10 Best Photoshop Overlays for Photographers

Photoshop has increasingly become more rapid nowadays. For any photographer who wants to engage with a digital camera must know Photoshop. Perfect Photoshop enables the photographer to transform a photo to a more appealing image. Photoshop overlays help the photographer to modify the photo background into a more great appearance.

Generally, we have many Photoshop overlay for photographers. Before settling on which overlay to use it is good to conduct thorough research over the same.

You need to look through photos, journals, look through websites as well as click this link https://sleeklens.com/product-category/photoshop-overlays/ for more information. I hope this article will add you more knowledge on how to choose the best overlay for your Photoshop that we have.

Best ten overlays for Photoshop include;

1. Real Snow Photoshop Action

Adobe Photo Shop

This overlay gives your photo a snow effect that looks realistic. You might even use it to convince people that you took it during winter time while in reality, it was during summer. Real snow action gives an image a good look that would show as if you had visited snow areas.

2. Double Exposure Kit

This overlay contains kits with gradients that give your photo texture of its kind. It is a creative way of making your photo appears different from the main.

This overlay has over 160 whooping options within its disposal which Photoshop photographers can always use.

3. 50 Duotone Actions

It is a simple way to customize photos with a cool overlay. Fifty double overlays as the name suggest has 50 options that you can choose for your photo.

4. Indiemasks

This overlay consists of geometric as well as abstract hand painted shapes of a different design that gives you the creativity that you desire on your photo. It gives your photos a mask kind of effect once you apply. It also has a texture effect that affects your picture.

5. FilterGrade Light Leaks Bundle

This overlay ensures that you apply an effect on your photo in a straightforward way but giving you fantastic results. It comes with eight custom films that bring an impact on your picture. Images of this overlay look more realistic on the eye, and you cannot miss to use it as a Photoshop photographer.

6. Nostalgia

Light Room

This overlay makes your photos look like you are in dirty water while at the same time it is raining. It is called an old water overlay in other words. It combines both frames and texture to build up a beautiful overlay on your image.

7. Plexiglass- 15 Abstract Effect

This overlay gives your photo an outlook that with a creative background mostly for text and posters. Once you apply this overlay, it runs across the entire picture creating the effect.

8. Indie Camera Actions for Adobe Photoshop

This overlay comes from Indian Photoshop. It is inspired by the Indian music and scene which combines actions with gradient mapping with leak light to give your photo a nice look.

9. Seasalt Flares Collection

It is another overlay that you cannot miss to use. It gives your image a light look and a gorgeous tone. They are no specific descriptions for this overlay, and you can use it on any model.

10. FilterGrade Light Leaks Photoshop Actions

This pack is a collection of over 20 Photoshop that features warm light, bokeh, multi-colored lights among others. It adds a fun, vintage style overlay over your image.


When doing Photoshop, it is good to check the best overlay we have. A good overlay gives you a decent image and shows how experienced you are in the act.