoldUnited Kingdom
7,528Thomasin BrookerUnited Kingdom
7,527Shivani DattaniUnited Kingdom
7,526Laura BroadUnited Kingdom
7,525Jennifer ParaskevaAustralia
7,524Petra petraNew Zealand
7,523Kristina Cowen
7,522Erin BrennanAustralia
7,521Kim WilliamsAustralia
7,520Elaine RyanNew Zealand
7,519Tom GauciAustralia
7,518Lindsay SchelhornUnited States
7,517Bonnie GrantAustralia
7,516Yamaris DiazUnited States
7,515Nichole TumaUnited States
7,514Yamiris DiazUnited States
7,513kara vesseyUnited States
7,512Kerrie HartNew Zealand
7,511Tanya MarksCanada
7,510Jessica BatesAustralia
7,509Shika SukhnundanAustralia
7,508Jessica BreakwellAustralia
7,507Talita FinchAustralia
7,506Elizabeth CoomerAustralia
7,505Bryony CottrellAustralia
7,504Lachlan HeinerAustralia
7,503Tue NguyenAustralia
7,502Bethanie Henderson-BryanUnited Kingdom
7,501Erin PickettUnited States
7,500Claire ClarkAustralia
7,499Gemma LappinAustralia
7,498Jas kallahUnited Kingdom
7,497Julie NotmanNew Zealand
7,496Esther CableUnited Kingdom
7,495Rabia UddinUnited Kingdom
7,494Bronwyn LarsenAustralia
7,493babor MuhammedUnited Kingdom
7,492Shayma MuqtadirUnited Kingdom
7,491Emma McGillUnited Kingdom
7,490Sarah JohnsonAustralia
7,489Nicola GallagherUnited Kingdom
7,488Sacha AllnattNew Zealand
7,487Talin GochianAustralia
7,486Katelyn DePolisUnited States
7,485Lara HardingIreland
7,484Shelley TregeaAustralia
7,483Carmen ZhengAustralia
7,482Salma TaherKenya
7,481Kristi WarndahlUnited States
7,480Nikhila LambaAustralia
7,479rebecca lucasAustralia
7,478Estelle paraskevaAustralia
7,477Mary WickendenUnited Kingdom
7,476Amy Dolan
7,475Crystal KellyAustralia
7,474Laura Baldock
7,473Melissa Di SanteCanada
7,472Belinda Sansom
7,471Joyce GiffordUnited States
7,470Junella JusonUnited States
7,469Molly ThompsonUnited States
7,468Sarah MarshallUnited Kingdom
7,467Alicia Scott
7,466Þóra MásdóttirIceland
7,465Sarah RindUnited Kingdom
7,464Mark RindUnited Kingdom
7,463Natalie MunroAustralia
7,462Laura JohnstonUnited Kingdom
7,461Shannon JohnsonUnited States
7,460Tracy ChinUnited States
7,459Cliona GeogheganIreland
7,458rachel rindUnited Kingdom
7,457Irene TorresUnited States
7,456Felicity GoodmanUnited Kingdom
7,455Megan StewartUnited States
7,454Ahmad AmroJordan
7,453Lorraine BukilicaUnited States
7,452Lauren YamaokaUnited States
7,451carmen eubanksUnited States
7,450Tania GiorgisUnited States
7,449Kathryn WageUnited States
7,448Priscilla DiPasqualeUnited States
7,447Miriam HillUnited States
7,446Nancy WaggonerUnited States
7,445Reesa BruceCanada
7,444Jacqueline HughesUnited States
7,443Gloria QuickUnited States
7,442christina mchale
7,441Theresa RodgersUnited States
7,440Elizabeth SchwartzUnited States
7,439Eileen FinneganUnited States
7,438Dr. Donna PolelleUnited States
7,437Laura DeThorneUnited States
7,436Valerie HawkinsUnited States
7,435Morag HutchisonUnited Kingdom
7,434Jessica WarkAustralia
7,433Sally KingsfordAustralia
7,432cristina silvaPortugal
7,431Þórunn HalldórsdóttirIceland
7,430danielle haddonUnited Kingdom
7,429Renate JirkaGermany
7,428Lesley BrownUnited Kingdom
7,427sarah lundUnited Kingdom
7,426Elizabeth TreasureUnited Kingdom
7,425Yasmin BandaliUnited Kingdom
7,424Naomi GreenUnited Kingdom
7,423mary farbrotherUnited Kingdom
7,422Karen PooleUnited Kingdom
7,421Alexandra MallinsonUnited Kingdom
7,420michaela beaverUnited Kingdom
7,419Jeanne Dippenaar
7,418Rikke PedersenIceland
7,417Patrícia ParentePortugal
7,416Melissa ColomboUnited States
7,415Li CarverUnited States
7,414Rachael MelroseUnited Kingdom
7,413Emma McAteerUnited Kingdom
7,412Sarah WadsworthUnited Kingdom
7,411Jois StansfieldUnited Kingdom
7,410Amanda HyamsUnited Kingdom
7,409Marino ChibaAustralia
7,408Joan LeachUnited States
7,407leeanne roanUnited Kingdom
7,406Laura GrayUnited Kingdom
7,405Gabrielle DunneIreland
7,404Anna JonesAustralia
7,403Emily TibboUnited Kingdom
7,402Megan HartUnited Kingdom
7,401Grainne FarrellUnited Kingdom
7,400Amy GilroyUnited Kingdom
7,399Aimee McGoldrickUnited Kingdom
7,398Heather SimpsonUnited Kingdom
7,397gordana zecevicSerbia
7,396Kirsty SimmondsUnited Kingdom
7,395Kirsten JonesUnited Kingdom
7,394maire cullinane
7,393Pető DóraHungary
7,392Sarah MatthewsUnited Kingdom
7,391Marie Flynn
7,390Kimberly SmithUnited States
7,389Rebecca TibbittUnited States
7,388Jane OpieUnited States
7,387Ed DilgenUnited States
7,386Amy BennieAustralia
7,385Adam JacksUnited States
7,384Baloghné Fábián Krisztina
7,383Ferenc SchnellbachHungary
7,382Eszter HaholtHungary
7,381Dalma BacsisztaHungary
7,380Annette BerryUnited States
7,379Hazel WelbonUnited Kingdom
7,378Anna Medve
7,377Csordás GáborHungary
7,376Angela DavisUnited States
7,375Diána GericsHungary
7,374Eszter FucsekHungary
7,373Kondor KataHungary
7,372Anna Boróka BartakovicsHungary
7,371Barbara AsbóthHungary
7,370Tamás VadasHungary
7,369Kovács BarbaraHungary
7,368Anita KárászHungary
7,367Palásty István Palásty István
7,366Csomai ZsófiaHungary
7,365Josephine CavanaghUnited States
7,364Laura CaireAustralia
7,363Hayley MaffinaAustralia
7,362Kate ElliottAustralia
7,361Stephanie RustonAustralia
7,360Georgina InglisUnited Kingdom
7,359Roseanne ExellUnited Kingdom
7,358Abby AubinBrunei Darussalam
7,357Rebecca TindallUnited Kingdom
7,356Michele MeyerUnited States
7,355Aimee FairfullUnited Kingdom
7,354Mandy BeadleUnited Kingdom
7,353helen tylerUnited Kingdom
7,352Bethanie HancoxUnited Kingdom
7,351Melissa JonesAustralia
7,350Brianna ShawAustralia
7,349Fiona MooreAustralia
7,348Rebecca FletcherUnited Kingdom
7,347Kate ShortAustralia
7,346Maree DobleAustralia
7,345Sophie Krugel VuilleumierSwitzerland
7,344Sophie ReevesUnited Kingdom
7,343raffaella citroItaly
7,342Nicola PlattUnited Kingdom
7,341Raveena RanigaUnited Kingdom
7,340Michelle LincolnAustralia
7,339Marijke MorrisIreland
7,338michèle kaufmann-meyerSwitzerland
7,337Tennille ThomaszAustralia
7,336Leslie AlpersteinUnited States
7,335Kristin WithersUnited Kingdom
7,334Jean McIntyreUnited Kingdom
7,333Anna FäldtSweden
7,332Anna CareyUnited Kingdom
7,331Natalie McKennaIreland
7,330Anna GeytenbeekAustralia
7,329Sarah JohnsonUnited Kingdom
7,328Michelle MartinUnited Kingdom
7,327Meriah KohnUnited Kingdom
7,326Jessica CampbellAustralia
7,325Sharyn HolmAustralia
7,324Rachel HendersonUnited States
7,323Jennifer BartlettUnited Kingdom
7,322Jean-Marc RogezFrance
7,321Shannon MelloneUnited States
7,320Jenni EvansUnited Kingdom
7,319Bente Martinsen
7,318Aldona GilruthUnited Kingdom
7,317Rebecca SmithAustralia
7,316kathleen RoutledgeUnited Kingdom
7,315Melanie von BertouchAustralia
7,314Annabel SchwenkUnited Kingdom
7,313lynne baxterUnited Kingdom
7,312Elizabeth MansonUnited Kingdom
7,311June SmithUnited Kingdom
7,310Helen BeltranUnited Kingdom
7,309Rebecca MurrellAustralia
7,308Katja Burakoff
7,307Linda GrannSweden
7,306Lois CameronUnited Kingdom
7,305lindsey smartUnited Kingdom
7,304Natalie SuttonUnited Kingdom
7,303Kylie RyanAustralia
7,302Karen ForbesUnited Kingdom
7,301Carol MacdonaldUnited Kingdom
7,300Jenn CowanUnited Kingdom
7,299Christine ThomasUnited Kingdom
7,298Kerry MorrisonUnited Kingdom
7,297Steff MobbsUnited Kingdom
7,296Debbie m McfarlaneUnited Kingdom
7,295claire jonesUnited Kingdom
7,294jacqueline mckeonUnited Kingdom
7,293Judith WoodwardUnited Kingdom
7,292Adam LonghornUnited Kingdom
7,291Emma HanleyUnited Kingdom
7,290Rose Anne MainUnited Kingdom
7,289Rachael PenmanUnited Kingdom
7,288Julia HannahUnited Kingdom
7,287Ruth CarrUnited Kingdom
7,286Mary BarberUnited Kingdom
7,285Jean KennedyUnited Kingdom
7,284Kelsey ThorneAustralia
7,283Anne WatkinsAustralia
7,282Louise MassieAustralia
7,281Kathleen ThomsonAustralia
7,280Gayle RogersAustralia
7,279Samantha EdwardsAustralia
7,278Eleni KottaUnited Kingdom
7,277Emma McClaughlinUnited Kingdom
7,276Pamela MandellUnited States
7,275Rachel WynnUnited States
7,274Dayna ClarkeUnited Kingdom
7,273Raewyn LeckieNew Zealand
7,272james mcdonald
7,271Coralie BerryNew Zealand
7,270Michelle PetersenAustralia
7,269Myra DonaldsonNew Zealand
7,268Kerryn RobsonAustralia
7,267Meghan WalshAustralia
7,266Alycia TroutAustralia
7,265Melanie MallinsonUnited Kingdom
7,264carla patersonUnited Kingdom
7,263Elizabeth MorrisUnited Kingdom
7,262Damian PeacockUnited Kingdom
7,261Sharon O'Reilly SevignyCanada
7,260Lindsay LapaquetteCanada
7,259Jennifer BeckUnited Kingdom
7,258Emilia MichouUnited Kingdom
7,257lucy magrinUnited Kingdom
7,256Tania BealesUnited Kingdom
7,255Jan WiseUnited Kingdom
7,254Melissa SheardUnited Kingdom
7,253deborah patelUnited Kingdom
7,252Katie Cluskey
7,251Helen CowardSpain
7,250Teresa EadeUnited Kingdom
7,249Stephanie GirdwoodAustralia
7,248Leanne WrightsonUnited Kingdom
7,247Ruth CornishUnited Kingdom
7,246Jane StroudUnited Kingdom
7,245Daphne BanatUnited Kingdom
7,244Anne RobinsonAustralia
7,243Vanessa HoareAustralia
7,242Thalia HewittAustralia
7,241Eva FesserUnited Kingdom
7,240Bridget Oliver
7,239Isabelle GiulianiCanada
7,238Georgina ThackerayUnited Kingdom
7,237Christine WaldeckUnited States
7,236Sharon heeleyUnited Kingdom
7,235Fiona BrownAustralia
7,234fiona dezelakAustralia
7,233Pauline MountfordNew Zealand
7,232Liz DouglasAustralia
7,231Hannah BruhnAustralia
7,230Claire JarvisAustralia
7,229MaryBeth WilliamsNew Zealand
7,228Pariya BehnamiNew Zealand
7,227Anita McDruryNew Zealand
7,226Michelle KingNew Zealand
7,225Jessamy Amm
7,224Yvonne HobbsUnited Kingdom
7,223Chris CodeUnited Kingdom
7,222Liam EaglestoneUnited Kingdom
7,221Charlie LewisUnited Kingdom
7,220Rachelle MetcalfUnited States
7,219C. McCutchanUnited States
7,218Melissa PackardUnited States
7,217rita rebelloUnited States
7,216Jennifer LisleUnited Kingdom
7,215nick priorUnited Kingdom
7,214Nancy LabelleUnited States
7,213Gerard FahertyIreland
7,212Mark HodgsonUnited Kingdom
7,211Kelli BargielUnited States
7,210Carole ZangariUnited States
7,209Scott MorrisUnited Kingdom
7,208Chris BantingUnited Kingdom
7,207Lisa CoccoUnited Kingdom
7,206Jennifer MorrisUnited Kingdom
7,205Andrea AlmeidaUnited Kingdom
7,204Richard RobertUnited States
7,203Sheila HaleUnited Kingdom
7,202Claire PlamelUnited Kingdom
7,201Clair RobertsUnited Kingdom
7,200Sarah WoodhamsUnited Kingdom
7,199Maureen CartwrightUnited Kingdom
7,198marc dautlichUnited Kingdom
7,197Sabina BaracUnited Kingdom
7,196Ann JonesUnited Kingdom
7,195Ursula BrowningUnited Kingdom
7,194Markus CsipaiGermany
7,193jenny crinionUnited Kingdom
7,192Amanda BurlsUnited Kingdom
7,191Louise AmbridgeUnited Kingdom
7,190Nick DautlichUnited Kingdom
7,189Lisa JosephTrinidad and Tobago
7,188lisa cuthbertUnited Kingdom
7,187Judith MeyerUnited States
7,186Marigold GorickUnited Kingdom
7,185Grainne Curtin
7,184Aoife BuckleyIreland
7,183wille dalkvistUnited Kingdom
7,182Jennie FleetwoodUnited Kingdom
7,181Louise CowlingUnited Kingdom
7,180Emma Louise SinnottUnited Kingdom
7,179Ashleigh PaddonUnited Kingdom
7,178Fiona WrightAustralia
7,177Steven RuddUnited Kingdom
7,176Jenni HarveyAustralia
7,175Eimear CollinsIreland
7,174Becky LeeUnited Kingdom
7,173Maureen CarrUnited Kingdom
7,172surida booysenSouth Africa
7,171Frances O'LoughlinAustralia
7,170mohd syahrulikram mohd yasinMalaysia
7,169Jade HassallUnited Kingdom
7,168Elizabeth GoffUnited States
7,167Liz HunterUnited Kingdom
7,166Suzanna BrightUnited Kingdom
7,165Beth AultonUnited Kingdom
7,164Amy GarnettUnited Kingdom
7,163Emma KilkellyIreland
7,162Jennifer SutherlandCanada
7,161Rebecca RossAustralia
7,160Lisa NewnhamAustralia
7,159Carmen French OliveriUnited States
7,158Annette HowardNew Zealand
7,157Anne FreemanAustralia
7,156Trinity FreedmanCanada
7,155Rena BartschCanada
7,154Jennifer Cora
7,153Bracha AronovitchUnited States
7,152Angela GutierrezUnited States
7,151Rebecca ThornburgUnited States
7,150cheryl lockUnited States
7,149Pooyan ArabCanada
7,148Jill CenaikoCanada
7,147Nicole YuleUnited States
7,146Gina CoxUnited States
7,145Heather JengUnited States
7,144Nadine HaririAustralia
7,143Kate MunroAustralia
7,142Karen RainbowUnited Kingdom
7,141Lorna StevensonCanada
7,140Libby PriceAustralia
7,139Jenny TaplinAustralia
7,138Suzanne HowittAustralia
7,137Lynne BlackfordAustralia
7,136Vincent GilioAustralia
7,135Alicia Wilde FaloonaAustralia
7,134Bernie MunroAustralia
7,133Penny MoggAustralia
7,132Erin MillerAustralia
7,131Belinda HillAustralia
7,130Natalie MudfordAustralia
7,129Ashlee JacksonAustralia
7,128Jothy SweeneyUnited Kingdom
7,127sam kayUnited Kingdom
7,126LillianN KrikheliAustralia
7,125Lisa NgAustralia
7,124Emma CamposAustralia
7,123Leesa GreenAustralia
7,122Diane RussellUnited States
7,121kenyatta ribeiroUnited States
7,120Elisavet LazaridouUnited Kingdom
7,119Megan NevellAustralia
7,118Sheila Robinson
7,117Nancy Mwangi
7,116Joy KassoufAustralia
7,115Sanne DiepeveenNetherlands
7,114samia bPakistan
7,113Melanie GibsonAustralia
7,112Gail MANNUnited Kingdom
7,111John CaneUnited Kingdom
7,110Serena RuffattoItaly
7,109Sam HardingUnited Kingdom
7,108Megan PanatierUnited States
7,107Chiara Retamoza ModooAustralia
7,106Louise GallagherIreland
7,105Hilary GardnerUnited Kingdom
7,104Amy JoyceAustralia
7,103jennifer huppelschotenCanada
7,102Erica McVicarCanada
7,101Pauline SloaneIreland
7,100Debbie ShugarCanada
7,099Mauricio SanabriaAustralia
7,098Mary-Pat O'Malley-Keighran
7,097Jay GillAustralia
7,096Natalie HaynesAustralia
7,095Emma PisaniAustralia
7,094Devon WatkinsUnited States
7,093Susan PhillipsUnited States
7,092Racahel HughesUnited Kingdom
7,091Laura WellingtonUnited States
7,090Steve JohnsonAustralia
7,089Holly HutchinsonCanada
7,088Nancy KoschoUnited States
7,087Dawn LongUnited States
7,086Leah SlossAustralia
7,085Nicole HendersonAustralia
7,084Mutasem Barjawi
7,083David RubinsteinUnited States
7,082Kaylene FrenchCanada
7,081Audra HolmstromCanada
7,080Melissa SmithUnited States
7,079Shona TantamUnited Kingdom
7,078Avril NicollUnited Kingdom
7,077Sian ReesUnited Kingdom
7,076Saskia GarsideUnited Kingdom
7,075Caroline CovingtonUnited Kingdom
7,074Kirstie DevlinUnited Kingdom
7,073Brad WilsonCanada
7,072Alison WhyteCanada
7,071Mavis MacDonald QuirkCanada
7,070Sara TurnerCanada
7,069Chantelle BrodeurCanada
7,068Laura ParlourUnited Kingdom
7,067Amy JohnsonUnited Kingdom
7,066Joanne WardleUnited Kingdom
7,065Hannah WitheridgeUnited Kingdom
7,064Hannah BeswickUnited Kingdom
7,063emma connollyUnited Kingdom
7,062Gordon HiggsUnited Kingdom
7,061Sophie HaywardUnited Kingdom
7,060Alice TaylorUnited Kingdom
7,059Cat LordUnited Kingdom
7,058Alice MitchUnited Kingdom
7,057Hannah Howell-DayUnited Kingdom
7,056Michaela HiggsUnited Kingdom
7,055Barbie RobertsUnited Kingdom
7,054Nicola ColeUnited Kingdom
7,053Leah MoorsUnited Kingdom
7,052Alice WynnUnited Kingdom
7,051Kirsten NewmanUnited Kingdom
7,050Becky ColemanUnited Kingdom
7,049Laura BakerUnited Kingdom
7,048Andrew RobertsUnited Kingdom
7,047Anna CookUnited Kingdom
7,046Rebecca LlandUnited Kingdom
7,045Hannah WestwoodUnited Kingdom
7,044Liz RobertsUnited Kingdom
7,043Emily StoppardUnited Kingdom
7,042Laura WilsonUnited Kingdom
7,041Debbie AndersenCanada
7,040Arianna BaileyCanada
7,039Carol-Anne MurphyIreland
7,038Claire BurkeUnited Kingdom
7,037Laura PrestonUnited Kingdom
7,036Tamara WasiakCanada
7,035Dora FeijaoPortugal
7,034Lucy GreigNew Zealand
7,033Erynne GreenCanada
7,032Sat rah CroninIreland
7,031Elizabeth Van GraanUnited Kingdom
7,030Sally Kedge
7,029Christine Musgrave
7,028Ruth Pologa
7,027Ruth Herbert
7,026Julie Carr
7,025Addý KristinsdóttirDenmark
7,024Robin Matthews
7,023Mary Coulter
7,022Nicole Campbell
7,021Marian Brady
7,020Carolanna Rodriguez
7,018Laurie Alban HavensUnited States
7,017Lucie Hogger
7,016Geneviève FIly-ParéCanada
7,015Lynne Adams
7,014Peter Julian, MPCanada
7,013Sean Casey, MPCanada
7,012Charlotte Wright
7,011Aydan Suphi
7,010Morag Dorward
7,009ezwah khalid
7,008Arun Balaji K DIndia
7,007Bryndís GudmundsdottirIceland
7,006kevin warne
7,005Mia Travlos
7,004Bjartey Sigurdardottir
7,003Asthildur Snorradottir
7,002Thora S Ulfsdottir
7,001Stéphanie Sarah DrouinCanada
7,000Amélie TurcotteCanada
6,999amy manwaring
6,998Wai Han Chan
6,997Виктория РыскинаRussian Federation
6,996Barbara Redmond
6,995Stéphanie PoirierCanada
6,994Andrea Benoit
6,993Ilias Papathanasiou
6,992Stephanie Spencer
6,991Nicola Chamberlain
6,990Jenny Marcall
6,989Felipe Henr?quez
6,988saba noor
6,987María Ignacia Rodríguez MoralesChile
6,986Linda KilgoreUnited Kingdom
6,985Lisa Ryan
6,984Karen Rattray
6,983Frédérique SommaireFrance
6,982gul arfa
6,981Anita Harron
6,980Barbara McCreesh
6,979Pat WhiteUnited States
6,978Ana Marie MagorrianUnited Kingdom
6,977Sonia Kane
6,976Tara Kuhn
6,975Laura Lynn RichardsCanada
6,974Josée AmyotteCanada
6,973Lisa Dawn AizawaCanada
6,972anam yaqoob
6,971Tara Perkins
6,970Carolyn PatrickCanada
6,969Mike Serink
6,968Michelle Radmanovich
6,967Shannon Brooks AllenCanada
6,966Siobhan Jeffrey
6,965Liz WheelerUnited States
6,964catherine stewart
6,963Melanie McClean
6,962Sarah Egan
6,961Laura McGuiggan
6,960Anne Gamble
6,959Shauneen McNicholl
6,958Beverley McClintock
6,957Jill Whitaker
6,956Amanda Davis
6,955Abhishek SinghIndia
6,954Ruth Brocklesby
6,953Fiona Clawson
6,952Denise Ibbett
6,951Rehana Pasta
6,950Noeleen O'Donnell
6,949Gillian Logan
6,948Eadaoin Allen
6,947Kimberly Ward
6,946Carrie Ballantyne
6,945Carolina R. L. DanieleItaly
6,944Carolynn Symes
6,943Mia Lövblad
6,942catherine peters
6,941Samantha Edmonds
6,940Lea Labeau
6,939janet edwards
6,938Emma Pagnamenta
6,937Rose Harry
6,936Steven Harulow
6,935Katerina Shtereva
6,934Claire Blagden
6,933Selve Krishnan
6,932Helen McLauchlan
6,931Dean Sutherland
6,930saminda kuruppuSri LankaBecause I am a Speech & Language Therapist
6,929patsy dowellUnited StatesMy son and grandson, both suffer from pragmatic language difficulties, that have caused schooling and life to be difficult.
6,928Katherine BakerUnited KingdomI struggled to communicate effectively with people for most of my life and I am now studying to support children with SLCN. Everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to have their voice heard.
6,927Sarkku VilpasFinlandWithout communication I would be mad. Everyone deserves a way to communicate!!
6,926Antoinette am Zehnhoff-DinnesenGermanyI am president of the Union of the European Phoniatricians. In our interdisciplinary work we want to help patients with voice, swallowing, speech, language and hearing disorders. Communication is the basis of development.
6,925Amy TurnerAustraliaI am passionate about communication and giving people a say in life.
6,924Christine HollowayAustraliaGetting early intervention is crucial to assisting those with communication disorders to achieve results. Waiting lists are just too long!
6,923Nyakur AnyuonAustraliaMy brother attends speech pathology <3
6,922Gerry ShenAntarcticaKeks
6,921Jed UnicombAustraliaLil bro
6,920Heidi HoskingAustraliaI am a paediatric Speech Pathologist who has come across hundreds and hundreds of children with communication difficulties. I also have a child with communication difficulties and have experienced the issues first hand, as a parent.
6,919Judith WincklesUnited KingdomIt is most important to me because my husband Peter Winckles suffered a stroke in September 2013 and is being treated for Aphasia.
6,918Anne SongoleKenyaEveryone needs to be able to give and receive feedback on matters important to them, be they organizational, social or national; everyone needs to be able to communicate.
6,917Sharon MayUnited StatesMy son has aphasia from a head injury.
6,916Emma Ireland-JonesAustraliaI am lucky. I can read. I can write. I can talk, listen and learn. I can communicate. This is a basic human right. Every one deserves the possibilities that come from being able to communicate.
6,915Alizah AzulAustraliaI am a speech pathologist working in the disability sector and recognise that communication is fundamental in all aspects of life. To have a good quality of life is to be able to communicate anything whenever you want, wherever you want and to whomever yo
6,914Rachel SimpsonAustraliaBecause I believe that communication is vital for every individual person to live a fullfilling life. Communication is a capacity needed for all aspects of people's lives. It is important that we support those with difficulty communicating, so they too ca
6,913Celine PascualAustraliaI am a speech therapist :) also please see my speel on
6,912Mara FreitasUnited StatesCommunication is the most fundamental of human capacities...
6,911lisa crampinUnited Kingdomcommunication is the core of my professional working life and talking with my children and family is my biggest plaeasure
6,910Sharon RennhackUnited StatesI had a stroke and aphasia on Oct 2010. I know the frustration of trying to get your point across when people -including health professionals, don't take the time to really listen and understand.
6,909Jill MarshallAustraliaEveryon has the right to be understood and to understand - communication supports need to be accessible,appropriate and effective. Loud is good!
6,908Anne O'HareUnited Kingdomeveryone one should have a voice
6,907stephanie raiosAustraliaI am a speech pathologist advocating for the basic human right to communicate
6,906Shae CooperAustraliaAccess to every day services and interaction with others is important for all people.
6,905Christopher RydzewskiUnited StatesAs a speech therapist I work with patients that have difficulty with communication and are not able to to express there thoughts, wants, needs, and ability to socialize. This effects there ability to have relationships with others.
6,904Allison KruppUnited StatesI work in an elementary school and to hear students with communication issues is heart wrenching.
6,903Michelle CavinCanadaEveryone has the right and need to communicate! -Linguistics student planning to pursue a MSc in Speech Language Pathology.
6,902Anna HerdUnited KingdomMy 5 year old son has Verbal Dyspraxia and has struggled since he was 17 month old to communicate verbally . He needs all the support he can get , just like millions of other children and adults !
6,901Miranda JenningsUnited StatesAs an SLP, I believe communication is not only the gift of expression and interaction, but a right for all humans!!
6,900Kerri WaitsUnited StatesEveryone deserves the right to be able to freely exchange thoughts, ideas, and emotions regardless of physical or psychological limitations.
6,899Shelley WestCanadaI work in an office where parents are welcome to bring their children for a speech/language assessment. The lives of many children in our geographical area have been profoundly affected by the early intervention with speech/language therapy.
6,898Janet BunnellUnited StatesThe ability to communicate is a basic human right and as an SLP it is my mission to erase barriers that prohibit that right.
6,897Dianne RabyAustraliaBecause our capacity and ability to communicate is absolutely central to our identity as human and the only way to facilitate our community.
6,896Sherry WebbUnited KingdomI work as a speech and language assistant and get frustrated for people that are not listened to because they are not listened to or cannot be understood.
6,895Bernice JacksonUnited KingdomCommunication difficulties are a barrier to learning and can lead to isolation.
6,894Stephanie TicehurstUnited KingdomCommunication matters, without it we are isolated, disempowered, with reduced capacity to particapte in our social environments or contribute to society at our full potential
6,893Cassie NevilleUnited KingdomCommunication enables living; without it we merely exist.
6,892Jackie MaceiraUnited Kingdominclusive communication is important to everybody because if you cant communicate then you become isolated.
6,891Keith FletcherCanadaEquality is the most basic of human rights and must be fiercely protected regardless of cost.
6,890Alison NorrisUnited KingdomMy son has a communication disorder. Getting him appropriate support has been a huge fight. I support this campaign and hope that children in the future who have communication needs will get early intervention and appropriate support. My son attended
6,889Anne BenoitCanadaAs a person diagnosed with ALS, bulbar type, a cannot talk anymore and I appreciate when people continue to try to communicate with me. Very few people are aware of this condition and it's impacts.
6,888Daiga HeistersUnited KingdomIn the rushed world we live in it is important that we give people time to communicate at their own speed. This is especially important for people affected by Parkinson's, who's peach can be impacted as their condition advances!
6,887Lisa MorganUnited KingdomBecause it absolutely is, but there continues to be an alarming number of people who don't realise it, appreciate it or do the things they should
6,886Ami DaltonUnited StatesBecause I am an SLP and I work to enhance communication for my geriatric patient's every day!
6,885Sarah BAbcoxUnited StatesI believe everyone should have the right to communicate!
6,884Meredith KotoskiUnited StatesCommunication is what makes connections.
6,883Suzanne GambleUnited KingdomIt is especially important to stand up for those who have no voice for the very reason that they find it so hard to communicate
6,882Andrea MooreUnited StatesAs a Speech Pathologist I know how crucial communication is to success in everyday life!
6,881Lynette FrancisUnited KingdomMy son has Specific Language Impairment. Early intervention is key as are staff available in nurseries and schools so that these little guys with often undiagnosed problems are supported so they can grow up to have a life and contribute to society.
6,880Alan WhykesAustraliaExpression is the foundation of democracy.
6,879Jaime BashamUnited StatesI am a speech therapist in the geriatric population that holds firmly to the belief of communication being a basic human right.
6,878Karen HughesCanadaI have been a speech Language Pathologist since 1978 and have seen so many families struggle with a relative with severe communication difficulties and being unable to access the appropriate level of service to achieve their goals. Early intervention is
6,877Constance PazderskiUnited StatesEvery human being should not only have the opportunity to communicate as a basic human right, but this communication should be valued and honored. Communication without meaningful contexts and outcomes - communication in real contexts with meaning and v
6,876Meryl JonesNew ZealandAs an SLT I work with clients with communication disorders
6,875Tiffany RodriguezUnited StatesThis is important to me as a future speech language pathologist because I want to make a difference in someone's life.
6,874Sandy FlyUnited StatesI am a speech Language Pathologist
6,873Lorraine ChattertonUnited KingdomI am Speech and Language Therapist. Promoting communication skills is central to my work and life.
6,872Robin MitchellAustraliaAs a speech language pathologist, I know the impact that a communication problem can have on a person's life. More services are needed for individuals with a communication impairment at all ages.
6,871Kate GrehanIrelandI feel passionately about it as an SLT working with adults with acquired and progressive communication difficulties
6,870Ali HendersonCanadaAs a Speech and Language Pathologist, I have seen many, many family relationships suffer when a family member is not able to communicate well. When the communication improves, the person's confidence and self concept improve, creating a better quality of
6,869Mary Ann SimpsonUnited StatesBecause I work with children everyday who have difficulty communicating!
6,868Nicola MitchellAustraliaBecause my daugther has an intellectual disability and does not communicate verbally. She is currently using PECs
6,867Liz MurrayAustraliaThis is important to me because I work with individuals with communication difficulties on a daily basis and watch in awe as they and their families strive to achieve and improve their communication skills.
6,866Annette MikeczAustraliaChange your self, change your life, change he world through communicatin. Nothing happens if nothing is said. The time is NOW, time to CHANGE, time to SPEAK UP now not tomorrow.
6,865Deborah BrewsterAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist who over the last 25 years has seen the Importance of communication as a basic human right.
6,864Sandy ChristosUnited StatesI am a Speech-Language Pathologist dedicated to helping seniors communicate to enhance their quality of life.
6,863Priyanka JainUnited StatesAs a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, I strongly believe that there is dearth of awareness among the legislators especially about the disabilities resulted from communication disorders. In my opinion, getting involved and supporting such a great cause
6,862Angela LauderbaughUnited StatesAs a Speech-Language Pathologist, I know the importance of helping all people communicate.
6,861Amanda LakeUnited StatesI have dedicated my career to serving adults with acquired brain injuries and their families.
6,860Cordeliah ClarkeUnited KingdomI work with Speech & Language & Hearing Therapists and appreciate how important being able to communicate is to everyone.
6,859Lori LevyUnited StatesEveryone should have a way to communicate. It is the first step in being able to advocate effectively.
6,858Sharon FlitmanAustraliaEvery person communicates in some way - it's imperative to quality of life and needs to be supported!
6,857Emma SimsUnited KingdomEveryone should be able to express themselves regardless of support needed to do so. That support should be readily avaiable
6,856Emma BoehmeAustraliaBecause everyone should have the opportunity to express their own thoughts and opinions - communication is vital in all aspects of human life!
6,855ellen lunzUnited StatesI am a speech pathologist and have been for 43 years!
6,854Stephanie FrancisAustraliaBecause people with communication disabilities need to be able to participate meaningfully in their daily environments.
6,853Julie FreedUnited StatesI recognize that communication is the essence of being human and the means to build positive relationships with others!
6,852Geeta MehtaUnited KingdomCommunication is the right of every human being. I feel privileged to be entering a profession where I can make a difference to people's communication skills and abilities.
6,851Maggie GarveyIrelandCommunication is vital to ensure inclusion, happiness and good quality of life
6,850Rebecca GalloAustraliaCommunication is fundamental to our being
6,849LINDA HANDNew ZealandNot enough people know and understand how important communication skills are, and how much it impacts on a person and all those around them when their communication skills are impaired. We need more knowledge and understanding out there. We need more rese
6,848Susie OrrUnited KingdomI am a speech & language therapist; my father had aphasia.
6,847Amelia BreadingUnited KingdomAs a speech and language therapy student I am aware of the impact that communication can have on the lives of people from all age groups. Communication is so significant that it should be a human right!
6,846Jane SheatsAustraliaCommunication is the most fundamental of human capacities. People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential Why is this important to you? (Optional)
6,845Jo BradyAustraliaso many peopel are disadvantaged in health care and society because they struggle to communicate
6,844Alexandra ZelentUnited StatesAs a future SLP I advocate for the future patients of mine that face significant barriers in our society because of communication impairments. I have recognized that I am blessed to have the capability to voice my opinions, describe my needs and wants, to
6,843Eleni MichaelAustraliaAs a speech pathology student, I have learnt how much not being able to communicate can affect a person's quality of life.
6,842Bethanie Henderson- BryanUnited KingdomI'm a student speech and language therapist and I now the importance of communication
6,841Karen DonnellyAustraliaWithout being able to effectively communicate one's quality of life is severly impacted.
6,840Ashley EdwardsUnited KingdomSLT student
6,839Kaitlin ScurrAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right!
6,838Petrea SextonAustraliaI am a Youth Team Leader for Able Australia and our Vision, Mission and Values Impact statement is to give multiple disability a voice and are seen, respected, valued and connected and we support them in achieving self-fulfilment and connection with the g
6,837Shayma KadirUnited KingdomI am an interpreter for the NHS, and recognise the importance of communication especially when English is not spoken by so many people in the UK who have health related issues and require an interpreter for this. I feel the satisfaction and relief of som
6,836Mariam MahmoodUnited KingdomHaving a voice is fundamental for physical, psychological and social health!!!
6,835Anna WivellUnited KingdomI work as a speech therapist, and every day I see people who difficulty with their communication and are often ignored or overlooked by others. It's a right to be understood.
6,834Bethany KemmingUnited StatesBecause I believe everyone has the right to communicate, no matter the circumstances. Also, I hope to become a speech pathologist and help others communicate.
6,833Janet SchwartzUnited StatesI'm majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I strongly believe that every person should have the capability to utilize their full communication potential as a human being.
6,832Kalin StenhaugUnited StatesI hope to be a speech pathologist and believe that individuals everywhere deserve the right to be able to communicate and get access to resources to do so to the best of their ability.
6,831Lauren HoltUnited StatesThe ability to communicate is a critical, basic need. As social, community-based beings, we LIVE to communicate.
6,830Rita RaleiraPortugalCommunicating is as important for me as the air I breath. I can't imagine living captive of a disorder I didn't ask to have. So if there was something or someone who might release me of such a silent prison, I would want that. More than anything and as so
6,829Michaela JacksonAustraliaEveryone has a story but not everyone can communicate their story. Everyone has the right to share their story.
6,828Michelle QuinnUnited StatesI am a speech language pathologist and clinical professor. I joined this profession believing in the basic tenets stated here. I have witnessed the positive impact on the lives of families with children and adults who are deaf, preschoolers with language
6,827Lisa FedrickAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right.
6,826Jordan LeaneyAustraliaCommunication is a right, not a privilege.
6,825Lisa HudsonAustraliaQuality of Life is impossible to achieve without human communication.
6,824Fiona HewerdineNew ZealandEndorsing the way we connect,a basic human right,
6,823Carmen RinconUnited StatesThe right to communication is crucial to building relationships with our loved ones (family/friends) and within our community. I challenge someone to go one full day without using any form of communication. At the end of the day, take the time to do a per
6,822Katherine RoweUnited StatesThis is simply the truth.
6,821Katrina KinnisonUnited StatesAs a school-based speech-language pathologist, my goal is to make communication accessible and achievable to my students.
6,820Yaser Al Sa'biSaudi ArabiaTo help increase global awareness of communication disorders. Communication is humanity.
6,819Cat SteenUnited States
6,818Maria MontezUnited States
6,817Lisa Rai Mabry-PriceUnited States
6,816Sarah DowlingCanadaAs an SLP I witness daily the impact of communication difficulties - communication IS a basic human right.
6,815Megan FerreiraUnited StatesAs a communications scholar I believe that it is our right to communicate. It is essential to people's overall health and well-being.
6,814Alissa BobekUnited StatesAs a speech-language pathologist I recognize the integral role communication plays in our human experience!
6,813Cherryl WarnicaCanadaCommunication is a right to be enjoyed by all.
6,812Whitney Casey-HeathermanUnited StatesAs a SLP communication is important and helping children and adults communicate effectively has been my goal. This is a very important cause and close to my heart.
6,811IngaMaj LundmarkSwedenParticipation
6,810Sarah VerdonAustraliaI am a speech pathologist and researcher who believes that all people are created equal, but different and am passionate about giving every person a voice
6,809Flóra Ilona FelhősiHungaryMy brother lives with communication difficulties. I know both of us are precious people with different stong and weak points.
6,808Rikke PedersenIrelandMy son has SLI
6,807Louise McKeeverUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapy student whos role is to enable people and children to communicate when a communication disability is present
6,806Beth KempenNew ZealandSome people really ought not to be "more equal" than others, which occurs at present.
6,805Danielle FuccioAustraliaAs a speech pathologist, I believe the communication is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to all. I am committed to supporting and advocating this in my practice in order to maximise the participation and independence of all individuals
6,804Michael DunneAustraliaCommunication is an essential right for all. Support to achieve this should naturally follow.
6,803Stella PanagiotidouUnited KingdomI study Speech and Language Therapy
6,802Urszula KordeckiUnited KingdomAs someone who works with people with communication difficulties, I see it as a basic human right to access the support in order to communicate
6,801Joanne LaiUnited KingdomI study speech and language therapy. People should be allowed access to services and help that is required in order to communicate with others.
6,800Stacey FisherAustraliaAccess to communication in our community is a basic human right. This is no different to wheelchair access or breastfeeding rights in the community.
6,799Marijana TomanicSerbiaI work with people with communication disabilities
6,798Rachel CrowleyAustraliaAs 'The Universal Declaration of Communication Rights' states, communication is a fundamental human capacity which enriches and enables individuals to reach their human potential. Means of communication can take many forms, and those with disabilities may
6,797Marie FlynnIrelandBecause I believe everybody has a right to be heard
6,796Shae GillmartinAustraliaCommunication is essential to human connection, love and belonging- all basic human needs. Without this people are vulnerable to isolation, loneliness and depression.
6,795Flora PetrikSlovakiaThere are so many reasons why is this important. Communication is a basic human right.
6,794David RochusKenyaCommunication by itself has proven to be a fundamental necessity to all living things through which smiles are nurtured - despite the medium used.
6,793Imola VargaHungarybecause everybody is equal
6,792David KirkwoodUnited StatesBecause I am editor of a blog,, that is by, about, and for people who care about communication disabilities and their treatment.
6,791Alanna BaileyAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist I see the effects a change in communication has on ALL aspects of a person's life.
6,790Anne RoweUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic human right. People with communication difficulties often cannot participate fully in the economy and cother areas of civic life, so it is in all our interests to try to reduce the barriers they face.
6,789Karen RowlandsonUnited KingdomAs a Speech and Language Therapist, I believe that all people have a right to communicate and participate in society, and those who need extra support should have ways of accessing it.
6,788Abby AubinBruneiTo increase awareness amongst the general public of the challenges faced by people living with communication disorders and the options available to improve their quality of life.
6,787Sinead KerrUnited KingdomEverybody has the right to communicate, its important to everyone!
6,786Christina EdwardsAustraliaWithout communication people are limited in participating wihtin their family, units of friendship and their communities. People with communciation difficulties deserve to be supported by governments to reduce the isolation of communication difficulty.
6,785Tiziana Rossetto FederazioneItalyFor the defense of human rights
6,784Natalie TartagliaAustraliaBecause communication is so fundamental. it is taken for granted, and most certainly under supported and funded. Raise awareness for the right for people to engage in meaningful and independent communication!
6,783Dana SpiersAustraliaMy daughter is one of the many who have a communication disorder. The ability to communicate is essential and takes many different forms. Everyone should have the right to communicate to their potential.
6,782Sarah MassoAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right and should be recognised as one! Communication, in whichever form it takes, is a key factor in the development of Identity and heavily impacts quality of life. Communication forms the building blocks for interpersonal
6,781Jenny IslesUnited KingdomCommunication is a fundamental part of life- it shapes our perception of ourselves, it impacts every area of our lives and adds to our quality of life.
6,780Brooke HallowellUnited StatesThis human-rights framework is essential in advocacy for people with communication disabilities and in educating future clinicians and scholars who will be working with and for them.
6,779Rachel TuckleyUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic human right
6,778Carol DeAndreasUnited States
6,777Laura WeaverUnited States
6,776Peggy AgeeUnited StatesIn my history as a teacher, I have observed the communication challenges and struggles of those affected by communication-learning impairments and know the very real cost that communication impairments exact on academic and vocational performance and on b
6,775Teresa MullinIreland'Tell me and I'll forget, Show me and I might remember, Involve me and I will understand' Our goal should not be for people to 'know' what communication difficulty is. Our goal should be to help them 'understand' what it is. Then and only then wi
6,774Kelly Ring-WhikloCanadaI am a speech-language pathologist. It is my job and passion to help other access their right to communicate.
6,773Caroline CumminsAustraliaI am a speech pathologist. I am constantly trying to advocate for the importance of communication everyday and feel very passionately about it.
6,772Nancy LoucksUnited KingdomPeople in custody suffer disproportionately from impairments in communication and are paying the price for it. We need to recognise and support these difficulties rather than punishing those that go unrecognised.
6,771Marina ShawUnited KingdomBecause of the work I do
6,770Arianna PattersonUnited KingdomAFASIC SCOTLAND is a national charity supporting parents and carers of children and young people with speech and language impairments - they need a right to a voice for life!!
6,769Triona Ni fhearraighIrelandI see the effects that communication difficulties have on individuals and their families every week thus I feel this is an important issue to be raised!
6,768Patricia MitchellUnited KingdomAs a speech and language therapist, I have worked for over 40 years with people with communication difficulties and I am delighted to lend my support to this campaign so that the importance of communication is finally recognised by decision makers and oth
6,767Rebecca PalfreyUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic human right. As a Speech and Language Therapist I regularly see the devastating effects of communication breakdown- we need to promote our right to communicate in the way that works best for us- be that speech, signing,symbols,
6,766Ruth CarruthersUnited KingdomAs a Speech therapist I see the importance of communication in every aspect of people's lives, and the significance of any reduction or loss of ability to communicate they may experience. I am going soon to Malawi where I hope to meet with those working w
6,765Kim HartleyUnited KingdomCommunication is vital for life
6,764Wendy PearceAustraliaThe ability to communicate effectively is essential for quality of life.
6,763Tessa AckermanUnited KingdomWe take being able to communicate for granted. It's only when we can't express our thoughts and feelings that we realise how central it is to our being. As a Speech & Language Therapist I can offer treatment and support to those affected by communication
6,762Katie MillicanUnited StatesI am a Speech-Language Pathologist. I support this cause.
6,761Alison MacKellarUnited KingdomCommunication is essential for all of us, and having worked with children and adults with communication difficulties I have seen what a huge impact it has on every aspect of life, and also on confidence and self-esteem. Communication should absolutely be
6,760Aisling DollyIrelandWorking as an SLT I see the difference communication supports can make for people with communication impairment
6,759Martina TaylorAustraliaAs a speech pathologist I see the need to promote communication and the ability to communicate as I am exposed to the effects of the inability to communicate on a daily basis.
6,758Pamela CotterallAustraliaNothing is more important than the ability to communicate which allows someone to be heard and understood.
6,757Gayle HazelwoodAustraliaTo communicate is oe of the fundamentals to our own humanity and our ability to make decisions and influence our own world.
6,756Karen PhillipsAustraliaI understand that communication skills are a necessity for living!
6,755Brenda GriffinNew ZealandMy husband had a stroke and has aphasia. He struggles daily with communication and feels isolated. He wants to be able to communicate with his friends and family in a manner that makes everyone comfortable - it is hard and there is very little support h
6,754Allyson WildUnited KingdomAs a child I received speech therapy which was so effective as to allow me to become a paediatric speech and language therapist myself. Without this help, my communication skills may have held me back in my education and career choices. Everyone should ha
6,753Sarah AndrewsAustraliaAs a Speech Pathologist I work with people with communication impairment and see the effect it has on lives. It is profound and something needs to be done to support these individuals to be able to live their lives to the fullest. I have the blessing of c
6,752Gemma BilesUnited KingdomCommunication is essential for all, as a SLT I see the importance of communication on a daily basis!
6,751Kathryn DanielsUnited KingdomAs a Speech and Language Therapist I work with many people with communication disability whos impairment is exacerbated by the barriers society put up to their integration and inclusion, mainly through ignorance and disregard.
6,750Katie CluskeyIrelandProfession
6,749Sophie HarveyUnited KingdomTwo human beings with the ability to communicate have the ability to become life long friends, lovers, or partners in crime. The possibilities are endless. Take communication away and that glorious world is cast in shadow.
6,748Rebecca SegalUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist so it si a passion of mine.
6,747Marnee BrickCanadaWe advocate for being a voice and giving a voice to children around the world.
6,746Jan StoneUnited KingdomI taught children with speech and language difficulties for many years.
6,745Debi ObrienUnited StatesWe wouldn't deny someone accomadation or support if they lost the use of their legs. Why wouldn't we do the same for people who have communication issues? It's time to bring this issue into the 21st century.
6,744Sallyanne ParvinUnited KingdomWithout the ability to communicate and therefore interact, life is very empty and isolating.
6,743Anne DolanUnited KingdomIt's my job to give people a voice!
6,742Louise ReadUnited KingdomI work with stroke survivors with communication difficulties
6,741Kate KinchAustraliaThe ability to communicate is everything!
6,740Jo FokkesAustraliaCommunication builds bridges betwee us all.
6,739Jessica LeeAustraliaEVERYONE deserves the opportunity to communicate. It is essential to function within society so you have my pledge!
6,738Jessamy AmmUnited StatesAll people can communicate but some people need some extra help to get their message across.
6,737Marja SteurNew ZealandWe all want to be understood.
6,736Christina StephensUnited StatesThis is important to me because any individual can have their life changed in an instant. My mother had a stroke at age 41 and lost her ability to speak. Communication IS a basic human right! Thank you for considering my opinion in your decision.
6,735eileen lockeUnited KingdomI have trouble with remembering after a stroke
6,734Tanya KonosonakaUnited KingdomMy partner had a Stroke
6,733Jennifer SmithUnited KingdomI have a relative who after a stroke was unable to communicate in the normal way.
6,732Sarah CarterUnited KingdomI have friends who suffer from aphasia
6,731Mary JarrettUnited KingdomI have a good friend who has communication issues. She has come on leaps and bounds with her speech since suffering multiple strokes a few years ago now, but I have met other friends of hers who are still fighting a longer battle with communication. I be
6,730Ken OgilvieUnited KingdomMy wife has aphasia and more people need help
6,729Geoff DavisUnited KingdomI have met people with asphesia, and appreciate their struggle
6,728Charles SpencerUnited KingdomAfter a serious ischaemic stroke 8 yrs ago, I realised how little understood are communication difficulties. Break a limb, and everyone understands the problem: suffer speech problems and most people shrink away.
6,727jenny almeida dautlichUnited KingdomI have Aphasia
6,726andrew gaskellUnited KingdomEverybody should have a voice
6,725Sarah BodilyUnited KingdomThe right for everyone to be able to communicate shouldn't be something we have to fight for. It should be expected and given freely without hesitation.
6,724Julie CarrUnited KingdomEveryone has the right to communicate. It enriches our quality of life and enables us to form relationships.
6,723Elizabeth AckroydUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist in the UK. Enabling people to communicate by whatever means possible is a privilege and should be something everyone has a right to.
6,722Elizabeth AnttonenUnited StatesI am a speech-language pathologist; helping people communicate is my passion.
6,721Leigh Ann SpellUnited StatesI am a speech-language pathologist who provides communication services to international clients.
6,720Terry BoyceUnited KingdomEvery individual has the right to communicate their needs, wishes and desires. We all have an internal voice which should be heard and enabled despite a communication impairment.
6,719Eva LeeMalawiCommunication is essential for an enriching life and for social interaction which is an essential human need.
6,718Marie AthertonAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right!
6,717Daniel GibbonsUnited KingdomAs a Speech and Language Therapist I work with children with developmental communication difficulties and understand the importance of children reaching their full communication potential
6,716Harriet BinghamAustraliaCommunication is the essential. It is essential that everyone can communicate in our world - using whatever ways work best for them. We need to enable everyone to understand and express themselves to their potential. We need to break down the communicatio
6,715Aileen RyanAustraliaI have a daughter who has had to work hard all her life trying to get people to understand her. Without communication there is isolation. Everyone has the right to communicate,
6,714Claire DowneyUnited KingdomCommunication is intrinsic to all aspects of life, without it life is difficult and painful.
6,713Fiona GivenAustraliaI support this because I have a communication disorder myself and use AAC to communicate. In my work, I see people who are not given the opportunity to find a way to express themselves.
6,712Shareka BenthamBarbadosBecause everyone deserves a voice!
6,711Louisa ReevesUnited Kingdomcommunication is a vital 21st century skill and all people have a right to be supported and enabled to communicate
6,710Jeanne CoxAustraliaThe ability to communicate is essential for the fulfilment of human life. It would be a dark world for those who have difficulty communicating with other people and they need the same access to services as other persons with a disability.
6,709Suzanne C. HopfFijiPeople with communication disability need to be heard by all, and valued for the contributions they make to society.
6,708Natasha CharlesworthAustraliaBeing able to communicate and express oneself is a human right. People with communication difficulties require and deserve support.
6,707Rachel HullAustraliaEveryone should have to opportunity to communicate their wants and needs.
6,706Nancy MwangiKenyaAm an SLTA
6,705Rylie AndrewsAustraliaWhat is often perceived as an inability to communicate at all, is often due to a lack of access to the support and resources needed to unlock this vital part of being human. We need more understanding, funding and advocacy, so that no one is left behind w
6,704Mary-Pat O'Malley-KeighranIrelandBecause the ability to connect with others is a fundamental part of the human experience which everyone is entitled to experience to the degree of their choosing.
6,703Lauren McGuinnessCanadaEveryone has a voice- lets make it everyone's right to be heard, no matter the boundaries.
6,702Ashli HeathUnited StatesIt's my passion that I strive to advocate for through my profession.
6,701Kathleen CrowleyUnited StatesAll people have the right to communicate their ideas and feelings through whatever means they can. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I want to champion that right!
6,700Greg SuttonCanadaIf you cannot communicate, you cannot do anything in this world
6,699Elena RussoAustraliaI have a daughter who has a severe speech and language disorder, she has so much to say, but can't, more support is needed .
6,698Briana StrachanCanadaAs a speech language pathologist, I believe communication is a fundamental human right.
6,697Lucy DunkleyUnited KingdomImproving the communication of individuals will solve so many problems in this world
6,696Sally BuckleyUnited KingdomMy son received speech therapy, my sister is a speech therapist. Speech is a vital gift in life, it's not something that should be optional it's everybody's human right.
6,695Jetta HodgeUnited KingdomFunctional communication skills have a huge impact on a child's access to education, friendships, work etc AMD its vital that we prioritise this.
6,694Flo HansonUnited KingdomWorking as a speech and language therapist, I see on a daily basis barriers children and adults face as a result of communication difficulties. Everyone has the right to find their voice.
6,693Mariam HaddadAustraliaI am an aspiring speech pathologist wanting to make a difference, giving children a brighter future and a chance to excel in life
6,692Véronique BlaisCanadaEn tant qu'étudiante en orthophonie, je suis pleinement consciente de l'impact d'un trouble de la communication sur l'épanouissement et la participation sociale d'un individu. Ces gens méritent un support au même titre que n'importe quel autre personnes a
6,691Sian CouperUnited KingdomAs a Speech and Language Therapist I see first hand the difference not only for the child but also for the family that support and intervention can make. It can be the difference between a happy school child and years of misery
6,690Brooklyn LieftingNew ZealandCommunication is the tool with which we, as humans, navigate our world with others
6,689Wendy PearseAustraliaCommunication makes life interesting. Expressing love, anger, happiness, frustration etc to others, as well as having our needs met helps us learn more about ourselves as well as others.
6,688Emilya GintingIndonesiaCommunication could be human getting skill in their life
6,687Nataša TorlakSerbiaAs Speech and language pathologist/ therapist, I think it is very important to increase public awareness of communication disorders and disability and the severe impact they have on people’s lives. Without that, chances to be supported are small. Support
6,686Sally KedgeNew ZealandLanguage and communication is vital for life. Policy makers and funders need to understand the impact it has on all facets of life and make language and communication development and rehabilitation a priority.
6,685Ruth PologaNew ZealandMy 7 year old son has a significant language delay, and he often is misunderstood and misunderstands others. This leads to him frequently missing out on play opportunities.
6,684Dawn Robinson CarrieroUnited StatesAs world leaders for communication disorders, it is our duty to empower, educate and learn from others about the needs of their communicatively challenged population.
6,683Ruth HerbertUnited KingdomFundamental human right that often is ignored
6,682Rebecca OnionUnited KingdomBeing able to communicate is what makes us human, take it away, you take away our identifiy.
6,681Michael GuerrieriUnited StatesCommunication is essential to being human. With proper funding and support, speech-language-pathologists can help those for whom it is more of a challenge and can make dramatic improvements in their ability to communicate which leads to a more fulfilling
6,680ANNE BRAEKKANUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic human right, and is fundamental to all aspects of everyday life
6,679Lynne AdamsUnited KingdomThe ability to communicate is central to almost every part of life and without it people face real and significant struggles on a daily basis.
6,678Peter JulianCanadaThe opportunity to communicate is a basic human right.
6,677Charlotte WrightUnited KingdomBecause this is human rights and all people have the right to be heard and seen.
6,676Þórunn HalldórsdóttirIrelandBecause I believe communication is a basic right and In my work I meet a lot of people with communication disorders that need our support and understanding!
6,675Bryndís GudmundsdottirIrelandSpeech language pathologist
6,674Jóhanna GuðjónsdóttirIrelandBecause it is important to comunicate with other persons.
6,673Asthildur SnorradottirIcelandI agree with the statement that comuication is the basic human right
6,672Thora UlfsdottirIcelandI am from Iceland. It is important that policy makers, school administrators, teachers and parents in Iceland understand the importance of being able to communicate. It is also important for the same group to believe that with the best tools and positive
6,671Tiffany St. PierreCanadaI support children in communicating everyday though the barriers are still there!
6,670Barbara RedmondUnited KingdomI feel that everyone has the right to be able to communicate, no matter what their abilites are.
6,669chrissi theodosiouAustraliamy son has communication difficulties and attends a school specifically for children with communication disorders and difficulties. He is the lucky one. The wonderful service and therapy this school supplies should be free to all children should they need
6,668Vikki Rose GraydonAustraliaHaving worked for over 25 years with children and young people who are unable to master their native language has highlighted how precious this skill is. Communicating with others is empowering. Not being able to is tragic. We need to give children with
6,667Jenny MarcallUnited KingdomThere is evidence to show that an inability to communicate can cause social, behavioural and mental health difficulties.
6,666Andrew BCanadaI work with people who have communication disorders
6,665Barbara McCreeshUnited KingdomOpportunity to communicate is a basic human right
6,664Tara KuhnSouth AfricaBarriers to communication affect family life, education opportunities, employment and social interactions.
6,663Sébastien LabbéCanadaImagin if Stephen Hawking could not communicate.
6,662Debra BantingDjiboutiI believe that my daughter with cerebral palsy was denied access to a pre-employment program for people with disabilities due to her communication challenges
6,661Ozi JonesCanadaEveryone has the right to communicate
6,660Marc-André PronovostCanadaLa communication est essentielle à la survie!
6,659Siobhan JeffreyUnited KingdomMost people are already in agreement that communication is a basic human why is it so hard to convince the people in charge of the money and those only interested in number crunching!! Why is 2 way communication so undervalued in some sett
6,658Melanie McCleanUnited KingdomEvery single person deserves the opportunity to communicate and to be facilitated to do this.
6,657Laura McGuigganUnited KingdomWork as a Speech and Language Therapist - see the impact of communication difficulties on people and their families
6,656Amanda DavisSouth AfricaI am a speech and language therapist
6,655Erin CrammCanadaI am a speech-language pathologist and member of Caslpa
6,654Kimberly WardUnited KingdomCommunication is a basic human right and a fundamental human need....Without a means of communication we cannot share our feelings, ask for basic needs and make our opinions and intentions known to others. I am grateful that I have a means of communicatin
6,653Carrie BallantyneUnited KingdomSupport is imperative. What could we be missing out on in all those people with communication difficulties minds? Brilliant minds with no means to communicate it. It makes no sense not to support them!
6,652Carolina R. L. DanieleUnited KingdomBecause I believe that everybody should have the right to communicate in any way possible
6,651Carolynn SymesUnited KingdomClose friends' son suffers from Verbal Dyspraxia.
6,650Samantha EdmondsUnited KingdomI am a Speech & Language Therapist, helping people to communicate every day. Communication disorders are often hidden. Everyone deserves to have a voice.
6,649Helen McLauchlanNew ZealandCommunication allows us to access the world we live in, everybody deserves the right to do that.
6,648Dean SutherlandNew ZealandEveryone can communicate - some people just might need a little support to do so... and there are so many amazing people out there who know how to provide this support :)
6,647Marnie LoebCanadaAs a registered Speech-Language Pathologist, I have seen firsthand the struggles those with communication impairments face. At the same time, I have enjoyed watching people overcome their difficulties through therapy and hard work. Communication is such an integral part of human life, I support this initiative to help those affected and their families. Marnie Loeb, SLP
6,646Kirstie KollerNew ZealandI am a Speech Language Therapist
6,645Jennifer Porter
6,644kellie VoraAustraliaI witness the difference it makes to people whom do not use speech to communicate
6,643Alexandra GrayAustraliaEvery person has the right to be able to communiate!
6,642Leah RobertsWalescommunication is big,every individual has the right to be heard.
6,641Emma JonesWalesHelp others
6,640Libby CatherwoodWalesHuman rights
6,639Erin JonesWalesSister
6,638Tracy Wikiruk
6,637Shani DaviAustralia
6,636Johanna Brown
6,635Jan GoldsmithAustraliaMy son uses facilitated communication
6,634Dimitra VourgaslisAustralia
6,633SANDRA CLOUGHAustraliaA son who is non speaking, and people deeming him unintelligent because of it.
6,632Fiona AllenAustraliaI have a disabled daughter who is non verbal
6,631Anna GloverAustraliaAs a speech pathologist, I see first hand the effect communication impairment has on people and their loved ones. Increased awareness is needed to ensure people with communication impairment are not lost within society.
6,630Elise HastingsAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right that is often denied to vulnerable people. I have the ability to communicate and therefore I will use this ability to advocate and support those who are not as fortunate as I am
6,629t. Rosario RomanUSALetting others know wants and needs is basic right for everyone.
6,628Kylie HarrisAustralia
6,627Fiona DominickNew ZealandI'm a Speech Language Therapist
6,626Ryan BakerAustraliaI have loved ones with communication disorder & it's a basic human right.
6,625Veerle Van CootenNew ZealandI work with people with autism, who have a lot of trouble with communication, especially socially. Aiding their communication can improve their quality of life.
6,624Filiz AslanTurkey
6,623bert hibbertaustraliawithout communication people control and dictate terms in which a person lives
6,622Annette Quinn BarryIreland
6,621Janet DuncanUSAsocial justice
6,620WENDY JOHNSTONUSMy son has Autism. It has opened my eyes to a world of differently abled people, some with Autism, many with other diverse challenges, all in need of a voice.
6,619Rosemary CrossleyAustraliaI work with hundreds of people who use various forms of AAC whose right to communicate is constantly under attack.
6,618Claire WattsEast SussexBecause my daughter is 10 years old and non verbal
6,617juanita millerUnited StatesBecause I work with children who require help with communication and I believe it is very important to make sure they have a voice and are able to communicate .
6,616Sabra Murphy
6,615Laura MeyersAa human right must be a civil right
6,614Alan BoydUnited Kingdom
6,613Kristofor MedinaUSABasic Human Right
6,612Lisa BauhanUnited StatesAs a speech-language pathologist, and cousin to someone who relies on Supported Typing to communicate, I believe strongly in allowing everyone the ability to access any AAC method possible, and use it to further their goals and lifestyle choices.
6,611Kerith BruceUKMy son cannot speak so types to communicate. Communication is a basic human right.
6,610Richard AttfieldUKLack of communication leads to isolation and segregation.
6,609Sandra AttfieldUKIt is the basic human right of every individual to have a means of communication.
6,608Linda Smith
6,607Rachel MooreIrelandFor the transgender clients that I work with, communication difficulties are one of the biggest barriers to fulfilling true potential and achieveing an optimal quality of life.
6,606Steven HodgesUnited KingdomIt is only when one has seen a loved one struggle to communicate that one realises how unwelcome any barriers to communication are. What would also help would be a planned reduction in air traffic as each plane can destroy communication - why should people have to stay indoors to communicate?
6,605Julie GerberUnited KingdomExcellent service received for family member
6,604Denise CraneUnited Kingdom
6,603Wenonah BarberAustralia
6,602Natalie ManningAustraliaThis issue matters to me because being able communicate is one of the most important things to live your life. Essentially our lives are lived with people communicating with each other. Such an important part of life.
6,601Bridget SandriNew ZealandCommunication is such an integral part of daily life and everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves.
6,600Terry GibsonUnited KingdomCommunication underpins everything we do and is as vital as breathing. Everyone has the right to communicate.
6,599Emma HoekstraNew ZealandIt is of ethical significance, a basic human right! Everyone deserves to have a voice and be heard!
6,598Samantha RossNew Zealand
6,597Kristi RabbittNew Zealand
6,596Christine WylesNew ZealandI am a Speech Language Therapist and I see the struggle my clients have to communicate
6,595kellyann leaI am a speech and language therapist and wish to offer my expertise to people with communication needs.
6,594Howard GoldsteinUSACommunication professionals need to recognize the significant role they play in the most fundamental aspect of quality of life.
6,593Elizabeth Schwartz
6,592Louise HabelAustralia
6,591Claire BenhamAustralia
6,590Phoebe WaringAustralia
6,589Anita McKiernanUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist and I strongly believe that children and adults with communication challenges should experience genuinely inclusive practices within education, the workplace and wider society, that encourages them to discover and develop their strengths, skills and resources in order that they can lead a good life, despite the challenges.
6,588Niall RedmondIrelandWe must speak for those who are rendered silent.
6,587Joseph RokerNew ZealandCommunication is key!
6,586Emma DalyNew ZealandI believe this is one of the most necessary things as human beings to be able to express ourselves and be understood. I am studying Speech language therapy and it is so confronting seeing people whose communication abilities are impaired -and the impact it has on their life and well-being; you really can't fathom the deep and wide impacts of it. Awareness and therefore help is a great thing!
6,585Sarah OsmondAustralia
6,584Patricia de GuzmanNew ZealandCommunication is our primary means of building relationships with others. We rely on communcation in so many ways re in everyday life, in our personal/social life, in our professional lives, etc. Raising awareness about the importance of communication is an essential step in ensuring that those who have communication disorders/difficulties receive appropriate support.
6,583Alex JohnScotlandEverybody has a voice and a right for it to be heard.
6,582Anita GaspariniCanada
6,581sarah HaydenNew ZealandI am studying to be a Speech Language Therapist and this is very important issue!
6,580Bryony WoodNew ZealandPeople need to communicate in able to access all other human rights.
6,579Stacie ClarkNew Zealandyes
6,578natasha TuckCanadaUnfortunately children in this day and age are still denied access to communication due to "philosophies"
6,577Erin FlanneryAustraliaAs a practising Speech Pathologist I am acutely aware of the importance of communication and the impacts communication impairments can have on the individual and people around them. It is important that the community supports these individuals in their challenges of a basic human right.
6,576Jo de SeriereNew ZealandCommunication matters, I've worked with many individuals where communication has had a significant impact on the person and the whole family.
6,575Melissa BerrymanAustraliaEveryone has the right to hear and be heard
6,574Carmen SierraMi hija Leyre tiene TEL
6,573Sameh El SaghirEgypt
6,572Suzanne HopfFijiPeople without a voice need to be heard. Together we can make some noise on their behalf!
6,571Lynette FrancisUKMy son has verbal dyslexia
6,570Meredith CameronUnited StatesI'm a speech language pathologist working with individuals in need of access to technology in order to communicate.
6,569Gerry BakerUnited Kingdom
6,568Melissa GardinerAustraliaCommunication is a basic human right. It is the underpinning to our whole lives and to our well being. Those who have difficulty communicating lose so much more than just their words and we need to recognise this and support and advocate for these people.
6,567Hank WyllieAustraliaBecause the ability to communicate is a basic human right. and is in the UN Convention
6,566Eric ColemanAustraliaAs a Physiotherapist working in a hospital, I regularly work with patients with communication difficulties. Everybody deserves the time and appropriate resources to allow clear, effective communication whilst receiving and waiting for care.
6,565Amy PollittAustraliaI'm a Speech Pathologist and I see the impact of communication disorders everyday, not just on the person but their whole family and community around them. Everyone has the right to communicate!
6,564Katherine MillsUnited KingdomMy younger brother has classic autism, he is completely non verbal but through experiencing speech and language therapy my family and I have managed to find various methods and techniques that have allowed us to communicate with him. I believe that every individual has the right to communication and therefore every individual should have the opportunity to communicate.
6,563Kate BoultonNew Zealand
6,562Nadia TencicAustraliaBecause everyone ought to have basic human rights and access to support
6,561Katarina Lucic
6,560Marie JardineNew ZealandLife would feel worthless without communication
6,559Golden EkpoUnited Kingdomthe importance of communication cuts across every area of life.
6,558Juergen WendlerGermanysee below
6,557Karen LaiCanadaTo be heard and listened too is extremely important
6,556Dominic DimattinaAustraliaI understand how frustrating it can be with a Language Learning Difficulty. I suffered from (SLI )through out my life!
6,555Jacinta HerbertAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist working with children with Specific Language Impairment
6,554Celina Angela Simões vieiraPortugalPorque sou uma Terapeuta da fala e debato-me diariamente com essa dura realidade.
6,553Stephanie Sills SmithCanada
6,552sarah fullerUK
6,551Malgorzata Chomicz-KieniewiczPolandI am a speech therapist and a speech pathologist working with visually impaired and blind students
6,550Andrew Jeffery Australia Have been working in the disability sector for many years, and have seen the effect communication has on peoples lives.
6,549Karen WatsonNew ZealandThe ability to communicate can make such a difference to an individual and their family
6,548Katie WardNew ZealandI am a Speech and Language Therapist and feel very strongly that everyone has the same right to have the opportunity to communicate their wants and needs. This is important for people's quality of life.
6,547Shannon Mann
6,546Sandeep MisraIndia
6,545marianne vergisAustralia
6,544Veronica BaylisWorcestershire
6,543Veronica BaylisWorcestershire
6,542Ruth Daester-GarnerSwitzerlandI live in a bilingual City ..1st step find out which language,and as English is my Mother tongue i have to think before I speak,,,
6,541Helen GwynnUKAs a Speech & Language therapist working in Worcestershire I believe that all should have the opportunity to understand, interact and share their thoughts with others.
6,540Victoria LeaEngland
6,539David EarleAustraliaI am a Speech Pathologist - Always striving to support people to communicate.
6,538Sally CurtisAustraliaBecause I see the joy in the eyes of stoke victims when they are able to communicate again.
6,537Bernadette Scheuber England I am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,536Rianne EilersNetherlandsBen als logopediste dagelijks bezig met het verbeteren van communicatie.
6,535Claire BerryUK
6,534Keren SomersUK
6,533Emma BelcherAustraliaCommunication is so important because it is the way in which we relate to those around us
6,532Sue ParslowAustraliaRelevant to all our patients/clients that we encounter in our workplace and community
6,531Debbie SimpsonCommunicating is not something that should be taken for granted.
6,530Katrina RichardsAustraliaAs a Podiatrist I believe patients need to be able to express themselves to ensure they receive the best care possible.
6,529Reina van der WielUnited Kingdom
6,528Mark BeattieUnited Kingdommy girlfriend is a speech therapist
6,527Claire WilsonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,526Jo FranklinUKEveryone needs to be heard. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,525Sam PriceUKAs a TA in the Early Years I feel it is vital for children to get the support needed as early as possible. I am a Worcestershire Communication
6,524Bev WilliamsUKEveryone has the right to reach full potential. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,523Emily MaddisonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,522Pauline TresidderUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,521Pip EverardUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,520Angela PennantUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,519Zoe LynchUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,518Kirsteen KeenUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,517Jennie HowarthUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,516Tracey HighamUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,515Sue MansellUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,514Paula ParsonsUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,513Becky HodgsonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,512Sandra McCallumUKI see the importance of being able to communicate in schools. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,511Louise WiseUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,510Sue AllertonUKThe importance of speech and language in schools. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,509Louise WoodUKTo help the children I work with. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,508Henbury GailUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,507Jayne HuntUKEveryone has the potential to communicate. I have seen the difference developing this potential can make to a child's life. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,506Amanda JonesUKBecause everyone has the right to be able to communicate. I am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,505Evangelia Georgara
6,504Tracey WarmanUnited kingdomI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,503Emma CheckettsUnited Kingdom
6,502Wendy BalassaAustraliaWe all have the right to interact and be heard in whatever capacity we can
6,501Imogen McLennanAustraliaThis matters to me as a Teacher who strives to assist all students to achieve their potential regardless of their personal struggles and limitations. All people deserve access to support and services to assist them to engage in the community, both local and global to their fullest potential.
6,500Sharon PittawayAustraliaCommunication is key to relationships, education, life. I have lost my voice and that has highlighted the issue in a very personal way.
6,499Sheri DeanUnited StatesMy son has a language impairment.
6,498Katherine BakerAs a Language and Communications Impairment in Children student I work hard to develop understanding and communication between children so they can reach their full potentials.
6,497Laura SloanAustraliaIf I cared about people, why wouldnt it matter to me, or any claim to recognise or support people for that matter.
6,496Renee HudsonAustraliaSpeech Pathologist
6,495Megan FallonAustraliaCommunicating is life, without it we wouldn't be human!
6,494Claire BarbagalloAustraliaThere are too many people who have so much to say and will not be heard. I want to be a candidate for the people I support as a speech pathologist and spread the word about how important communication is!!
6,493Karaline VlahopoulosCanada
6,492Maree RichardsonAustraliaI have witnessed, both personally and professionally, the devastating impact communication disorders can have upon an individual's quality of life.
6,491Joanne ElliottEngland
6,490Mandy MartinUnited KingdomProfessional concern as a Speech and Language Therapist
6,489Emela MilneUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,488Anne Marie FallonUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,487Linda StylesUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapy Assistant
6,486Keren SomersUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,485Liz ChattertonUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,484Katie WatsonUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,483Fiona TotneyUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,482Carole AtackUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,481Ros PowUKI am a Worcestershire Speech & Language Therapist
6,480Sue HuntUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone should be able to communicate by whatever means.
6,479Catherine BroganUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Opportunities for all to communicate and function in society.
6,478Claire HolbrookUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I work in a speech & language unit with children who have problems communicating.
6,477Sonia CalcuttUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication is a basic human right and every child should be able to do this.
6,476Patricia BirchUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. The ability to communicate effectively is vital for everyone.
6,475Helen FeyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Without communication society is dysfunctional.
6,474Pamela CoxUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I see so many children fail in so many ways just because they don't understand language.
6,473Hannah LewisUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. To give children the best opportunities possible.
6,472Angela CottonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication runs through every part of our lives-it's so important.
6,471Samantha WardUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,470Janet KimberlinUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone should have the human right to communicate
6,469Lisa HareUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,468Samantha RobertsUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I see so many children with speech & language difficulties, it is so important that they get the right education to improve these skills
6,467Jayne PattinsonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication is a basic human right!
6,466Sharon BloomfieldUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,465Rollings LisaUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,464Gloria CareyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. The right to communicate is a passion of mine.
6,463Bev GrayUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,462Sarah RobertsUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,461Joanne CollinsUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. It's the key to a happy successful life
6,460Kay JonesUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,459Carol BurgeUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone should have this opportunity to make the most of life
6,458Sarah StarbuckUK
6,457Gary MorganUnited KingdomCommunications Team of Worcestershire Health and Care Trust. Communication is a basic human right
6,456Rick RobertsUnited KingdomBoard member of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,455Steve PeakUnited KingdomBoard member of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,454Martin ConnorUnited KingdomBoard member of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,453Judith RathmellAustraliaAs a speech pathologist, I understand the importance of communication ability across the life span.
6,452Helen BuchananAustraliaI work with people with disabilities and consequently am frequently aware of the barriers that people with communication difficulties face.
6,451Catherine RalstonAustralia
6,450David PriestnallUnited KingdomBoard member of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,449Peter LaheckiUnited KingdomBoard member of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,448Sue HarrisUnited KingdomDirector of strategy for Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,447Robert MackieUnited KingdomDirector of Finance of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,446Robert HipwellUnited KingdomCompany secretary for Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,445Stephen collmanUnited KingdomDirector of Operations for Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,444Bill CreaneyUnited KingdomMedical director of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,443Sandra BrennanUnited KingdomDirector of Quality for Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,442Sarah DuganUnited KingdomChief executive of Worcestershire Health and Care Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,441Chris BurdonUnited KingdomChairman of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. Communication is a basic human right.
6,440Lucy CheckleyUKBecause every single human being has the fundamental right to communicate with no exceptions.
6,439Laura CooperUnited KingdomAs a Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapist I see the frustration of communication difficulties and the impact on them on their environment, academic progress and their relationships. The ability to communicate is often taken for granted.
6,438Sue BeaumontUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist and see daily the impact of communication disorders on the lives of children and their families.
6,437matthew meadUnited Kingdomeveryone need to be heard
6,436Tracy HorncastleEnglandworking as Admin Support to Worcestershire Speech & Language I hear from parents how much they value help and support - the earlier the better!
6,435Kirsten DanielsUKI am a Speech and Language Therapist working in Worcestershire with children and young people with communication difficulties. Communication should be a basic human right for all.
6,434Anna Branagan UK
6,433Judith ChambersUnited KingdomI am a speech and language therapist working in Worcestershire, and see the impact communication difficulties have on children's lives.
6,432Alexandra KimberleyUnited KingdomSpeech and Language Therapy student
6,431Vinuri FernandoWork for Afasic
6,430Tasmanian Council for Adult LiteracyAustraliaLiteracy builds on language and all have a right to speak and be heard.
6,429Michael ChristieAULanguage creates the world we live and move in. It is our ecosystem. Everyone has the right to participate in creating the world and history.
6,428Justyne O'GaraIrelandPersonal and Professional reasons
6,427Tia ShawAustraliaAs a speech pathology student I've had to learn the hardship that people with communication difficulties suffer. Whether it be social isolation, embarrassment, failure, rejection or simply not being able to enjoy the company of others. I've seen how it affects people and the emotional response they have, it's heartbreaking!
6,426Christiane ChadwickIrelandI became a Speech and Language Therapist because I think communication is the key to human existence
6,425Talia ZyngierAustralia
6,424Talia ZyngierAustralia
6,423Sue PhelpsEnglandas a speechand language therapist, I believe that communication is a fundamental need and a basic right forall
6,422Ruth SmithI agree with the argument that communication is a human right and not enough people give value to its importance. I am a speech and Language Therapist and constantly people question the urgency of setting up communication systems or misunderstand that talking isnt the only form of communication available.
6,421Antoinette am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, Prof. Germany
6,420Deborah MaycockUnited KingdomI'm a Speech and Language Therapist working with kids who have ASD, many of whom have communication difficulties. This puts unnecessary strain on their lives and the lives of their carers. The opportunity to communicate should be a basic human right in order to ensure equality for all students and people, no matter their neurological differences.
6,419Ruth MurrayEngland
6,418Paul DunworthAustralia
6,417Rebecca KriekAustraliaI am a speech pathologist; communication is my profession and having access to it is my passion.
6,416Janice RoundEnglandAs a Special needs teacher, I see the struggle that some children have to access school life.
6,415Jenny Owens
6,414Claire Rook
6,413Karen Legge
6,412LIZA BOUCHARDCANADAas a communication speacialist, I know how essential communication is in our everyday lives. Sadly, it is only when we, or our loved ones loose this ability that we begin to understand/realize how important it is to our quality of life
6,411Alison Paxton
6,410Haley WeatherillUkIt should matter to every human being
6,409Sophie Robson
6,408Caroline McCallumEnglandI'm an SLT- communication is a fundamental right to every child, young person, their families and friends!
6,407Jenny ShearerEnglandAs a speech therapist I frequently see the devastating effect that not having access to communication has on individuals lives. Communication is so important!
6,406Catherine EyresEnglandI am a Speech and Language Therapist and believe that everyone should have their chance to communicate their basic needs and want.
6,405Sergio MejiaColombiaI belong to the Board Of Directors of Fundación Integrar in Medellín Colombia, It is an ONG that works with Children in the Autism Espectrum
6,404Miki EathorneNew ZealandMy family member suffers
6,403Karma RaeNew ZealandI am a speech therapist who can't get a job!!! So many people need my help, but not enough jobs :-(
6,402OSCAR DEL SOCORRO NAVARROColombiaAs a member of a non for profit association on TEA
6,401PATRICIA GAVIRIAColombiaI work with autism people
6,400Helen WoodcockUnited Kingdom
6,399angela akobiUKCommunication is the basis for good care
6,398Jill GramannUnited KingdomI'm a Board member of Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.
6,397jimmy dillonnew zealandfi have spent more than 40 years in communication field
6,396Beatriz Elena Ochoa Rubio
6,395Dani BettsUKI am a paediatric speech and language therapist, and I see first-hand, the impact of communication difficulties on children's development. Communication is a basic need and a basic right.
6,394Janet PittawayUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Every child and young adult has the right to be able to communicate
6,393Lisa McCaskieUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. It is a basic fundamental starting post from an early age to all through life, which affects every part of life.
6,392Gail BeddoesUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. It is a basic human right for all people to be able to communicate
6,391Nicola JacksonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everybody should be able to communicate
6,390Lesley NewmanUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication is a basic need
6,389Karen BoersUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication is a child's basic need and right
6,388carol DandoUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,387Sarah TraversaUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,386Amanda ThirlbyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,385Fiona RouseUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. For every child to achieve, they need to be able to communicate and interact with the world around them.
6,384Fiona ThomasUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everybody needs the ability to communicate in an adult world
6,383Karen MacPhersonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Because I work with young children and I understand the importance and impact of good communication on their lives
6,382Helen KeenUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I see first hand the upset that being unable to communicate can cause
6,381Debbie BradleyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. So all children can be given Speech, Language and Communication support.
6,380Marguerita PedleyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,379Carol ChambersUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,378Julie JagodaUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,377Sarah PaskUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,376Juliet ShielsUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. A child who cannot communicate cannot function in any part of society.
6,375Jane Nicoll-JonesUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I work with students with SEN and recognise the impact that lack of communication has.
6,374Michele TaylorUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,373Sarah FerrisUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication allows people to express their thoughts, ideas, feelings and is thus fundamental to individual well being
6,372Sarah BurdenUnited States
6,371Carol TaylorUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. So that every mum can have a conversation with her child - Priceless!
6,370Natasha DeoryUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.I feel this is a life skill all children should be able to access and enjoy.
6,369Sophie LaddsUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,368Sib AveryUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I work with lots of children who don't always have the opportunity to communicate effectively.
6,367Sharon HardingUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA.
6,366Theresa ClarkeUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication is a right.
6,365Marita HallUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Every child should have the same goals, chances and reward to achieve.
6,364Debbie WilkinsonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Communication is a life skill for all.
6,363Julie DarbyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I work with young children who find it difficult to communicate in school and at home.
6,362Jill SmithUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everyone should have the right to communicate and give views / interact.
6,361Debbie ClarkeUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Every Child Matters.
6,360Helen SmithUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Every child has the right to achieve.
6,359Pat StephensUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,358Jess HutchisonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,357Karen SmithUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA
6,356Sandra DukeUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. I regularly see how childrenwith weak language skillsfall behind their contemporaries - poor language skills is another form of disability.
6,355Debbie SargeantUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Everybody has a right to be able to communicate.
6,354Ilona DobrowolskaUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Every child has the right to communicate well.
6,353Jo CowleyUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Children have a right to be heard.
6,352Debbie HarrisonUKI am a Worcestershire Communication TA. Right to be heard, fairness, equality, justification, etc
6,351Clara AvilaColombia
6,350Zoraida Rueda Olaya ColombiaI believe it is my duty
6,349rachel cupittUki work with people who have aphasia
6,348natalie wilkinsonAustralia
6,347Sophie SwanstonCanadaI work with people daily that struggle to have their basic communication needs met. I want to see the barriers to effective communication removed.
6,346Emily BegleyCanadaI am a Speech Language Pathologist and this issue matters every day as I work and advocate for children with communication disorders and their families
6,345Annette Fox-BoyerGermanyProfessor of Speech and Language Pathology
6,344Youri MarynBelgiumBecause adequate communication is one of the key aspects of human life.
6,343Juliet WamukootaUgandaA speech and language therapist
6,342lucy pereiraunited kingdomI am a Speech and Language Therapist
6,341Bethaney PeggUnited KingdomI am a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist and have seen the impact of communciation difficulties upon many people, including members of my own family. I am passionate about supporting people to communicate through their preferred means of communication whilst encouraging others to recognize that communication IS a basic human right.
6,340Emma Guttmann
6,339Laura JonesUnited Kingdom
6,338Remona MekdessiAustraliaAs a Speech Language Pathology student, I see the importance of communication to promoting quality of life and participation for my clients, their families and the wider speech communities they interact with.
6,337Ashleigh TrollopeAustraliai am a speech pathologist working to support these people
6,336Jo HornUK